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This week:

BANDED Piping Plovers
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"America's future is not written by our enemies... America's future is written by our heroes."
~9/11/2018 * Patriots' Day

Five Lunapics...

While waiting for sunrise to occur to get out and walk, I've been dubbing with Lunapic. The filters I used are listed below each image, and the original is an inset...







  1. Fabulous! I love them all, especially though the flowers, which are simply beautiful! :-)

  2. my favorites are the 1st and last. i love the fantasy of it all in the last one, totally different vibe than the photo. i have not found one of my photos to use the nebula on, the tombstone was perfect. i will have to find my grandfathers tomb and try it.

  3. I love how you've turned these images, the night, the night, the beautiful night I so love *grin*

    Happy weekend Anni

  4. They are all wonderful and I know you had fun experimenting to get the "just-right" filter. FUN!

  5. You have made the grave look really, really spooky! I think my favorite though is what you did with the swan. But also the oil rigs, you have turned them into huge fancy ornaments!

  6. Your photos are just amazing! I think the flowers and the oil rigs are my favorites.

  7. What a fun way to spend some extra time. For me, I don't do much editing on my photos.. I like them 'for real'. But, you can get some amazing effects with the filters.

  8. Well now, cemeteries are spooky enough with adding those dark brooding colors!
    I really like the feather, but the others, I prefer the originals
    Have a great week-end!

  9. I will most definitely return to admire (and learn from) your sketches.
    I have lots to learn.
    Your art is stunning.
    Happy Weekend,

  10. Well done. I like thes. I think my favorite is space-darken

  11. These are so cool! I like the Space - Darken one the best!

  12. Oh, my, these are awesome...really enjoyed them all!

  13. is this an app that you use?? Love the rigs very awesome thanks for sharing