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A Rose Blossom
in our backyard
photo taken about
3 weeks ago

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The weekend, particularly Saturday afternoon, I was astonished to hear about the shooting rampage in Tucson Arizona. A congresswoman was shot in the head...six others fatally shot including a 9 year old girl!! And the Safeway store, I remember so well from the decade we lived in the city. It was about 6-7 miles from where I lived. Give or take a few. I also read from an excerpt of Giffords' one speech from a while ago, that she surmised the Tea Party and P@lin was dead set against Giffords' words "I am in their crosshairs". That was spooky to read. I can't put the blame on the Tea Party per sé, but I tellya, when I was watching CNN's coverage of it all, the Pima County Sheriff was speaking to the masses that gathered after the fatal shooting spree...that he was pointing his finger at the media and the country's new-found backstabbing tactics that seem to prevail in our nation. I almost cheered at his words!!! Only because I've been saying the very exact same thing for years. It seems the followers of the hate mongers [not just the 'conservative' cable news but the 'liberal' as well!] that air on networks and I can't help but feel a part of this news and media is part of the culprit, but NOT all...afterall, we are humans, and we do tend to follow those like a pack of dogs these days...perhaps the Tea Party speeches find a few extremists that carry out what words are spoken, but really...who's to say for sure. All I can say, from what I've read, the shooter obviously had sanity issues, but hey....he DID go back and get a gun, he DID seem sane enough to pre-meditate his actions. As so many other assassins have done in our history. Sanity issues? Maybe, but I can't feel too strongly on that either. I do hope and pray that our country will turn around and quit the sensationalism of the politicians and their use a bit of common sense that seems to be lacking in so many aspects of our lives these days. All I can say is stop bickering among ourselves and become a more civilized country. We are so hateful!! We've become, over the decades, another 3rd world country in our actions.

Read this issue in Yahoo News... references of:
"This may be free speech," he told reporters, "but it's not without consequences." [the actual shooting interview]

" It began with emotional town hall meetings in the summer of 2009, when some critics warned of government "death panels." [Healthcare issues]

"Palin's Facebook page in March posted a U.S. map with the cross-hairs of a gun scope imposed over each of the 20 Democrats' districts" [anti-Democratic issues]

"an atmosphere where the political discourse is about hate, anger and bitterness." [fallout]

How much is too much? How hot is too hot? Best wrong is too wrong!!!?!!!

Photo courtesy NYTimes
No copyright infringement intended

When I typed this up late Sunday, the congresswoman was holding her own and the medical staff was still optimistic. The medical aide at her side Saturday may have saved her life with his quick action and keeping his wits about him. He, in my opinion, is a hero. And for me the biggest issue here is that someone was killed....someone was injured, we should all be focusing on fixing the hatred that abounds in this country...FIX's broken. Don't place blame on one certain group, or one certain politician. Educate yourself instead of toting a gun and feel a need to use it because of a disagreement. Heck, if you think that way, disagreeing.........picture many spouses throughout our history and how deep 6' of earth would be for each and every husband/wife who disagreed. Come on...the blame is ours and the following who take those who speak hate too literally.


  1. Oh Anni - I agree with you and it does not matter how many excuses come up!

  2. it's quite shocking what's happening around the world lately. worse is, so many things get rationalized away, which should, quite frankly, be condemned. all in the name of political correctness. it's driving me bananas! when did everything become grey, when clearly some things are either black or white...

  3. I agree with you! We need to learn to cooperate and get along. This is very sad.

  4. Beautiful blossom!! Have a wonderful day!! Sittin' here waitin' for the snow to begin today! Cathy

  5. The tragedy in Tucson is heavy on Mom's heart too.

    The Winter rose is just lovely,
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Amen to all you said Anni... How tragic that our country has come to these type of actions.

  7. A good snowy morning to you today....I heard about this but didn't watch any details...

    We are snowed in for the next few days...Going to watch my team play in the National Championship game tonight..
    Have a great week,
    Mama Bear

  8. Oh yes, Anni, I absolutely agree with you on all points! Too much hatred this world of ours carries and it has to stop. We are supposed to be in a civilized world so why are so many acting so uncivilized? The media certainly does need to take a lot of the blame...they print words (often out of context) that can inflame a person's rage and make them act on it. People themselves also have to take a look deep inside themselves and realize that going on a killing spree won't fix anything, just make it worse. My heart and prayers are with all of the families involved in this tragedy. xoxo

  9. How lucky you are to have a rose blooming in your garden in December!

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  11. Oh dear, what a boring week that was for you indeed! Having to sit around just waiting would have driven me nuts as well. I find that just sitting there waiting makes every minute seem like an hour!! B|eing kept away from your computer was unforgiveable! hehe Glad you ended up not being chosen for jury duty after all:-) I don't have any confidence in our justice system either, as you say, money talks and that's what wins a case.

    Ok, that's it, your neighbour's dog needs to learn how to talk so he can tell you what happened last week while he was "missing"! lol Glad the he's still alive though!!

    Such a terrific idea to send your no longer needed dvds and vcr tapes to the Women's Shelter. No doubt they will appreciatehaving something new to watch:-)

    It's freezing cold here, it was -7F when I got up this morning! xoxo

  12. It did it again, why oh why did my second comment not go under the previous post it was intended for????? Aaarrggghhh!

  13. Anni, I couldn't agree more...the whole world is full of hateful speaking. Shock jocks on the radio, radicals and not so radicals, the ordinary person in the's all about me, me, me and the anger and hate spews out everywhere.

    I do hope that Congresswoman makes it. There is enough tragedy in the world today without us taking to arms to settle our differences.

  14. Beautiful macro shot, Anni! Great post. It is sad at the direction this country has been heading. I have never understood why everyone feels the need to carry guns. BTW, my hubby loved your crabby women post.

  15. Back to the Far West with these dangerous gun laws !

  16. Beautiful rose. Ugly politics.