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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


As of tomorrow, July 1st, Google's Friends Connect [and Google Reader] will be history!

Now the way things are these days, and with Blogger's style...I'm not taking any chances in losing my entire blog template and gadgets when they decide to 'shut things down'. Y'know? Many times in the past, things have been lost. Either by Blogger or by my own accord. I decided to make sure this wouldn't happen...

TODAY IS THE BEST DAY TO BACK UP YOUR BLOGGER TEMPLATE in case tomorrow you wake up and your blog is not there! You will have your backup template handy to get started again---

HERE ARE THE STEPS. It's simple and will only take about 5 minutes! Follow the bright green arrows from my screenshots - of course this is after you log in to your Blogger account and open your admin interface [the blogs you've created are on the one you want to save --naturally, the first green arrow/step shows "Hootin' Anni" --your blog title will be listed instead of mine]:
[enlarge if necessary]

OR YOU CAN MANUALLY COPY THE ENTIRE XML yourself... opening the 'edit template' button in your Blogger admin. But make sure you click on EACH and EVERY black arrow on the left side of the template text, to open each and every line. By the time you've opened it all ---there will most likely be 2000-4000 lines [depending on how many gadgets and additions you've placed on your blog layout.]. After everything is opened, then just highlight copy and paste into a text file and save.
. . .~. . .~. . .

Another pointer if you are still with me. I decided to try this this last week, and have been adding as I go along, reading other blogs of interest. In Blogger's Layout, you may have taken note of how to add a new gadget to your blog. There is a list of gadgets and/or actions you can take here. Open your blog admin, click on layout/add gadget/scroll down the pop up window list to - BLOG LIST --click on BLOCK LIST then, configure your blog list by giving it a title - sort - how many blogs your want showing on your sidebar - then, "add a blog to your list" can manually begin adding your blogs of interest [which I've been doing: only because my reader list is so outdated and so many are no longer blogging] OR you can "Import Subscriptions from Google Reader". Click ADD button. Then, it's done. You can go back and add or delete as you wish from your Blogger Layout/Gadget Admin.

It will show up on your sidebar. Mine, that I am working on slowly as I visit those who visit me ---is visible on my left sidebar under "Blogs I Read". Personally, I like this feature better than Bloglovin or Feedly so far. I can see blog updates, visibly, as I am reading comments left for me. And I can catch up on both at the same time.

If this doesn't disappear, it will help me follow blogs of interest from now on.


  1. This is great information Anni. I'm going to do this today and a big thank you from me.

    1.'s a good idea that you will do it. At least, even if it doesn't disappear will have it handy in case of future loss.

      And Mari...

      YOUR COMMENT DISAPPEARED, BUT I READ IT before it left the comment section. I too am bummed that there will no longer be Google Reader.

  2. I'm still bummed about losing Google Reader. I'll have to deal with it though. I never thought about losing my blog in the process. Thanks so much for this post!

  3. Thanks, Anni! I am going to try following your directions. Just in case!

  4. Great information, Anni. I'll go ahead and do it, since you've made it easy-peasy. :-)

  5. What is Blogger DOING anyway? Are they trying to improve, or slowly discontinue or what? It makes me very unhappy...

  6. You are a star Anni! I am going to do this now. I have not backed up my template in quite a while so this was a good reminder. And I still don't know what is going away with Google?

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  7. thanks for the reminder and the info. For some reason I never think to backup my blog

  8. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you Anni - THAT was great advice - I do that once in awhile too. sandie