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A Halloween twist on a Carol - - -

I found these 'lyrics' [parody, if you will] to the tune of Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. For the fun of the season of Halloween, I thought I'd add some photos to it all; and share...

Oh, you better not shriek, you better not groan,
You better not howl, you better not moan.
The Grim Reaper is coming to town!

He's gonna find out from folks that he meets,
Who should have arsenic put in their treats.
Grim Reaper is coming to town!

He'll search in every graveyard,
Haunted houses far and near,
To see if you should stay alive,
Or die right here in fear!

So, you better not shriek, you better not groan,
You better not howl, you better not moan.
The Grim Reaper is coming to town!

photos are from our dining room corner tables...the grim corner


  1. Love your toothless header and Halloween song. sandie

  2. Very clever...great pics of Halloweenie gouls!

  3. Oh what a Grim corner you have. These and those sweet little Ghosts are quite contrasting.
    The music for your song is very nice, makes me think of decorating a Christmas Tree. It is definitely different hearing it while looking at the Grim Reaper. I'd just as soon he stay away... I'll take Casper Anyday!!
    Creative Post!

  4. Anni you are very very clever with words!!
    I love it. Your Halloween decor must be lots of fun. Do Tahoe and Winston try to investigate the various decorations?
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  5. You brought a smile to my face this morning. You tickle me too death when your Halloween "stuff." Happy Thursday!

  6. Can ya believe I know these lyrics. Well, maybe it's not a surprise. Ya know how I love to belt out a great tune! Heeehehehe!

    Maybe I am truly twister.

    God bless ya and have a remarkable day sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Thanks for the comment. I truly enjoyed it.
    I also love the way you put the photos to new music. To Cute.
    I am freezing but at least we just got a little rain and not any snow. let the skiers have it.

  8. Hilarious Hallowe'en stuff you have in your grim corner, Anni.
    The song is a hoot. "He'll search in every graveyard" fits the tune so well it makes me laugh.
    Goooooood worrrrrrrrrrrrk, Grrrrrrrremlin!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. I enjoy clever lyrics to familiar tunes. Original post! Thanks for the compliment about my partly finished cardinal. I'm an artist by profession. On this blog if you click the category "art" in my sidebar, all of the posts with artwork will come up. I think I only have one other piece of art on this blog. It's an adorable puppy portrait, I'd love to share with you.

    I like your easel icon and the drop down menus. I used drop down menus on an old blog of mine when my husband coded it for me. I looked at your lovely cardinal and another bird. Today I needed to do a lot of chores and paint more, so I'll be back to browse your work. I'm so glad to meet another artist and glad you enjoy it! I have another blog where I began to talk about my shows and galleries, but I haven't had time to keep that blog up. Hopefully, that will change soon.

  10. I forgot to add that I also sell my photography and the glass/beaded jewelry I design. Again, you can click on the category in my sidebar "photography" (although there are posts that are not sell-worthy, but are newsworthy) and I think I have one post with jewelry up.

    I'm a founding artist of a major arts center in our area and a founding member of another art organization using pastels, plus other honors I don't want to honk my own horn about here, although I am proud of them. Recently, I was honored to hold an exhibit in a cutting edge gallery in Washington D.C! Plus, I sold one of my paintings several years ago to a New York Times best selling author, in person! That was a sunset she fell in love with...that reminded her of her roots. Now I make cards and prints from my work as well to sell.

  11. I haven't heard this one yet, and I hear you are even playing a version of it on your player, a very pretty one. I bet you will be giving out the best treats on the block!! When I was little, there was a family that gave out ice-cream bars!

  12. Oh my goodness Anni, I love what you did with the lyrics. You've got some really sinister looking Grim Reapers. Your house and yard must looking amazing with all the Halloween decorations.

  13. This is too cute, Anni. Love the decorations.

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  14. Very cool header, and your song is great too.

    Have a great weekend.