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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

They're ba-a-a-ck...flower blossoms that is---

RUBY TUESDAY RED [and pink] wildflowers at a park, last week

...what a difference a rain makes...

Tina at Picstory Tuesday's [link on sidebar] category posted October 10th for today states: "Next week´s topic is *Food*!" Oh goodie...seriously, it's something I can live with! LOL...I love food. Now, a favorite place in our largest mall here in town has a Sarku Japanese Food, in the food court. This section of the mall is loaded with stir fry, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other ethnic places. I've tried 'em all, but keep going back to Sarku!!! Their Chicken Teriyaki is soooooooooo good. It's the tastiest ever. I know I add way too much soy sauce, but I can't help it. Love it. You can have it served on steamed rice, or noodles....but I'd much prefer their special fried rice and veggie combo!! [and it's enough for two people in one order]...but who's counting? We each get an order and consume all of it in one sittin' Another thing that keeps us going back is the fact that this establishment continually gets high scores [from 95 to 100% perfect] from the health department. Sanitary issues with me and restaurants'll either make 'em or break 'em. ::drool:: Maybe Bud and I will go to the mall today.......


  1. Yum! Looks wonderful. I'm with you on the cleanliness aspect of restaurants. I can't eat at a place with a low score. Ugh!

  2. I love spotting wildflowers on my walks. Obviously, you do too!


    Don’t let that scarlet go to your head!
    Be very glad you haven’t been bled!
    Give thanks for the color dear to your heart:
    Carmine and cherry and wine— a good start!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red foliage here and here

  3. That looks so good! Now you're making me hungry!

  4. Nice flowers, your chicken plate looks delicious ! Would be something for me too !

  5. ha, das leckere essen ist bestimmt für mich gedacht :) danke!

  6. I wish I could taste that Japanese food, it looks so yummy! We don't have one of those places here, or at least I have never seen one. Now I will have to Google it to find where the nearest one is. Thanks for your lightening answer, now I will know!! I see you have another new Halloween header picture, very cool! Oh, I'm catching up on Monday and love your Bird Of Paradise plant, I have never seen one that flowery and pretty!

  7. Oh now you did it Mom is hungry AGAIN...and there are still 3 hours left before supper.
    As a public service, I'll make her pet me to keep her hands busy.
    Hugs Madi

  8. Now that looks absolutely delicious! I love food as well and could eat all day long if I let myself. lol I've never had Japanese food although I love Chinese food. I wonder if they taste similar? Oh yes, lots of soya sauce is a must!!! Now you've got me hungry!! xoxo