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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I'm Anni, and I'm a meme-er!!

No longer, am I addicted to the Friday memes!! I'm not going to bother with a Friday meme, starting today...forevermore. My main reasoning is the two I participated in [one for nearly two years] are not very meme friendly here of late, if that makes any sense. I'll just state that with show n tell and friday flaunt it, it seems that most of the 100 or so participating are the same few persons over and over again; by that I mean they link SEVERAL posts on the very day---with several blog posts of different subjects. Odd.

So, now that I step down from my soap box, I will begin a new style of Friday post. More eclectic. More on just'll be just about anything that comes to my mind. Not necessarily 'fodder' or hokey stuff, just conversation with those who visit here. Okay? Okay I go:
    Y'all know that I'm not too keen on going to doctor's. Oh, I do...out of necessity and educational value for the most part. I've learned so many things over the years. But, I've also learned tons of things now that we have the advantage of the computer and online sites that are dedicated to health. I do admit I have a heart disease. And, to be honest, I think a lot of it has to do with my diet when I was younger. I lived off Pepsi and caffeine. After decades of out-of-the-home jobs, and being home being a mom of two I very often opened a can of Pepsi in the morning and drank three or four by the end of the day when Bud came home from work. Then, I'd drink hot tea, iced tea. Along with chocolate. Never coffee tho. I just didn't like the taste of it all. Well, my point is...I was ruining my health. Today, now that it's really a bit late...I have stopped drinking any colas, nor do I partake in teas that are caffeinated. I paid the price. Anyhoooo, what am I getting at? Well, I ask: How many of you go out and check symptoms of such an ailment, BEFORE paying a visit to your physician? I've often used several...I've also checked out specialists in our area and then read their background; check for any complaints or if they've ever been in any malpractice lawsuits, etc. etc. etc. The 'several' sites I frequent are Web M D, various sites from a Google Search of symptoms, American Heart Association, Nutrition and Heart Health, and more. I also make good use of our retiree's insurance program with the help of nurses at the touch of my fingertips -- a helpful guidance from my phone. The other day, when I turned on the TV to begin watching a Yankees Spring Training Game the remote was set on a medical program...called...Dr. Oz. Has anyone else watched this before? I was amazed that he, being a doctor of great reputation, that he was open enough to have segments on holistic care and health issues. Also on the very same program he had other specialists [Dr. Oz is a highly sought after heart surgeon] dealing with alternative medications such as herbal-such as Medical Herbalism, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, and many others. It blew me away. The host even stressed that many doctors disagree with all this 'non-drug' induced curing; that doctors should open their minds and find and help ALL who wish to do so. He made points with me. Of course, I realize that it's just a TV show, and there is probably a lot of believers that drugs are the only choice to get healthy...but, I like the idea that this man of great reputation even brought all the other alternatives up....on a nationwide broadcast. More power to him. To top this all....Bud is one of a kind. He's worse than I am about doctors. He thinks they're all quacks!! Seriously. [sometimes I agree when the 'money and insurance issues' are brought up with your first consultation...if it is, and the Hippocratic oath comes to your mind, you're screwed...the doctor considers being a doctor is an occupation and income instead of helping heal the sick and wounded] Bud actually sat down and watched this...hmmmm!!! And, in my opinion, if this program, if its broadcast helps just a small group, that makes me feel he's doing his job. Yes, I realize that he's making a wad of money with the program also, and I won't watch it continually, but if I ever catch it on the tube again, I will stay and listen to what he has to say.

Mehmet Oz [his history]
cartoon used from doctor comics search infringement intended.

- - -

And, I've been thinking, it's close to tax time in USA. What else is new? LOL So, I'm gonna work on a blog for next week all about tax. I bet you're all looking forward to that, now, aren't you?


  1. Anonymous3/25/2011

    My dear sweet friend. You take care of yourself ya hear? i think you are already. I'm in agreement with Bud I think most doctors are quacks just out to make a buck but who am I to say. I'm not convinced of holistic medicine either. If I need something I rather have it FDA approved for some reason. Go figure LOL That Dr. Oz is on here. I never knew who he was. I thought he was just another Oprah type ROFLMAO!!!! I don't like her much either LOL but that's another subject. Taxes PFFFFT!!!! My before I go on being any more of a downer I'm outta here LOL Take care of yourself I know you are :)

  2. Fortunately I never liked soft drinks, no Pepsi, no Cola no nothing. All too sweet. The only meme I participate on Friday is Friday's Fave 5 which is quiet nice because it is a resume of what I have done during the week.

  3. Good for you Anni we don't believe in doing/participating in things that are not fun.

    Mom and I don't drink soft drinks....come to think of it the only thing I drink is water and I hear that is good for you....however, the Mom does have to have her cup of 1/2 caff 1/2 decaf coffee each morning. After 10 am she only drinks decaf. Speaking of mornings this is Mom's last Friday to work. She retires on Thursday 3/31/11.
    Happy Days
    Madi and Mom

  4. I am SO with you on that "doctors push too much medicine on you now a days" crap. We have people here that are over 100 yrs old that didn't have all of this supposed great medicine to get them this far? Sad thing is they add crap to the food how safe is that other than growing your own! I live by the rule to try to cut back on the food/drink that comes out of a can! Carbonated anything, gives me a screaming headache as does caffeine. I drink hot water for my coffee!
    As for the memes, I find them boring after awhile. But you usually add something else to it too which is very interesting. I love the blog difference of lighten my day...
    Soap Boxes are a fav...
    Hate the tax season...I wonder why?

  5. I've known about Dr. Oz for a couple of years now. He's great. The doctors around here though? Not so much. I hate going and don't unless it's absolutely necessary. The last one I tried going to got angry with me for disagreeing with her on an issue so I won't be going back to her. I am looking for one that combines holistic and more modern medicine--good luck, right? Maybe I should email the Dr Oz show and ask him about it! LOL

  6. I'm not too thrilled about going to the Dr either, but I go cause I know I need to. I really like Dr Oz though. Lots of common sense wisdom!

  7. I am with you about going to the doctors even though since my fall I have had a lot more share of my visits than I want to talk about.
    I have found out too since this fall it is no longer the same with doctors it is all about money and insurance. Sad very sad
    Dr Oz is very popular and I have watched him before but honestly I forget hes on because I watch maybe two hours a week of TV.
    Stay well my friend

  8. thanks for coming by- so cool you have ancestors from Ireland too...


  9. Way, way, up north here in Canada, we do have M.D.s who specialize in Alternative Medicine - very effectively I might add. My family is originally from Germany where homeopathic medicines have been around forever. I grew up with a lot of common sense with regards to our health and in dealing with illness, but I'm still overweight, lol!

    Stay healthy and God bless!

  10. Annie , I knew we were kindred spirits!! Lordy , I grew up on soda. I use to work in my brothers grocery store as a teen and drank all the soda I wanted.
    Also, when I was a single mother of three, I was working full time and going to school full time. I would grab a candy bar and a soda or coffee and head to my next job!!
    Unfortunately I am still addicted to caffine and sugar! It is playing a tole on my body!!
    I really really need to be hospitalized to be detoxed from coca cola!! Pray for me dear friend!

  11. I liked Dr Oz until one day, he advocated that people who are over 50 should go on botox. That's it, I don't like a doctor tells his patients to be vain.

  12. Good Sunday morning to you Anni,
    I feel strongly about natural remedies also...that is why I never had surgery on my back although the Orthopedist was a little put off by me, he did agree to schedule therapy..that was many years ago...
    I do drink diet coke but have only one a day and they say that isn't good either..luckily I like water and there is usually some by my side.
    Memes should be fun...I like to do the ones with questions if they catch my fancy but do not do them every week.
    I love your header and the little bunny after your signature...we have a bunny nesting under the back porch..I've not seen her lately..perhaps she only ventures out at night.
    Its raining in Dixie this morn...the grass sure needed cut but it won't happen...Have a good one.
    Mama Bear