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Shadows of 9-11

It wasn't just Americans in the Twin Towers [and the Pentagon and Flight 93 also] and on Ground Zero [in the rubble and destruction] the fateful day ----

In the distance, shadows still linger
Memory of a decade past...
Shadows of our former lives
Shadows from back when were cast!

Today, we will not fail
For we find strength
in those shadows afar...
We stop, we fall silent;
but -- we shall prevail.

Our people, foreshadowed, the world...
In history, none of us will ever forget.
Amongst debris and dust, those shadows fell
Amidst the chaos; 'n' disbelief as well.
Shadows of what was yesterday...

Stop and remember.
Remember those who perished for our freedom
All our lost heroes, and those who saved; ---
And those who conquered America's threat
Our hearts open as a flag in the wind
In unification, our hearts'll be UNFURLED!!!

                          SHADOWS OF YESTERDAY
~Hootin' Anni © 2011

Twin Tower images
courtesy of news media


  1. What a terrible day which changed the whole world too.

  2. Beautiful post, Anni.

    God Bless America!


  3. Great post Anni! It was a terrible day and we need to remember and pay tribute to those we lost.

  4. Beautiful tribute Anni

  5. God Bless America...we will never forget! Our town did a healing field in memory of that fateful day..please visit my post tomorrow, Thanx!!

  6. Beautiful picture and poetry, Anni. Such a sad anniversary. We seem to have forgotten a lot of what we learned on that day about being "one."

  7. Very touching Anni. We will never forget...and generally won't forgive those who trespassed against us.

  8. Beautiful Anni. Simply beautiful.

  9. The picture of the twin towers with the sun between them is so good, and what a good picture for your poem. This is such a lovely poem, you are talented, it is so true about the disbelief, you have written a very touching tribute!

  10. I can still feel the shock, Anni. No one imagines such things happening, and yet, in war-torn countries, such events are probably still a shock, no matter how often they happen there.
    Remember being young, with parents and grandparents asking, "What is this world coming to?" and yet, those were the parents and grandparents who survived World War I and World War II.
    Incomprehensible, all of it, to the average suburban mind.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. Shadows that was wiped in one day.

  12. Anyone who was alive that day will never forget. Ever.


    Bits of shadow and blasts of light,
    Morning and evening, noon and night;

    Days of darkness, gloomy and drear;
    Sometimes bright ones, bringing good cheer;

    Spring or winter, summer or fall,
    Light or shadow—embrace them all!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Morning Shadow Magic here

  13. Wonderful poem and a very touching tribute. We have been watching 9/11 As It Happened this evening. It still puts a knot in my stomach watching the news cast from that day and hearing from people at the scene. My daughter has been working on a presentation at school about 9/11. She was only 6 at the time and alot of it she didn't really comprehend. Since they have been working on this project, she and her classmates have learned alot about this event. She has mentioned several times this week the particular stories that they have discussed and read about. I think the stories that have impacted her the most have been from people that would have been in one of the towers or the Pentagon had it not been for some change in their normal routine or something that delayed them. That day has changed our lives forever.

  14. Mwah! Lovely tribute! With love from me in South Africa to all the American people today!

  15. Nobody can forget that day, no matter in which part of the world lives.
    Great post and tribute.


  16. Beautiful post to remember this day-lest we ever forget.

  17. A beautiful poem you wrote as a tribute to the tragedy that occured 10 years ago today. I've been watching the CNN coverage and it's brought back so many horrible memories. I love the new memorial they've made at Ground Zero, though. xoxo

  18. Absolutely beautiful poem Anni...your talent is endless,
    Hugs Madi and Mom