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Y'all know my love of baseball, and my rant on the one roster I consider my 'Texas Home Team'; the Houston Astros. Well, after the gazillion losses before the All Star Break last week, they came back over the weekend and WON a GAME!! I just bet they were so 'high' on winning, the dugout was filled with players with nose-bleeds. roflmao Oh, ya, I know I know....they're still on the dung heap called BOTTOM for the entire MLB [19 games out of first in their division as I type this], but what the hey, I sill watch them. In fact the Astros' commentators are becoming so bored with the team it shows through those two guys also. During one game a while ago that lasted so long, the two color commentators said of the 'die hard' fans that stick around for the entire game...well, the TV camera panned out to the few left in the stands, showing a guy with a beard. One of the two commentators popped in and said of the fan: "This guy was clean shaven at the beginning of the game". Brown and D'shaies [not sure of the spelling on that name], make the boring games worth watching. Then in another game, the Astros were pitted against, the NY Mets....and the player got on first base...his name was HU....the two commentators had a blast with the "Hu's on first" ----had me rolling!! This season, those two guys light up my life too. At least for laughs during this horrible, horrible season for the 'home team'. Oh, and my rally monkey has been twiddling his toes...he's not doing his job....rallying!!!


Confucius say baseball very funny game; man can walk on 4 balls.

But...this coming Autumn, I love autumn. It gives me a chance to sit at home and watch the world series. A bit like the Houston Astros!!!

6:50 a.m. addendum: Oh, and another baseball item I just read---Between Boston Red Sox and Rays....the game last night lasted 5 hours and 44 minutes [into the wee hours this morning---15 pitchers, and score up until the 16th inning----zero to zero. Red Sox won 1 to nuttin'!!]

NOTE: The 2nd named Tropical Storm has developed for the 2011 Season!! Opened my email this morning and it's full of storm warnings...Bret is in the Atlantic nearing the Bahamas early this morning moving at 3 mph...growing in strength!! Mariners...stay safe.


  1. Great macro shots, Annie!

  2. Confucius knows baseball?

    Your caption is making me roaring with laughter! I will definitely select yours.

  3. Anonymous7/18/2011

    Hilarious that basket ball part :)))


  4. Very nice macro shots and I got more than one BIG chuckle out of your baseball stories... thanks for dropping by and visiting my tiny Swedish orchid (seen and photographed while visiting Sweden). :-)

  5. Ooooh, those are some fancy macro's :)

  6. My hubby and I went to an Art Festival this weekend and they had lampshades such as this. We almost bought one that had Cameos on it. We have been looking for a while for a light for our bedroom. This one is nice!

  7. I'm not a baseball fan, but I would love those commentators!
    Hope Bret stays small and doesn't cause much trouble!

  8. I like that lamp shade, so pretty!

  9. I like Autumn too not too cold not too hot. And here in MI the colors around us is magnificent. Like your shots and thanks for the visit!

    Macro Monday

  10. Great post... Oh sure now that we are RVing on the Florida beaches a hurricane is brewing... LOL I'll have to keep an eye out for storm warnings too!
    Have fun

  11. Love the macro...I know thats an old lampshade! LOL on the baseball stories. I used to be a Baltimore Orioles fan...but have really lost interest. B.Ball has lost its lustre! Yep...keep an eye on the storm...The season is in full swing!!!

  12. well, we've enjoyed the showers we've been having as a result of tropical depression.
    I'm not a huge fan of baseball or any kind of fan since I never watch. My parents were, though. They were Atlanta Braves fans.
    Fall(Autumn) is my favorite time of the year. Can't wait until College Football Season Starts.
    Mama Bear

  13. Mama Bear Don't you consider College Football a sport? You say you're not a sports fan, but can't wait for College Football....I'm in a puzzlement here. {insert wink}

  14. The macro of the mecrame work is beautiful. We don't play baseball here, it is only cricket. I liked the Confucious quote.

  15. Thanks for stopping by. Love the macros! That fringe is very elegant subject for a macro shot.

  16. Nice macro. Love the lampshade.

  17. A bright idea for a macro shot;)

  18. That's a pretty fancy lampshade Anni!

  19. OMC I love the tassels on the lamp shade...Tahoe and Winston are very lucky to have such a pretty paw toy at their disposal.

  20. Anni, Lovely lampshade--they just don't make them that way anymore. Cheer up, as Scarlett would say, "tomorrow's another day". Maybe the Astros will start playing a little better, or you can just wait it out till next season and hope for better things. It's still a fun game to watch-win or lose. Try to keep cool. Mickie :)

  21. LOL When it comes to baseball you remind me of my MaMa...She loved those Astro's and cheered them on even at 84 years old.
    We are getting a little rain and I mean little as I write you this morning. Oh how we need it too
    Have a wonderful week

  22. Such interesting macro shots. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments.

  23. Hi Anni, I didn't know the game went on that long! I was tired, so I went to bed at 8:30. I loved watching it though ... got to see my Johnny and everybody. My home team, The Mariners, were doing so good early in the season. Last night they finally got a run, the first in 40 innings. Geeze. That's great that your announcers are having fun.

    BTW: I love the close up of your shade. Please stay safe during the storm. Oh, I was watching "Spring Break" and it was in C.C. ... man, what a mess!

    Kathy M.

  24. Amazing how we never really look at something as simple as a lampshade, isn't it? And when we do, it's surprising how intricate they are.

    As for baseball .. I know nothing!

  25. That lampshade is so pretty, Anni, I just love it!

    I agree with you, often times it's the commentators for the sports games that make a boring game continue to be interesting! lol I loved the one about the spectator having been clean shaven when the game started! hehe

    Uh oh, I do hope Bret stays away from you!!!! Stay safe my friend. xoxo

  26. Beautiful shade! And great commentary on the baseball games. I can't abide the slowness and boredom of baseball (my opinion only). I went to a Rockies game to please my sweetie and felt so claustrophobic that I had to leave the crowded seat. Good thing I brought my book! Isn't that pathetic?? Hope they do better next year. And the Rockies, too.

  27. Love your lampshade! And your Astros fan is delightful! lol

  28. Fantastic macro of the lamp shade!


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