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Remember going to the Circus?.....

...and being a kid, you'd see one of the personnel walking around on stilts? Making themselves taller than anyone around the grounds, including the patrons. Like giants? I remember!!! Of course, I had to have my dad make me stilts, and I worked most of the summer one year, honing the skill of being able to balance myself and walk without creating scabby elbows and knees! LOL Unlike the circus dude, mine had handles [how did they ever accomplish this without handles?!!]---I did finally get the 'hang of it all', and I think I could wager any amount that I could still walk on stilts. At least I could pick up the action once again in no time. But now, the fear of broken bones keeps me from trying. Yep, that's my final answer, and I'm sticking to it!!!



While walking along the Marina one Sunday morning, early, I saw myself in shadow and it reminded me instantly of the stilt walkers........


Well, my weight loss has been at a 'stand still' the last week. I've not gained pounds I have lost, but on the other hand, I've not lost any either. That's okay, I'm not gonna fret about's too short. But I thought I'd share a couple of web sites that are continually part of my life these days. The first one, this LINK, will run you through some personal info, age, exercise, height, find your optimum calories a day that you should use as a goal for maintaining weight [or weight loss] I log in each day to the latter one [just below a bit...keep reading] to keep track of what I'm consuming, and it tells me what nutrients that I'm ingesting are too low, good or too really helps me figure out that tho I'm taking in the correct amount of calories for my age, my height, and my daily exercise regime [about 30 minutes a day, excluding my walking which has come to a halt except for when we mall walk]...I'm mostly getting enough fiber, but not enough carbohydrates, etc. You have to sign up for a free membership -giving your email, making up an user name, password, etc. But, for me, with the assistance they give to help with a 'guide line' in nutrient value [i.e., food log, calorie intake, activity log, recipes, forums, ideas, grading foods, etc. etc.!!]... signing up is highly recommended if your serious about healthy habits. HERE'S THE LINK The nutrient tools to work with in counting calories and the value of food intake is also a must along with calories, and exercise. Of course y'all know that already. For movies this week, we bought RANGO when it came out last week on DVD. Much cuter at home than when I saw it at the theater. And an old classic, The Hanging Tree, with Gary Cooper. I liked him when I was a teenager, and still do. Nice looking...for an old fart!! Even tho he is now long gone...I can see why women of my mother's generation swooned over him. Then...progress on my newest crochet project for Halloween: I've only found time to do a few rows so far [I had to rip out and begin anew because of my stupidity, actually. Don't ask!! LOL] But now that the stitch count is correct and everything is flowing smoothly, it'll be a lot easier. The pattern is actually one that I'm supposed to crochet in all one color [the entire block in green], then embroider with cross stitching the scene, I've been using the graph to just crochet a certain amount in green, dropping the green, and picking up the color needed as you can see in the photo...the white so far is skeleton legs. For the making of my large entree for the week to reheat, was meatballs [I made twenty small meatballs...cooked them, then reheated just a few for each meal] in marinara sauce served on hoagie buns with melted mozzarella cheese. Again, with the marinara sauce being better reheated. Served with mustard potato salad and tossed salad. For a light dessert [and cold, icy and refreshing] I tried to replicate one of our favorite fast food hang-outs that can only be found in Tucson, Arizona - EEGEES. They serve the best tasting fruit filled icy drinks...with a different flavor each month. My favorite was for the month of February [cherry cider with huge chunks of dark cherries]. But, for us this time, I made Lime "eegees" slushie. In a blender, mix equal parts of juice, flavored sherbet, and chopped ice. Blend until ice has become creamy. Simple. Scoop up into a large glass - eat with a spoon. Delicious on a hot, sultry, summer evening. Low in calories and the sherbet I use is fat free! For two large 12 oz. servings, I use equal amounts: TWO CUPS LIME JUICE [I use MinuteMaid], TWO CUPS Fat Free LIME SHERBET, and TWO CUPS ICE. Blend at low speed, maybe needing a 'stir' now and then to redistribute the ice chunks. Chopped fruit can also be added, limes [rind and all, with seeds taken out of course] The finished slush should be thick and scoopable as seen in the last photo!! Not an Italian Ice...and the best serving glass is the insulated kind to keep from melting too quickly. This summer, for afternoon treats while we play Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble, I've made us a few variations to this --Pomegranate/Raspberry, and Orange Dream...the first made with V8 Splash Pomegranate/Cherry bottled juice drink and raspberry sherbet [with canned dark cherries or frozen red raspberries if desired]. The orange with Orange Juice and orange sherbet [and orange slices, mixed in blender]. All refreshing, and delicious. About 200 calories per serving with no fat. Not too nutritional, but oh so good when it's hot outdoors. Great for Summer. And trust me, I've even emailed the headquarters of Eegee's Restaurants in Tucson to expand their franchises to Texas. To no avail. Bummed, I am. They have told me that they'll ship their products nation-wide, but just how they can ship their Italian Ices is beyond me. On the same subject, they have the best tasting deli ham sandwiches I've ever had. Let's's about 900 miles to Tucson from here. I could be there for dinner if I left here around 2 a.m.!!!! OH....another thing that I worked on this past week...struggled on is more like it, but I finally figured it all out. I learned how to make my own smartphone ringtones. I saved 'em, and went to get 'em on my cellphone and the app for G-mail, I realized, did NOT have a download option. I diligently kept working on a 'fix' and went through my browser to my it up on the phone and set it as my new ringtone. I love having my 'own' ringtones instead of the limited choices that come with the phones. I now have the THEME FROM NCIS. roflmao.


  1. That was nice one

  2. I always take shots of myself or with others like this one, and i think i have lots of it to fit in a folder. Haha. Happy Sunday.

  3. My Dad made stilts for us too and us kids got pretty good on them!
    I'm still plugging away on this diet - 17# lost so far and weigh in day is tomorrow. I'm using s site called My Fitness Pal that seems to be a lot like the one you are using. Hang in there!

  4.'re doing good girl!!! Keep it up.

  5. How tall you are Anni, great photo.

  6. Crafty...not THIS tall like it shows in the photo. That's for sure. LOL

  7. I like circus....Happy SSS!

  8. Are you sure you weren`t on stilts? Fabulous SSS!

  9. WOW the icees sound good... What a great story about you learning to use stilts. I can remember as a kid doing that too but not really great!!!

  10. your shadow does indeed look like you are on stilts!

  11. Fantastic photo of the stilt walker! And thank you for the links to maintaining a healthy weight.

  12. Great shadow - it does look like stilts. Good luck with your weight loss - I am working on that too.

  13. Looks like a tall, elegant lady;)

  14. I like your shadow shot, it does indeed look like you are on stilts. I have never tried walking on stilts, but can remember one of my cousins using metal ones while hanging and finishing drywall. Scared my son half to death when he was little seeing them walk around on those things. For the longest time he wouldn't go near my cousin becase of it.

  15. You do resemble a stilt walker in your shadow...never tried it - don't think we'd get very far in that job - lol!! Your slushy drink looks fabulous...and we're sure the kids will love it - thanks for the easy recipe Annie :) Have a cool week!
    (Sitting watching old movies sounds like a lovely thing to do to keep cool!! Gary Cooper is lovely...but we both have always had a thing for Cary Grant!)

  16. Yum, those ices sound delish. I suppose they taste good in cool weather too because we haven't had any hot days yet. Night before last it got down to 8/46!
    Love that long shadow shot! Those are fun! Have a fabulous week-end and God bless!

  17. Mmm...the lime 'egees" slushie sounds delicious! I will definitely have to try this recipe!

  18. It reminds me of stilt walkers too. You have made me hungry for meatballs now!Wish I had time to play Trivial Pursuit, but still working part time and trying to keep up with everything else!

  19. Love that long, tall shadow lady!! What a fun one for the day, Annie! Hope you've had a good weekend!


  20. Very good shadow shot.
    You have very long legs :)


  21. I can see why your shadow reminded you of stilt walkers!
    The crochet modifications to your pattern are interesting--I don't like Halloween, but the idea of creating the pattern in all crochet instead of cross stitching afterwards is a good one. And the slushies sound delish!

  22. That DOES look like a stilt-walking shadow! I don't think I could walk on stilts.... I'm afraid of heights!

  23. Anonymous7/24/2011

    Loved stilts when I was young. I too would not dare try it now. :)

  24. Happy Sunday Anni!!
    Boy what a great post!! I had to LOL at your shadow... the only way I'd ever have long legs is with my shadow. As for stilts, I can not walk and chew gum at the same time so I know I can't walk on stilts. My B taped Hanging Tree too.
    Hugs C

  25. Cool shadow! Waiting for your blue! :)

  26. Anni there is so much you have written about that I can't remember what the heck I want to comment on ! haha
    Halloween !!!!! My favorite time of year and I am beginning to feel that itch to add vintage cards to my posts .. anything that is Halloweeny is perfection to me ;-) like the stilts thing .. how cool is that ! You saw a circus act in those moments .. you are still a kid at heart like I am Anni and that is a wonderful thing with all that the world is going through ;-)
    Keep that kid alive girl !
    Joy wink wink

  27. Anni, You do "pack" a lot into your posts!! Love your Sunday summaries--always fun to hear what you have be doing all week. Love the shadow shot and greatly admire your ability to walk on stilts. I tried a pogo stick one time and couldn't "master" it! Your meatballs used in different ways sound good too. Good luck on dieting--it sure is HARD, but persistance and willpower pay off. Have a terrific week. Mickie :)

  28. fantastic long shadow!!

  29. Remember the Robert Crumb poster from the 60's Keep On Truckin'? The ShadowShot reminds me of that!! I'll have to 'chew on' your recipes later! Happy SSS.

  30. well thats is still a good job you've maintain your weight in the same number. thats good enough. nice shadow shot. looks slim already

  31. Loved the shadow and your recipe made my mouth drool!! Looks yummy and refreshing!

  32. Anni, very interesting. I do use the 2nd link you posted to find calories but eat a bit more than my recommended amount of calories. However, I've cut back a lot by eating more fruits and veggies. I've lost weight and have not gained it back. Once every so often you reach a plateau and that is normal.

    Great post. Looking forward to an email from you. I lost your email addy when my computer crashed.

  33. You definitely look slim with the stilts!!!

    Congrats! Your caption has been selected as is posted today at Onenezz. Welcome over!

  34. Thanks for the link. I have a long term project (started 15th of June) to lose a couple of extra kilos - so far gone (3) well but I'm interested how other people fight against fat. :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  35. Great shadow! You do indeed look like a stilt walker - and a skinny one, at that. Don't lose heart on the weight loss. Sounds like you're doing great.

    I'd love to have one of those icy drinks right now. It is sooooo hot here.

  36. I'm impressed that you learned the art of stilt walking!

    cool shadow shot, Anni

    Enjoy your week seeking shadows

  37. Wow Crochet! Something I'd like to learn. I'm excited of the outcome Anni.

  38. What a fun shot! Love those long stilted legs! Great shadow for the week!
    Thanks for the link - I will definetly look into them!

  39. I love the shadow photo, it does look like you were on stilts.

    The lime slushie sounds delicious, I'm going to have to pick up the ingredients for that one. Thanks for the recipes Anni.

    Have a super week!



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