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This is the 'book cover' from the week's posted photo. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA on the counter and purchase the book and enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction. For all the rules, just click the button above; then, participate!!

Here goes---

book title:

    In the remote Andes Mountains, Sarah finished her work at the science lab. Five men, and Sarah, were renowned in their field of research. As she took off her lab garments in the decontamination cube...she let loose her dark auburn hair and shook her head to let the strands flow. Brad watched her disrobe through the glass panes. At the kitchen facility, a built-in cellar, below, stored the fresh foods. Sarah made her way. She had planned on a special dessert for the nighttime meal. Pudding, cherries, graham crackers, sweetened pineapple and bananas!! Easy..."Sex in a Pan". She grabbed a clutch of ripening fruit; returned to ground level. Before the door latched, a Brazilian Wandering Spider emerged from the shadows, making its way to a darkened corner, targeting the men. Outside, an icy winter night...inside, hot and steamy. The spider venom, these researchers discover, cures erectile dysfunction!!

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"A comedy of errors!" Dr. Rooth, PhD

"Thanks to research labs, after reading this resource, I just know Sarah is a saint." Abigale V. Burning, author

"Sarah, you look Mahvelous!!" Dr. Ahhhhz, M.D.


South American Research Viagra and Spider Venom

A 2nd version of Sex in a Pan recipe


Finally, the rains came!! I was thrilled. To the point I'd say, I was a farmer's daughter thrilled. Bud had just finished with the electric edger when it started to get really dark and overcast. The humidity was unbearable. I was in the back yard, covering the solar lights along the patio [we've learned to cover them around here when there is a threat of any kind of moisture...the solar panels tend to get corroded if too much wet gets into them]. We both timed it so well!! Of course, it's probably too little too late for all the crops around the countryside here, but at least a bit of moisture. Now, of course, it'll be scorching once the pressure area moves out. You just can't keep me happy. rofl!!!!


  1. Wow, Sarah vs. men on a mission...you know, this could be moving right into theaters of the adult persuasion...lol

    Great job!

  2. Hooray for the rain! Your book has me "Hootin"!

  3. Ha! Your story leads us to a weekend of adventure. If she likes those guys at all, this might be a case of having your pie and eating it to. If not, uh-oh.

    I'm not playing this week; I brought back a bad cold, and Cary has elbow surgery at 11:00 today.

    Glad you got the rain; hope your weekend is grand!

    Kathy M.

  4. Anni--

    So, Brad is interested but perhaps is, ah...unable? What a clever blending of the truth and fiction.

    And the names of the "celebrity" reviewers--very clever.

  5. Morning Anni.
    First of all I covet your rain....oh my stars we need about a week of it.
    Secondly your book review had me from "in the remote Andes Mountains". I absolutely love the mountains. Happy weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  6. "Dr. Rooth" and "Dr. Ahhhhz" and a recipe, Anni, you are too much. Was it the lack of rain? Do you feel better now?
    Good. First question: when does the book come out? It's gonna be a hit!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Where to begin....I loved the comedic twist at the end! I was so not expecting that. And that article had to be one of the most interesting I've read in ages. Let's just say I'm glad they explained that they call it the banana spider because of the plantations it's found on. And I'm so glad you gave the recipe, because I was going to ask for that. Very fun reviews! What a stimulating read!

  8. Anonymous6/24/2011

    OKAY Sydnette Sheldon...Digging this...I knew you had that R rating in mind LOL Love this. What's Erectile Dysfunction? Maybe I should ask Abigale V. Burning or Dr. Ahhhhz to explain ya think? ROFLMAO I was "exploding" in laughter reading this. Pardon the pun. Well maybe not. Glad you got the rains. I so remember the humidity when I lived in Houston...ACK...Someone please keep HA happy...Bud...ya listening...LOL Have a great weekend.

  9. Great story, Anni...your last line took me completely by surprise and made me giggle! It sounds like dessert will come in many forms tonight...LOL. I'm off to follow your other links...thanks for a fun read!

  10. Thom... Now, come on, you KNOW my mind pretty well. Your 'exploding' just made me fall off my chair right now. Dang...you crack me up. And always make me laugh.

    Yep....hot, sticky, and humid....and that's NOT about the book but South Texas!!! LOL

  11. Oh dear - much undignified cackling here ... and I posted the venom link to my youngest son who likes that sort of thing.
    But (I have to ask) were they ALL bitten?

  12. That's a cure for erectile dysfunction?? Gosh!

  13. Hard Case Evidence. LOL This whole blurb is a delight, and the real recipe looks to die for. Yum!

  14. Nice shots of the rain, I wish I could send you some of ours. Cold, sleety, Winter rain.

  15. Glad you got some rain, we are getting too much!

  16. LOL ... hmmm - hot and steamy indeed.

    I don't think I'd better let anyone catch me reading this book!!!

    great blurb!

  17. wow that is some steamy fiction! LOL love the pics of the yard btw stay cool hottin annie i know we are feeling the heat today in florida i am sure you are too :0)

  18. Ok, that book I just HAVE to read when you have it published! LOL Oh, Anni, I just about spit my water out when I read that last line!!! Sarah better eat lots of that Sex in a Pan so she'll have enough stamina to handle all those men! hehe

    Yeahhhhhh you got the rain I sent over your way! lol We're on our 5th day of rain here but it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I'm quite looking forward to that. Last night we had a doozie of a thunderstorm and the rain was coming down so hard I thought my veggie garden was going to be flooded.

    Enjoy your weekend:-) xoxo

  19. We've had some rain the last two weeks. It rained Tuesday but not since so its back to watering the flowers.

    Loved the story.
    Mama Bear


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