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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


We saw a newly released movie, Hacksaw Ridge, on Monday. It's based on a true story of a WWII medic who was assigned to a rifle battalion during the Battle of Okinawa, CPL Desmond Doss. He was the first CO [conscientious objector] to receive a Medal of Honor! If you don't know what a CO is, I'll explain. First of all, Doss, as I stated above was assigned to a RIFLE company [Army] during the war. At his training, he refused to even touch a gun - which makes him labeled a conscientious objector. Of course he was ridiculed and beaten by his comrades AND his platoon leader at this time. Finally, during a court martial hearing, the Constitution came into the hearing, allowing him to serve his his case, as a Medic. During the battle of Okinawa [at Hacksaw Ridge], he saved 75 with above and beyond his duty status...all the time, not firing or without use of a rifle. Eventually, he was wounded and sent back to the United States... receiving the Medal of Honor, given to him by President Truman.
    Now my take on the movie: First off, it was good. But all too typical of direction by Mel Gibson! Graphic and bloody! I realize this is a war zone story. But, I think it could've been tamed down a bit. I think he gets his jollies with blood and guts - Passions of Christ comes to mind. Aside from the grisly, unstaunched, scenes and bodies flying around on fire, the trenches and actions of the American soldiers kept me enthralled with their bravery and heroism. It was one of the most harrowing battles [along with Iwo Jima] against the Japanese - the USMC came in and obliterated the enemy on both islands]. The movie begins with some of Doss's family background and youth [which eventually shows the reason behind his refusal for gun-play]. Mixed in...there is a love story. It's not a 'bad' movie at all, but I can only give it 2 stars. Good, but not excellent in my opinion.  More so, an over-acted, over-directed docudrama.

movie poster graphic obtained thru Google search

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I mentioned in my previous post I had finished our fireplace mantel...

Since my heart attack, I've become a bit skimpy on putting out a whole bunch of stuff. It's not at all like what I used to do!! I decorated the tree [it took me a couple of days]. And very few of my very large Santa collection!! Erik mentioned that he would be here with us for the Christmas break of his teaching job, so I will concentrate on cooking and entertaining him while he's with us for a week or two.

The image of the sleigh and reindeer on the wooden partition between the kitchen and dining room is the job of work I assigned bribed Bud into doing for me. The group is hard plastic with sparkling glitter dusted on each piece. He strung a rope of wired evergreen garland. And, I will add a string of colored lights along the ledge eventually.

Our tree without lights on, and with lights on...

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I know a lot don't like 'talking' politics...that's a shame in my opinion, 'cause your opinion matters, and our country's future depends on it.  I for one try to do my own research...but if someone's political opinion sparks an interest or makes me question something, I appreciate the input!!  

Here's my stand right now...The request for state manual recount for the presidential election [2016] is underway. I can't help but think that this candidate [I won't put HER name here], with the total votes on November 8th, of less than 1 1/2 per cent of total votes has an ulterior motive behind her actions.. Yet her lawyer has filed on her behalf the request for a recount. First up, why? With such a small percentage of votes, why would she even consider a recount? 2ndly, the cost of a manual recount [tallying votes by hand] is $125 per precinct. There are 6,300 precincts in Michigan, which translates into a recount price tag of $787,500. Ms. Candidate has reportedly raised $6.5 MILLION for this fiasco! Tell me, just where will the extra money go?  Does this benefit her in any way?  The money donated/raised just makes no SENSE [and that is an intended pun]!!! 3rdly, as of Tuesday the 29th, the Michigan Board of Canvassers, with a 4-0 vote, certified the state's election results Monday, showing Republican Donald Trump won the presidential race in the state by a 10,704-vote. I remember during the 2000 election, that we had something similar to the result and G W Bush won, the electoral votes without the popular vote. The SUPREME COURT got involved and said in so many words "Bush won...get over it....and start running the country". As for the electoral college/electorate votes - so many say this is wrong and out-dated. I beg to differ. The electoral college is, even today, needed more than when the founding framers drafted and ratified the electoral voting system! Why, you ask?

  • First of all your vote DOES count!
  • Each state has a certain number of electorates - also each state has their own laws.
  • Having individual state laws helps deter voting fraud and buying votes!!
  • Proponents of it maintain that it ensures the rights of smaller states and stands as an important piece of American federalist democracy.
  • State population and the number of representatives create the total of electors in the electoral college [plus each state has two others to coincide with their two senators]
  • Washington D. C., under the Constitution was granted three electors....
    ...The electoral college is a vital piece of our American politics. It insures a better, and more trusted representation to EACH state!!  Not just the 'rich' states, but ALL states such as three electorates each --Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming!!!
    ...This video is for the layman; easy to understand

    If you take time to watch the video, you'd have a better understanding and not be so quick to judge the system.

  • Michigan Canvassers

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    This image of the sunlight and a small flock of Sandhill Cranes was taken November 29th, mid-morning, at Oso Bay Wetland Preserve.

    - - -


    Sunrise, Sunday November 27th.


    1. sunrise is gorgeous, I love love the big white reindeer, number 3 photo. your mantle is so beautiful. looks like you have plenty out for the holiday..

    2. Your sunrise is just glorious!!! This movie sounds so interesting, especially since we are Mennonites and conscientious objectors. But Mel Gibson does have such bloodlust! Your mantle and decorations are gorgeous! You are a talented decorator.

    3. That sunrise sure is pretty.
      I'm betting had I seen that movie I would have given it a lower rating also since I'm not a fan of blood and guts. I think they can get the point across without being so graphic about it.
      Your decorations look nice. I don't have any out yet. I may get around to it this weekend.
      As for the political thing. I say to her get over it, you lost the election.

    4. You are one of those on the other side of the electoral divide from me, Anni, and I respect your opinion very much. Most of my family is also over there, so I understand and am glad for our ability to vote for the candidate of our choice. Or at least against the candidate we don't like. I just wish more of our electorate would have taken the time to vote. Only 58% did. I find that very discouraging. :-(

    5. Less can be more - do what pleases you and that's what counts!!
      Louis Dean does not like going to see movies in theaters as a general rule but he HAS expressed an interest in seeing this one. I will be with you on less blood and guts but I'm certain LD will be fine with it! I am going to take him and I thank you for the review.
      As to the political's time to move on and accept the results of the election. Trump was our choice but we had and did accept Obama - TWICE! That was not easy. We pray for President Elect Trump and his family every single day. For protection as well as wisdom....
      Your photos are beautiful as always! I still say your pictures would make a wonderful coffee table book!!!
      Merry Christmas! And it's not even December yet!!

    6. I cannot handle anything as violent as movies of this kind. Such energy you have and your decorations are beautiful. Thank you for the link to better understanding the electoral voting process. I liked the simple and clear explanation.

    7. Beautiful decorations. Thanks for the movie review. I have been debating on whether it was worth putting myself through a harrowing experience. Yet compare him to our snow flakes now..... and it is a worthy story.

    8. Lovely sunrise shot and what a nice tree you have!