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IT'S ALL ABOUT 'LOVE' TODAY!!! My dear Bud and his love of the sea [me too] - - This is what is called "Fakeshaw"; made out of resin to mock real ivory or whale bone or teeth. Scrimshaw is the REAL stuff. Since the use of ivory and other animal parts is now illegal in most countries, the science of duplicating such items can be found. The fakeshaw we have is a whale scrimshaw there is usually found knife carvings of certain subjects. This one we have is the sailing ship "The Dakota" dated 1860 [I don't think there WAS such a ship]

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The past week, I've been reading a most fascinating historical novel. I really dread having to put it down when there is work to be done. It's titled: Sally Hemings. Being that this month, February, is all about "LOVE" and it's Valentine's Day...what greater way is there than to read about a relationship of devotion and taboo than that of our 3rd president and his slave. A relationship that is reported lasting up until his death. And from what I gather, Ms. Hemings kept her devotion to Mr. Jefferson until she passed away long after.

Tho I've read a controversial conversation between the author and a supposedly esteemed historian who disagrees with the fact that it was THOMAS Jefferson [DNA has proved that her children did indeed have the Jefferson blood line, but the fact it was actually Thomas Jefferson is the controversy]. Tho there is speculation that our third president, Thomas Jefferson, did have a loving affair and fathered Ms. Hemings' children. There is, in fact, statements that her offspring DID have red hair. I tend to want to romanticize the whole conception that he did indeed father her does show us that one with dark hair [such as an African slave descendant would have], and you 'mix' it with white blood, you may end up with children of the lesser dominate gene, the white blood, making red-haired offspring. That is true. In all history books and portrait paintings, the fact that Jefferson had red hair may have triggered a gene in Sally's children. I trust wikipedia here....on Eston Hemings DNA and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. Also, truths are surfacing most recently....with Madison Hemings' lineage and the National Genealogical Society. Thomas Jefferson fathered all of Sally Hemings' children.

Further reading links:
INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX states record of marriage of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson -- I question this; highly.
ESTON HEMINGS adaptation of Bonds of Memory [Sally Hemings' son]
I also found from Google Books...a free online printing of Bonds of Memory which I will read further in time.
THOMAS JEFFERSON'S WILL [1826] giving freedom to his 'sons' Eston and Madison Hemings
RANDOLPH JEFFERSON [perhaps the father of Sally Hemings' children]

But, even by researching deeper and 'seeing' the question becoming heresy, it [the novel] still makes for an excellent read.
- - -

I have another novel all lined up for my reading on the very subject. The next one is My Thomas by Roberta Grimes. This is supposedly written from a diary of Martha Jefferson....his wife. This, too, is advertised as an explosive historical novel: "gripping and powerful". Only reading it, will I conclude it's potency of reading material.

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AN ADDED NOTE: Sally Hemings' record of birth in VIRGINIA is

Birth: Feb. 9, 1773 Feb. 9th? My birthday too!!!
Albemarle County
Virginia, USA
Death: 1835
Charlottesville City
Virginia, USA

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I mentioned last week that while out to lunch, Bud wanted to stop and get my gift. He most always combines my birthday and Valentine's Day into one thought...This year he saw me checking out an Austrian crystal heart necklace and stud earrings at Cracker Barrel. It's called Boundless Love. And I really, really liked it. Of course, by the time he started over to check it out with me, our name was called for the readied table. Then, after eating our breakfast, I had totally forgotten about it, but Bud didn't. We made a special trip there so he could check and see if it was still there. It's now around my neck.

    There is a treasure beyond all measure
    The gift that's always giving
    The path it charts inspires our hearts
    And makes our lives worth living


  1. Congrats on such a lovely gift from your dear husband.

  2. Hi Anni ~~ The book sounds great and history can be so interesting. Love your precious gift and lovely poem called Boundless Love.
    Glad you liked my purple flowers and I love
    purple too.
    Glad you had such a lovely birthday and Valentine's Day combined. Great idea.
    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  3. Oh, Anni, so many interesting and lovely things on this post! Beautiful fakeshaw and what a gorgeous gift from your beloved. The book you've described looks fascinating.

    happy valentitne's day!

  4. Anni what a fascinating post. If the walls could have talked back then it would have curled our toes.

    Way to go Bud!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you both,
    Madi and Mom

  5. The book sounds really interesting! And I love the necklace!

  6. The first I've heard of fakeshaw!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Neat fakeshaw Anni!

  8. Well done! Great idea for the outer board...most just stop at the frame. I like this a lot! Great drawing the witch!

  9. Sounds like your Bud's a keeper!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Anni:-) Make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine!!

    Scrimshaw and Fakeshaw...two words I'd never heard before! It always amazes me the size of a whale tooth. They have some at our Science North and that's where I've seen some:-)

    That book does sound fascinating. I didn't even know that Jefferson had been romantically involved with his slave. Not something they taught us in History class! lol

    Bud done good! lol That necklace and earring set is absolutely gorgeous. xoxo

  11. What a beautiful gift. Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. What a beautiful necklace! Enjoy!

  13. That's great, I really like your gift.