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Of all the hibiscus plants we have in our yards [front and back], most of them have suffered terribly through the last year. First, the heavy ice storm that froze them ALL [one of my favorites in the front yard, the beautiful yellow, never recovered from the freeze], most are just now beginning to show green again....only to have the insufferable heat and drought. They're tropical plants that thrive in lots of moisture. Not to be seen this summer. But, one that keeps on going and going, and going, like the Energizer Bunny, is the one my sister had delivered to me for Sister's Day a few years back. This blossom is of the same. I thought the stamin showed off a great shadow for today's meme. This particular bush is three hibiscus in one --it has three different colored blossoms to the one plant.

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Yep, I'm gonna begin my summary with the genealogy project. I think I'm about three quarters of the way through the pedigree files [image to the left is what I designed]. And, for the second time, I've taken a bit of time to go out on the 'net to view some different kinds of 'book' publishers from a blog. I'm not seeing what I want. There is one factor that just makes me cringe in a way. And I've tried working with the sites to get them to do this for me to no avail. They all tell me it's impossible, 'cause: "It can't be done, since it's in our templates." You see, what I want is to have all the blog's timestamps and dates posted taken off!!!! I don't want it to look like a blog, per sé...I want it to look like a book. One more thing that I don't like but I can go with it, and that's the fact that the images I have are re-sized to have two or three images on one page [through the publishing]...I would prefer a much larger image. In all actuality it would be my preference to have just ONE image per page. At a much larger scale. My next step is to finish the pedigree files and complete the project. Then, I'm going to go back out on the 'net to see if it's possible to convert my genealogy project blog to a PDF file. That way, all images and text/research will be the size I've made them; and without a timestamp for each entry. Either that, or I will look into going to Kinko's or somewhere like that and print out MY OWN...then make two laminated covers and a spiral notebook publication. I figure it's my long, hard, tiring hours spent on this, I want it like I want it. And that's wanting it as I post the blog pages. Now that's it is closing in on completion, I'm anxious to see the finished product.

Speaking of completion, I finished Irene's Halloween afghan this week. I seem to be on a roller coaster ride of beginning projects that are dearly challenging. This pattern had no finishing instructions since I made the witch panel from a pixeled grid. So, I had to make up my own way of framing the panel and getting it to a larger size to actually BE an afghan. I crocheted it all in dark nighttime blue [soft navy was the color of the skeins of yarn]. Trimmed the navy color in Halloween purple with two rows of half double crochet stitches. Then, to make it more 'unique' I added only FOUR tassels of yellow on the witch corners, and four orange tassels on each corner of the blue framing. Done! I will get it shipped off to Irene the first of this upcoming month. [She begins decorating her house for Halloween a lot earlier than I do even...around mid-September!!]

Just a couple more things, then, I'll leave you to blog hopping....if you're still here that is: The Fall Classic is coming up quickly. I'm more than pleased to know that the NYY are in the playoff games. I predicted at the beginning of the 2011 season that it just may be a repeat World Series...Yankees against the Diamondbacks. Maybe!!! Then, the last of my summary is that I finished reading a great book...a 1948 classic: Cry, the Beloved Country [link]. About South Africa and the turmoils of the era. Near excellent book. Unusual layout of text and conversation, but well written and a lovely [but sad and sometimes filled with a few surprises] family story. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in historical data; fictionalized. The new book I began this week is COLUMBINE [link]...a non-fiction book [2009] about the Columbine High School Massacre. So far, it is reminiscent of the book Helter Skelter. And, this too promises to be a good read. Oh, and P S ---Houston Astros clinched their title too!--------the worst ever standing season; in ALL of 2011 MLB teams. What a joke.


  1. The flowers grow well in a perfect environment - icy nights and dry days are not what the flora expected. So the hardiest of the flowers have stayed the course, and now are flowering beautifully now. We all hope for a moisture-full, very wet Texas winter...

  2. It has been a hard summer for plants, but that bloom is a real "show stopper". I always love the shots with the shadow of the middle part showing on the petal. Did you give a sigh of relief when you took the last stitch on the afghan? Always a good feeling to finish a project. Very pretty afghan!! Have a nice weekend, Annie. Mickie :)

  3. Love the intense red with the splash of yellow. Our plants here have also suffered from an intolerably cold winter to an insufferable hot and dry summer. Even the weeds are not as robust!
    Neat three in one plant-I didn't' know they existed! Clever grafting, I say.

  4. You've had some tough weather in Texas! Ice, drought, wow. I do hope it moderates for you.

    This is a beautiful red hibiscus and the stamin does offer a great shadowy shot for today!

    Hope you have a great weekend Anni!

  5. Hey Annie! Beautiful flora. My Hibiscus never thrived in Phoenix, though many other plants took the heat. My daughter read Cry,the Beloved Country while in high school, but I've never. I did read Kaffir Boy though and was really touched by it. Happy SSS to you.

  6. What a wonderful shadow shot for the day! Love the rich colors! And the Halloween afghan is delightful! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  7. great shadow capture anni!!

  8. Hey Annie
    The Yankees won their division!! Hoooooooray!

  9. love that hibiscus shot - very cool!

  10. Gorgeous shadow shot, Anni.
    And congratulations on your nifty way of finishing the afghan with the four-and-four tassels! Fabulous.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. What a delightful and perfect photo for SSS. I love this. :)

    I haven't even started fall decorating yet..much less think about Halloween. You are waaaay ahead of me, lady. :))
    xoxo bj

  12. that is a beautiful flower
    quite the survivor story

  13. Yeah but the Rangers are there's that!

  14. Loved your variety of things for the post today. The flower one is the best.

  15. Love your Hibiscus flower, my Hibiscus has taken a real beating this Winter with the frost and now all of the rain. It is looking very sad, I hope it starts to look better of the next few weeks.

    Your Halloween afghan is stunning well done, yo are very clever.

    Have a great week.

  16. It is frustrating to have the weather destroy our gardens. This was a good year for mine. Mostly, anyway, a very wet winter and spring caused a terrible case of peach leaf curl in spite of my spraying.
    As for your family history, it sounds like another frustration. I made digital scrapbook pages and posted those to a blog for family to see. I still had the originals in Photoshop Elements format and printed those when the project was completed. Fortunately I had started the project before I started blogging or I might have run into the same problem.

  17. Love that first shot Anni. I also love your header!

  18. Wow - that stamin does make a great shadow.

  19. Your capture of the flower has superb shadows!

  20. Beautiful hibiscus and beautiful photography.
    I have the same hibiscus and I can say that it is very durable flower.
    I'm glad that your project progresses and I hope you'll find a publisher as you are looking for.

    Regards and best wishes

  21. So, you're a baseball fan, eh? That's good news. I like to mentionn my love of sports at my blog, but never do because I know most readerrs will stay way! I won't. I love baseball. I like football too, but don't even thinkn about it until afterb the World series. My prediction??? Texas plays the Brewers mfor the title.
    As far as book publishing, there are many ways to accomplish what you want. I thinkn you are correct to assume that you'll need to print out your own format of one picture per page. Kinkos can do it, but it is costly. Mac (Apple), has a book making service, but it limits the number of pages. Check it out. We've done that with pictures of the kids.
    Now, for the purpose of comingnhere: That photo of the flower and its stamin shadow is superb! Gald this one survived. Glad we all survived this past extremen summer, and hope for a marvelous Fall.


  22. Sounds like your busy as ever. Your afghan turned out great! Irene is going to love it!

  23. Wow, I can't believe you finished the afghan in the midst of all your genealogy work. You are amazing. I hope you find the format you want. But if not, Kinko's is a good option!

    The hibiscus is beautiful - and what a proper tribute to the lasting beauty of sisterhood. We have only two plants, and only one bloomed this year - and not until summer was mostly over. But it was nice to see it when it finally came - quick in and out, but enjoyed immensely.

    It's been hot the last three days - in the 80s, and yesterday 88. It's my b-day week-end, which is usually the peak for colors in the hills, but this year I think it's going to be later. We didn't want to go up yesterday because it was a free day in RMNP and too many others were going! We have a free pass because being old, you know. So we can go any time and miss the crowds!

    Have a wonderful day!

  24. Good Morning Anni! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your gorgeous Halloween afghan! Well done!! ~tina

  25. I just LOVE hibiscus flowers and this is a wonderful photo! The detail is beautiful.

  26. Anonymous9/25/2011

    The afghan is beautiful.
    You are taking on a huge project, frustrating at times I'm sure, but what a great end it will be.

  27. Hi Anni...oh my goodness you have basically written a most valuable book fo ryour family and it should be printed exactly how you want it printed. Kinkos might be your best option. Well done on a wonderful are a very talented crocheter to figure out the ending as you did. Irene will be made your dead line too. Tell B I suggest he wine and dine you after the book is finished. Hugs C

  28. Hey Hootin'!
    Just checking in to see how life is treating ya.
    Looks like you've been busy,

    Have fun :)