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Epiphyllum Blossoms...

For a few weeks now I've been keeping tabs on my two epiphyllum plants. As I've posted already many times, they were purchased online and shipped to me from San Antonio, Texas. [When they arrived in the shipping container, they were just ONE small bracket with two shoots coming out; bare root.] They've grown and grown; taking about three years to finally bloom for me. And, until this year, the blossoms were only ONE at a time. But, this year, there were one...then two opened at once, then........there were THREE flowers blooming at the same time!!! They have been pampered [being brought in on the winter nights that are predicted below 50°].

I've posted the flowers several times here before, but just have to 'brag' a bit 'cause of the blossom trio.

One time, since the blossoms bloom only at night and close for good during the day, I got up at o'dark thirty to snap a few photos after I watered the pots the day before, knowing that that night the flower would be open....

Just one blossom this time 'round!

Then, a few days later, there were two blossoms at once! But it was raining. As soon as there was a break in the weather I ventured out, and got some photos at daybreak, before the raindrops on the petals evaporated...

Rain droplets on the stems seemed interesting...

Yet, this past holiday weekend, I hit the jackpot!! The one plant by the frog pond [bird bath actually, with frog figurines surrounding the bird bath] had THREE blossoms at once...

The fragrance from the epiphyllum is hard to describe, but so refreshing! Not overly sweet and nauseating, but a light perfume of vanilla and cinnamon, with a hint of sandalwood. The yard was literally a sachet of scent while I was outside getting photos...At least until the blooms closed for good.


  1. Pretty neat and new to me!

    1. I would dearly LOVE to have more...but they don't do well in cold temps...I guess I could have more indoors, but I fear the cats would eat them....probably NOT Good.

      Thanks Tom.

  2. So beautiful!!! And so abundant. I wish we had blog smelling! Your pictures are great, and I love your cute frogs.

  3. What an interesting and beautiful flower! Thanks for getting up at night to share them with us. :)

  4. Dearest Anni; Oh My!!! I can see how happy you are for the amazingly beautiful flowers. Yes, you sure "hit the jackpot" Congratulations♡♡♡
    We call this flower 'クジャクサボテン' which literally means 'peacock cactus'♪
    Somehow, I love the ones with raindrops (♡^.^♡)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  5. oh how pretty those are. A shame they only bloom at night

  6. Beautiful! Wish I could smell one, with your description making it sound pretty perfect. :-)

  7. Hello, it is a beautiful plant, lovely blooms and photos. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. stunning stunning stunning photos of these gorgeous night blooms... my sister to these, on a vine not like these, had 10 blooms one night and 8 the next and i missed them all...40 feet in the air. the water droplets are AMAZING... our neighbor has this type and once many moons ago i went there early am to take photos from the street and hoped they did not come out shooting at me... i just checked and my neighbors are not quite like yours but similar.

  9. what a cool flower. they are so very lovely and delicate.

  10. Lovely shots! They look kind of like fireworks!