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In the misty mornings---



Above the garage door there always seems to be an attraction for a certain's always flitting around ---

[actually, it's one Bud cut out of a large piece of particle board and I painted. Then, we attached it next to our house numbers] Anyway, the other day when I pulled in, I saw a very faint shadow and clicked my cellphone as pulling in to park.

- - -<><><>- - -


We've had a busy week. Not too much accomplished, but the days zipped by none-the-less. Three mornings last week, we had some of my favorite weather...the weather VERY early, that is. FoG!! And thick fog!! I so love this. The whole world seems to come to a stand still in the silence of it all. And of course, my first thought is getting photos. But I love to get photos of fog when I'm around water. The closest place to our home is Lakeside Park. There is a small pond that attracts ducks and geese. Then, the ocean!! That means two mornings we were driving to catch glimpses of areas day on the island, the 2nd day at the pond. I'll share the photos that I got on the island today. Trouble is, the time it took us to get ready and leave, the heavy fog was lifting. The closer we got to the island, the thicker it was. But then, walking along the shore, the fog began to burn off...the sun was rising. The morning was gorgeous and very peaceful. A soft distant sound from the breaking, gentle, waves, the almost deserted beach. Few and far between a gull here and there. Their laughing calls were nearly muted by the thick air. As the sun began to peek through the heavy moisture, I spied a couple enjoying the serenity of the morning. You can see them better if you enlarge the images. Then...the sun finally broke through and the morning mist didn't linger much longer. The seagulls became more active; yet with the day's beginning the ambiance didn't change much until we finished our hour's walk. As the hours of the day progressed the humidity remained and the temperature soared to 80+. It was beautiful. The remainder of the week, we had gray-cast, humid mornings only to have the sun come out and the sky became a vivid blue and cloudless. It's Springtime in South Texas!! And I'm lovin' it!! The next foggy morning we found ourselves packing the camera and traveling down a city street only to be able to see in front of the car some 10 feet beyond. We crept along and finally finding the turnoff to head to the parking lot of the Lakeside Park and we walked around the lake; me capturing some great photos of the misty morning and the waterfowl!! I'll get those pictures resized and readied for my blog in a day or two.

On Wednesday I believe, I was finding myself driving to the plant nursery. With the warm warm temperatures in the daylight and mild nighttime temps, it's time for us to plant!! This year, I proposed to plant tomato plants!! Instead of flowers!! Can you believe that? Since there are not too many spaces to allow for the rapid growth of tomatoes, I only bought 4 plants. Heck, that is enough for just the two of us anyway. If I need more later in the season, I can always stop at the farmer's market and buy a few tomatoes and such to support our local growers!! As we prepared the boxes for the plants, I called dibs on the first tomato picked!!! All to Bud's dismay. call dibs before the other, that's tough titties in my book!!

- - -

As I was preparing to publish this post, I just realized that in a couple of weeks it'll be Spring Break. Alas, we won't be going to the beach for our walks in the mornings while the college kids are here tearing up our beaches. I guess that's okay anyway, because it's now 'seaweed' season...and the shores are inundated with the nasty, stinking weeds. If we do go walking, we'll end up walking around where the high rise hotels are....they keep the beaches cleaned for their patrons. LOL


  1. Lovely shadow. Thank you for sharing. Charmaine

  2. I love that 3rd beach shot!! Pristine!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Oh, for a lovely walk along the beach! Not hubby's idea of fun - sooooooo, I'm enjoying the photos! That's a lovely butterfly!

  4. Bud sure is clever to have cut this butterfly out!

  5. Your butterfly is unique and beautiful.
    Your warm weather, fog, and beach sound delightful.

  6. Such a gorgeous butterfly and a superb capture for shadow shot! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!


  7. ...i love butterflies...natures or wooden. great shadow catch.

  8. Nice subtle shadows there! Happy weekend :)

  9. Hi Anni you and Bud are very talented...we love the butterfly,
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful beach pictures today,
    Madi and Mom

  10. Hi Annie Sweetie...
    A beautiful share as always. I love the beautiful fog photos. I can just see the fog starting to change as the beautiful sun starts coming out to allow the curtain to rise and shine.

    80 degree temps, girl can you share some of that heat? I have been so cold out here in the desert.I keep swearing that someone around here forgot to pay the heat bill, because if isn't raining, it is cold. It is cloudy again today and we are expecting rain to move in. I am so tired of the cold. I need to warm up.

    Tomatoes, ooh can I have second dibs? Sorry Bud if you snooze you lose, that is what Annie says. I could sit and just pick them and eat them straight off the vines. I love it.

    Hope you are doing well sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  11. I can't take my eyes off that tomato plant, we're gettin' antsy in Iowa...come on Spring!!!

  12. Anni, I was going to comment on your butterfly for SSS, then got distracted with this post. Sea fogs are stunning, so silent and eerie, particularly when ships use their fog horns. I've only heard them a couple of times, but ...aaahhhh. Love that shot of the waves and shadows. Have a beaut week :)

  13. I love the butterfly! How cool is that to have that on your house? Well, I think so...
    I guess the timing of spring break and the stinking seaweed is good that they both go hand in hand!

  14. What great photos of the mystery of fog, Anni. I know exactly the kind of thing you mean when you write about the world being at a standstill. I love the early morning anyway...I love the feeling of being the only person awake with just the myriad birdcalls breaking the silence. No motor mowers, pool pumps, chainsaws or cars to disturb the peace...lovely!

  15. The winged butterfly looks like an attraction to winged creatures everywhere. It is stylish, beautiful, and a lovely greeting to all guests, insect or human, that arrive...

    The Gulf looks beautiful, the warmer days looking so comfortable of one who has about had it with snow and cold!

    Those on spring break nat have imbibed so much beer that they won't notice nor care about the seaweed thy may stumble upon...

  16. Great butterfly! Pretty shadow.

  17. So pretty shadow shot...happy SSS!

  18. I was thinking that cute butterfly didn't quite look real. I like it! And the subtle shadow is sweet! Have a great week!

  19. Such a lovely job of painting your butterfly--a nice welcoming sign for visitors. Sounds like you have already started your Spring planting. I have to wait awhile still (patience is a virtue though). Mickie

  20. enjoy your tomatoes!

    I like your butterfly (and its subtle shadow!)

  21. Anonymous2/27/2011

    I like your butterfly, Anni; it does not care how weather is, or if it makes shadows ;-)
    Your photos from the beach shows all the "free room" you have in the morning, and well at home you're full of energy :-D
    Good luck with the tomatoes - it's to early here in Denmark!
    Have a great sunday in Texas!

  22. A butterfly that big shouldn't have to worry about predatory birds!


    Many shadow-seekers say,
    “Oh, the one that got away!”
    Why are you so uptight, folks?
    Can’t you take light’s little jokes?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shimmering Women

  23. Wonderful post and wonderful butterfly with a shadow, Anni! Your header is, as usual, so gorgeous! :)

  24. Beautiful foggy photos. I love fog too-all the more as we don't get it very often!

  25. Hey, Anni, I love reading about your and Bud's week on Sunday mornings. Your photos are lovely, as always. I wish that I could grow tomatoes, but the only sure way around here is to plant them in wheelbarrows and roll them into the garage every night ... we have a chance of freezing even in the summer.

    Thanks so much for stopping by on SSS ... your butterfly is darling.

    God bless,

  26. Anonymous2/27/2011

    Walks by the ocean. Sounds lovely.

  27. Fun butterfly! Love fog too - adds mystery to any setting.

  28. Pretty butterfly!

  29. I like your butterfly. Many of our shadows have been faint lately with all the clouds we've had. At least it's warmed up!!

  30. Our spring will not be far behind. I do believe our snow is over for this year... hopefully not many more freezing nights. But I do like the times I can open the windows at night and get a cool cross breeze and not have to run air conditioner or heater. That was almost never possible down in Mississippi but here we get maybe a month or so of that weather in the spring. Then the humidity and heat will set back in.

  31. "Tough Titties"...I always say that! LOL I don't know, Anni, February and 80+ temps just doesn't seem right to me, you really should be having 19F temps like we are having right now!! hehe

    Love your fog pictures and like you, I love walking in the fog. Just don't like driving in it! By the way, have you ever watched the movie "The Fog"? The original one with Adrienne Barbeau...might make you change your mind about loving the fog! lol

    Planting tomato plants already....sigh! We can't do that until at least mid to end of June. Ok now I'm all depressed! lol xoxo



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