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Saturday's wrap-up...

Sunday morning report: We here in South Texas woke up to a beautiful Fall day!! Finally, after weeks of highs in the 90s and lows in the mid to upper 70s [a few early mornings in the low 80s], we have an outdoor temp reading of 63 degrees!!! I couldn't wait to get outdoors and let the light cool breeze blow across my body!!! My son, living in Houston, told me according to their meteorologists that August of this year, it was actually the coolest August on record. I beg to differ. LOL At least not down here in the Corpus area. Hot, humid, and miserable all summer long. And it was a long summer!! With the cold front moving in from the northwest, I kinda have a feeling that that is the reason that Tropical Storm [in the Gulf] that is predicted to hit around the New Orleans area today sometime, has petered out quite a bit since its beginnings. It is now downgraded to a Tropical Depression and will stay on a more easterly path instead of going up farther into the mainland. According to the National Hurricane Center, it will go over the Florida Panhandle instead. Of course, only time will tell. Luckily for Louisiana [and all states] there isn't something like Katrina heading their way.

Bud and I drove to Portland yesterday afternoon and did some dollar store shopping. Here in our town the solar dancing figurines for Autumn only had skeletons and scarecrows. But, online I saw that Dollar Trees around the states should have a dancing witch. In hopes of the Dollar Tree in Portland would have it, we decided to go and see. And they DID have the dancing witch!! Along with a dancing Pumpkin Head. I got 'em both. They're fun little figurines. And I figure you can't buy a pack of gum these days for a dollar, so I don't consider it a waste of money. Besides, they entertain our kitties, lol...

On the way home, just before crossing the Harbor Bridge, I swear I spotted a Whooping Crane. I think I was seeing things. Of course, on Saturday, with weekend traffic, you can't slow down as you'd be doing some serious impeding traffic flow, so I'll just think I saw one and let it go at that. Maybe today, in the coolness of the morning, we'll drive around the outer limits of town and see what kind of birds we find. Mostly, I'll be enjoying the end of summer heat more so. :o) After a late lunch at home then, Bud napped while I began another bird pencil sketch. This time 'round it will be a GREEN KINGFISHER. I posted about the 'rare' bird spotted along Pollywog Ponds a couple blog entries ago, and shared the two photos I got of it on my Bird Photo Blog...HERE [it's a special little, tiny bird, that doesn't show up anywhere else in the United States, and the link will open in a new window if you're on a computer. I don't know if the coding to open in a new window actually works on a tablet, I do know it doesn't work on a smart phone...] And, of course, when the sketch of the kingfisher is completed sometime soon, I'll share it on my blog.

Oh, and I just added the 2nd week's Halloween Treat for my October guests (found at the top of my blog)....just click on it and the save.


  1. The Dollar Trees always come through, don't they? I, too, am loving this cooler weather and even the cows have a bit of extra zip in their step. Can't wait to see your new drawing!

  2. Forgot to tell you that I like your witches very much. Actually, I was prompted to create a witchy face on one of my friend's photos. The humidity here is very high and makes us all uncomfortable. We're looking forward to cooler and drier days.

  3. Well, first, your blue and gold header is FABULOUS!!! And it reminds me of Mardi Gras. It is one of your best headers ever. I will now be going to Dollar Tree today and look for these things. Who knew a solar figure could be only a dollar? Really, a Whooping Crane??? That would be the bird sighting of a lifetime!!!

  4. It's been really warm here, but a cool front came through last night, along with lots of rain that's still falling as I type.
    Can't wait to see the kingfisher. I know it's be a beautiful drawing!



  6. We are having summer weather here, does not feel like fall. Love your new header and the cute figurines. Have a great day and week ahead!

  7. I like those dancing witches and pumpkins - my grandson would love those - I will have to check them out. Thanks for the Halloween graphic. I hope the storms don't hit that area again.

  8. We got a cool front too. It feels great!

  9. A whooping crane! WHat a neat experience!

  10. It's finally cooled down here and I am LOVING it! I am not fan of hot, humid, sticky, icky, last forever, drawn out summer days.

  11. The header is amazing!!! Well done!
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  12. I love Dollar Tree. That store is awesome. Glad to hear you had some more pleasant fall like weather. We've got some wind blowing like crazy today and I feeling like I need to start wearing those scarves I made

  13. I too think it was a hard, hot summer here in Texas. Love your new background and the second treat is so cute.

  14. Always enjoy your drawings.