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First amarylis blossoms...

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...the first of the amaryllis to bloom this season. The plant is so full of blossoms this year, they're top heavy, I had to stake them up!!

Yesterday, I added three mini rose photos to my photo blog, Colors of the Wind. I took the photos, made them black and white then used the colored photos to enhance the black and white copies with just a faint touch of color to the rose buds. CLICK HERE

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Okay, reading the short clips of Yahoo News sometimes gets me going. This one was just too funny to pass up. You see, a baby cobra [snake] went missing in the Bronx Zoo. Well, after the story broke, it became a most popular item on twitter. With some, obviously, it was the cobra talkin'!!! The comments were hisssssssssterical. I'm going to share some with you:
  1. "leaving wall street. these people make my skin crawlllll".
  2. "Not to worry, it is a simple case of reptile dysfunction".
  3. "Cobra speaks with forked tounge.........Much like most politicians I know".
  4. "Check JFK airport. I hear they're filming a sequel to 'Snakes on a Plane' out there".
  5. "Don't worry people of the Bronx. The snake is probably hibernating in the cold. UNDER YOUR BED!. Sleep tight".
  6. "Just look him up in the yellow pages under -Attorneys".
  7. - -Under a comment: "Snakes in the City" you'd read the next comment:
  8. "Is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me"?
  9. "I hope this Cobra has some babies and they could kill the bedbugs and control the illegal immigration!!! Cobra For 2012".
  10. "I see a movie coming and a musical on Broadway".
  11. "What does it take to get a cab in this city?! It's cause I'm not white isn't it".
  12. "No, sir, I am not an overgrown skunk. Tourists".
  13. "Bastard won't return my calls".
  14. - -And it continued into day 2 with:
  15. "Rise & Slither!!"
To those who are concerned over this missing HAS BEEN FOUND [after about a week's search!!] read more

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Attention to those who use SITE METER on their blogs!! Over the week, I've noticed when I go into my own blog and others that there is a site that is being loaded on the taskbar of my computer. What made me take notice of it all was that a site [another's blog] was taking a very, VERY long time loading. I have cable and it's most always like I was using a remote control...loading as if I were just changing stations on the TV. But, when this web address showed up, and slowed my computer down with loading only the one page, I had to check it out. It's called: ===type it into your address bar in your browser. See that it takes you to an empty page!!! Right then and there I figured it was some kind of spyware. Searching and reading up on it through other forums, I find that it IS a spyware. And it's being used through SITE METER. No tracking device is worth having the site being monitored and spied upon...I didn't like it, I sent an email to site meter, informing them, and took the javascript off my own blog from said tracking.


  1. Magnificent blooms, what a pleasure they must be to look at.

  2. What a beautiful flower!
    Those snake comments were great; it's nice to start Monday morning with a smile!

  3. We cannot grow these outdoors in our area... lovely to see them as a spring flower... your photos are gorgeous! And thanks for the chuckle to start the day... as you noted... "hisssssssssterical" indeed! (nice pun)

  4. Wow amaryllis grows naturally there. Here in Finland we use amaryllis as a christmas flowers, they don't grow naturally here. That is amazing:)

  5. Wow! Those flowers are beautiful and BIG! Wish we had some over here in Germany. Your Monday Morsels post is funny. =)

  6. Your Amaryllis is pretty an so is the rose....I had on of the former in the house once...sort of like the Poinsettia isn't hardy for our zone outdoors.
    Oh and I took care of the first order of business for you.
    Mama Bear

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous!! It's lovely to see your flowers.

    Some people are very clever, aren't they? Glad the snake was found, though.

    Yep - it was 82 on Saturday - we basked in the loveliness. By lunch, as we left church yesterday, it was pouring and it turned to a very wet, cold snow. Didn't last, and nothing remains except 24 degrees. YUCK!! At least we didn't get the April Fool's blizzard that Kev got out in Maine.

  8. Mama Bear Thanks so much for your help with the movie demand!! Much appreciated.

  9. My SIL has some beautiful Amaryllis in her yard too. The snake comments are hilarious! Thanks for the new flash on the spyware...I hate that stuff!

  10. Beautiful shots of this gorgeous flower ! looks nearly like an orchid !

  11. Your Amaryllis is so beautiful, I love the colour of it. I looked at your rose shots as well and love them! I've just recently learned how to add colour to a b&w picture...about time! lol

    Omigosh, those comments about the missing cobra were hilarious, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much. I had heard about it in the news and can imagine how nervous everyone was until they caught it. Goes to show, though, people can always find humour in anything:-)

    Hmmm, I have Site Meter so I'll have to check mine out. Thanks for the heads up!! xoxo

  12. What beautiful blooms...I have never been able to grow them successfully.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  13. What a beautiful amaryllis with very lovely colors!
    Great photos!

  14. I used to have this variety. Love yours.

  15. Such wonderful flower photos! So sharp and so elegant!

  16. Hi Anni, I'm back after seeing a reference to amaryllis in a comment you left on another blog. Mine haven't bloomed yet but have full and long leaves. do you think they will bloom or is it getting a bit late? thanks!

  17. Vad underbart att ha amaryllis som växer och blommar utomhus.Mina håller på att vissna ner sen i julas. Tack för att du tittade in till mig. Anita

  18. These are gorgeous Amaryllis!

  19. Beautiful!!! I wish it would hurry up and bloom here!

  20. Great shot of your blooming amaryllis!

  21. Lovely details of that amaryllis Anni!

  22. Thanks for the news on the spyware!! Wow, that Amaryllis looks amazing! Just incredible those blossoms! The snake twitters were totally funny!

  23. lovely Amaryllis, but for me that is christmas. :) I had one like that then. :)