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Genealogy takes hours...days!!

MONDAY MORSELS [on Thursday this week]

This will begin as a little tale of two names I'm searching for, and will probably turn into a long drawn-out saga of this week past ...

I'm back. Well, actually, I didn't go anywhere. It's just that I needed to concentrate on one thing for the week when it came to being online. You see, I found a site that listed Colorado marriages with groom, wife, dates and who performed the ceremony along with where the marriage took place...county and city/town. The site had photocopies of ALL records from 1859 to 1939!!! Now, considering...that's a LOT of people and records. Thing is, as I found by trial and error, the way to view them was to click on the forward arrow only. Oh yes, they were alphabetical and all, but there was no way I could type in a record number and advance. I tried everything humanly possible, yet...I couldn't go any further than one at a time!!!!  Between the listings, they had them in sections ---like: surnames like Antone thru Azul....if I clicked on that section, it would tell me how many records are online. For instance, the section I had to go in, there were 4387 files!!! And I started clicking the forward arrow to advance to the next name. There were literally 100s of the same surname. I thought to myself, this is ridiculous! So, being that the surname I needed was near the end of the 4000 plus names, I typed in 3995 and clicked 'ahead'...but the site took me to the very next name of the same name I was already other words to the next individual, NOT #3995. That in itself took me almost four days off and on; online. Even signing up for membership didn't help STILL went from one individual to the next. No way of skipping over 1000s of names.  By the way, the most unusual groom's name, I'm thinking his mother had a good sense of humor, was GUY PEACOCK!! The one that made me nearly pee my pants was a bride's name [maiden] - and that was Ida Trickel?!!!!  [notice the date...1889 on the image to the left] Lordy. I also thought one bride's name was 'of the day and age of the 21st century'....her given name was Cypress.  Kinda pretty.   One more in Colorado for nearly 5 decades, I thought I'd heard of every little township, hole in the wall place, but one really stood out, 'cause I'd never heard of the place!!! SWINK, COLORADO?!!! <- They even have a website [I got distracted from the boring and had to look up where Swink was located]'s between Rocky Ford and La Junta Colorado.  Well, geewhilakers...I know where Rocky  Ford is...we went there each summer to buy the dreaded [was yummy...but the e coli scare from last year, I'm not too sure now] cantaloupe melons---anyway, I remember going through Punkin Center Colorado --if you blink you miss it!!!  Swink must be one of those kinda towns!!! I digress.  Hope in the near future, for other genealogists who need to make use, they will fix that bug with just a wee sized html code to advance to a number you want instead of individual records in sequence........I did email them and told them how to make it easier for access. But then, it may just be too much for them. I'm sure there are millions [at least 100s of thousands] of records. Beggars can't be choosers so they say. I found and recorded censuses, gravestones, other marriages and births....along with dates of deaths etc. I'm still looking for the naturalization paperwork done on my brother in law's father from Norway tho. And let me tell you, I love learning languages and all...especially trying to read the language, but Norwegian is way too puzzling. LOL I took advantage of Google translation quite often in that aspect this past week or so. Wow.

We had a couple of mornings where we experienced a microburst of rainfall! Those are the heavy, HEAVY downpourings where the clouds just open wide and let it all fall to the earth in just minutes and then just close the gates and move on! A microburst. Of course then, afterward, it was hot and steamy. We did manage to get our yard work of trimming the purple bougainvillea, the gardenia, the pyracantha, edging the lawns, mowing, and cleaning up from it all BEFORE the rains came. That's usually the other way around....rains first then yard work. Not this time. Then, this morning I was awakened to heavy thunderstorms and we got some nice good saturating rainfall most of the day!!!!

I finished reading the TRICKY BUSINESS by Dave Barry quickly. It was just okay, in fact, quite far from okay. I wouldn't really need to 'write home about it'!!! Mr. Barry, on the inside cover pages, placed a warning of the language use....I was forewarned, but I must say, it was true to his warning...the use of the "F" word was overdone. Way overdone. The story itself was comical; aboard a cruise ship that takes people out to sea, beyond the Florida borders, to have legalized gambling. And the theme took place during a tropical storm. Illegal stuff going on....bizarre shootings, bizarre people, just all around not much to go on. But still, I had to continue reading [skipping over all the swear words] to find out how it all came to a close. If you read my last entry about a book review, I mentioned my favorite characters in TRICKY BUSINESS...they also held my interest...the two old cronies from the senior citizen nursing home, well, let me put it this way---------they saved 'em.   But how?  I'm not gonna say.  ALL that was left anyway, of the carnage aboard the ship, Phil and Arnie came to their rescue. I'm now reading Mr. Timothy. Written in first person; the story of Tiny London...all grown up and adult. The author is Louis Bayard. Mr. Timothy is living in a London brothel, teaching the madam there how to read, and wandering the streets, trying to shake off the ghost of his recently deceased father, the kindly clerk, Bob Cratchit. I'm not sure how it will be throughout, but I'll give it a go and see if it's worthy of a recommendation. Or not!!

One day this past week, I took a few hours off the computer to go "duck hunting". I had to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things and then off to Wal Mart for the cheap cat litter [lol]. I suggested to Bud if he goes with me, we could pick a couple of places to drive to to see if we could find any 'ducks'. We went to two parks in town 'cause of time and the inferno outside the air conditioned car. We saw one Mr. Cardinal with a HAREM of ladies and a pintail duck in the first area --the tide was in at that hour and not too many birds seen. We then hopped back into the car and drove to another park that has a small fact, it's called Lakeview Park. Geese and ducks own the territory. Along with pigeons, turtles, seagulls and once in a while a few cormorants. We saw all the species there once again....along with a highly unusual that is not too common. So, I spent a few minutes photographing this beauty and will begin working on getting the photos off the camera chip and upload them to my bird photo blog soon. Oh ya, and that reminds me...when I began my furlough of bloggin' I mentioned our encounter with a huge reptilian creature on our last birding trek. I gotta get to working on THAT post for here. Soon, real soon. I promise.  Now...I gotta get back to the SECOND name on my list...this time the records have over 4500 to go through [4507].  I'll get to visiting when I can...wish me luck in finding the particular couple married in Colorado in early last century!!!  See ya.


  1. Years, months, days, hours, seconds of fabulous fun searching for those illusive relatives ... & even tho we are done, we are NEVER done!

    Have a fabulous day ~
    TTFN ~

  2. It does sound like you have a huge task before you. I wish you luck!!
    Can't wait to see the new bird photos.

  3. I don't envy you that task! I miss you...but I know you are still around. Good luck with your search!

  4. I finally got started on researching my mother's side. My dad's youngest brother has done their side and he's helping me. I've gone back to Germany, England and Scotland! It's so exciting. But I am at a total standstill on my mother's father's mother's side. I am determined to keep at it. I love hearing about your weeks- you're definitely living the life lady!

  5. Very interesting and time consuming is genealogy.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Mama bear

  6. I can certainly understand how time-consuming Genealogy can be. I don't do it nearly as much as I want to these days. Just not enough time. I usually work on it on weekends in winter --when there is not so much yard work to do.. I love it ---and have been working on my family genealogy for several years.. I can lose hours and hours just searching...

    Names are so interesting. I have several Bland Ballards in one side of my family... Strange name --especially the "Bland" ..... I researched it back to one of the mother's maiden names....

    Have a good day tomorrow.

  7. Research can be very, very time consuming. We do a lot of searching of legal documents and at times have had to trace documents back to the 1800s. Yes some cases still quote laws from the 1800s. We have spent hours at the law library researching.
    My husband also does some genealogy research of his own. He has been working on a book, off and on, for years.
    Hope your second search goes a bit faster than the first and that you are able to find what you are looking for.

  8. Very interesting search, Anni. Swink? What a strange name for a town. But of course there are plenty others even more strange. Truth or Consequences, for instance. :-)

  9. Oh, the research hours! I guess we're fortunate that we can do it from the comfort of our own homes with our computers instead of digging through dusty old records but, still, you would hope the program would be written better! We just found the marriage records of my great grandparents in Italy. Been looking in the wrong town for years! We also found the records of one of my husband's 3rd great-grandmother and it turns out that her name was Circumstance! What I wouldn't give to know the story behind that!!
    Thanks for the review of the Dave Barry book. I'll take it off my list. Expecting a package from Amazon with my next "read" in it any time. I blogged about it this week.