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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

...the week that was

It's not that long, but, just seems long, since I've posted!!! Of course the weather here in the Coastal Bend hasn't been desirable the last week; couldn't go anywhere without getting soaked to the skin. The last two days before the weekend we had flash flood warnings going off on our cell phones, and in our weather apps on the computer! Trust me, I am not complaining...for the several-year drought we've experienced, the rainfall, any amount, is welcomed.

Tho, as I said, didn't go anywhere except the grocery store...I'm learning to eat a lot more veggies, fruits, nuts and whole grain...[I'll be turning into a primate and swinging through the trees around here pretty soon....kidding!!].   The two of us here kept occupied reading, watching movies, playing dominoes, gin rummy, cribbage, and 5 crowns. I finished the novel, I Am Abraham.  It was cleverly written, but in a way, spoiled my conception of our 16th president somewhat.  A dazzling eye-opener of Lincoln's family.  The author's off-beat work is good...but a bit puzzling for me...imaginative, inventive, work based on some historical truths and charactersI would recommend this read to anyone ready for a twist on Abraham Lincoln.  Be forewarned tho, it's written in first person, and Lincoln tells it 'like it is' in his 'own language'.  I haven't chosen a new read as of yet...but I have plenty of them waiting to open.

Come Sunday morning, skies overhead [at our house] were gray, but no moisture falling.  We decided to GET OUT and walk.  We drove over the harbor and found out it was drizzling in that area...I was ready to walk in a downpour if necessary.  Being cooped up way too long...I'm always prepared with my umbrella and waterproof outerwear in the trunk - in this part of Texas, rain can come easily and a lot.  By the time we got over the bay and bridges, it was misty, but soon stopped.  We walked the hiking/biking trail along the lakes and Gulf Shore. Eerie tho....the city's skyline was NOT visible, no ships could be seen. Like we were in a void!! The area's lakes could be seen as we approached closer, and bird calls could be heard through the foggy a way, very fine walk! I was elated to be outdoors no matter the weather!!

Behind the fog...the Gulf of Mexico!  Three Birds:  White Reddish Egret, Merganser Duck & Snowy Egret

One thing, with all the standing water around the yard and on the lawn, I expect mosquitoes to hatch in droves!!!  But the lawn is green!!!  And the yard flowers are sprouting and blooming profusely. And all the trees are a new Spring green with this year's leafing out after a long dreary, cold, winter!! The resident birds are keeping Bud and me busy refilling feeders daily!!  Spring has arrived!!

I also drew another NCIS character. Abby this time. She was a bit more difficult to sketch; comparing to Ducky. And because of that, I'm gonna take a break from the TV characters for a while.

Oh yes, and this past Wednesday was Sharon's and my Sister's Day celebration. She sent me a package about a week before the 18th, and I was really anxious to open and find out what she sent me. I sent her two large figurines of golfers since she is an avid golfer...a bit more than avid...let me say, when Al was alive, before his passing, the two of them flew to Scotland to golf in the country the game originated....just to say they did!! LOL [fanatic is more like it] Anyway, she liked her gift - I loved mine, and we toasted with our identical champagne glasses at 7 PM [usually we do it at 8PM...but this year, I told her "I'm in bed early these days".] So we decided to toast to sisterhood earlier than normal.

The package arrives!!

Wow!!!  A 200 Birdsong Record Book!!
..a card...Little Sis [me] & Big Sis [Sharon]
Sisters!  BFF!!

Today, Monday....I see the sky is clear. Not a cloud to be seen. Yay!!! Spring Break is over. There'll be the 'weird ones' out on the beaches with their metal detectors in search of lost treasures this morning, and Bud and I will be on the islands in a short time....birding!! This Wednesday I have a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist. I hope to set up some time for cardio-rehab soon as I get an 'okay' from him. Hopefully, this week!! Awwwwww, life is good.


  1. I haven't ever celebrated Sis Day, and I guess I should, since I've got a lot of 'em. But I'm only close to one, so that seems a bit awkward. Love your pictures, and I'm still looking for my initials! :-)

  2. Anni, so glad you are progressing and going through the cardio rehab to get your health back. I'm looking for my 'L', so will get it linked when I get a good one. You make me jealous of having a sister. My little brother was supposed to be a girl, but didn't happen. My two girls are getting closer as they get older, and it makes me really happy.

  3. what a nice package from your sister. I love how you two have sister's day. I have a half sister but we've never been close. We didn't even live with the same parent when we were growing up

  4. That is too sweet! I love the necklace.

  5. Your presents are wonderful! What a great surprise! Abby, your drawing is SPOT ON! I don't even watch the show, and I still recognize her!! Do you keep sketchbooks? What a cool idea to find me initial!!! I saw the A immediately. I think I would have no luck with a G, so I will looks for an H.

  6. Hi Anni what a lovely post! I'm very close (in spirit - because we live continents apart) to my only sister who lives Spain. Do you choose a day to celebrate together; sounds like a fabulous idea. I'm off to read a sample of I am Abraham on my Kindle if it's available there. Thanks for sharing your life here. Blessings Jo (South Africa)

  7. Lincoln was always my favorite president. I'm wondering if this book will change my mind. Hope to read it in the future.

  8. I love Abby's attitude - and you show it perfectly :))
    And you've got a beautiful gift from your sister.
    I wish I were that close to mine...
    Love to hear that you're eating healthy now :))
    Wish you a wonderful week!

  9. Great, fun post for the day as always, Anni!! I do want to get this book, it does sound so interesting! Thanks for the tip!! Hope your health continues to improve!! Have a great new week!!


  11. It's so great that you celebrate Sisters' Day. What fun!

    I'm so glad you are feeling so well, Anni, and hope the Cardiologist gives you a green light to get into rehab for continued improvement!

  12. I love that foggy shot. There is a calmness about a foggy scene.

  13. I haven't forgotten, and I spent all weekend trying to find my letter, but no luck yet. I did shoot the perfect Y by chance, but that isn't what I need! Unless I go for Yikes! Enjoy your week, and I promise to keep trying.

  14. Glad all is doing well and know you will work hard at cardiac rehab!

  15. I don't like driving in fog, but I love taking pictures of a foggy day. That's a great photo! I think you did a great job on Abby too.
    I think your sisters tradition is so sweet. A sister is wonderful gift!