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...after the rains came down [last week]

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I'm sure from this post, I'll be stepping on someone's toes and perhaps one will take my meaning to a whole 'nother dimension from my words. Seems someone always does. In any case, this is another one of my opinionated entries for today. If anyone knows me well enough, y'all know by now, I don't really like email replies from my commenting on your blog. Here are reasons I choose not to have my email activated. My views below are more than likely quite filled with redundancies, but here goes....

E-mailing a response to someone's comment through my Blogger email account, instead of paying a courtesy visit to those who leave comments for me...I would have no inkling of the what THEIR blog is all about. I'd be missing a whole lot of pleasurable times reading and viewing their photos and their life's sharing with me!!!!!! I'd MUCH RATHER REPAY the courtesy of my commentors with a visit---instead of a reply email!!!! me blogging is NOT Facebook. And again for me, Facebook is cold, user 'unfriendly' and filled with false friendships...let alone each time someone responds to a post on facebook, you get their responses in your email...I don't like that one bit. As you'll read below, I have to ask: Why blog if you don't want to have commentors stop by and in turn, go visit with THEM?


I've recently read several posts on other blogs and just last week a comment left for me [because I choose never to add my email address] regarding the "noreply" email campaign for leaving email addresses with ALL blog mediums; to change the email setting differently, so all the blogs visited - - the blog owner can then email a reply. Campaigning, in other words, to have that setting on ALL blogger's blogs set to have your email account open to all. Now I must respond to this issue. And remember it's MY OPINION, I'm not saying my way is correct, it's just my own personal views......

  • First off, I feel that simply replying to my comment I left on someone's blog thru emailing isn't apropos!! I feel that when I leave a comment for a blogger, it warrants the blogger to take time and the courtesy to visit ME at my blog. I'm not really visiting others to get an email response to the comment I LEFT for them. I just plain don't like email much, unless it's more on a personal nature, not a blogging issue.

  • Personally, I don't care to sit at the computer and in front of my email inbox reading emails from other bloggers to which I have left a comment for them. I regard the lack of courtesy of repaying the visit....being a 'cop-out' and inconsiderate that the blogger doesn't take time to stop by and read MY me, it really shows a lack of interest, very self-centered that they don't take time to stop by and pay a little courtesy to ME since I took time to visit them and leave a comment.

  • Tho I'm not blogging for comments per sé...I'm simply writing for my own enjoyment and sometimes perhaps treating my blog as a commentary or even a diary of sorts...but, I really DO APPRECIATE the comments I receive. There are times/instances I don't want to be mixed into a controversy of sorts like a disagreement of my own post or my own commenting on others...especially thru emails. That's why with my commentaries, I most likely leave my comments shut off...because I realize my rant is just that...a personal issue and I don't expect everyone to be in should be 'a given' of the reader that I don't want commenting and controversy when I close my comments. Leaving them [the comment forms] disabled.

  • Visiting a blog and leaving a comment takes no more time from YOUR day than composing the email for responses to a comment someone left you, and it always is great to see that you've taken time to stop by to visit. What I would call a 'common courtesy'.

  • Visiting and commenting on BLOGS is like the days of the Victorian Era where you'd leave your 'calling card'.
    1. "When visiting friends, or "making calls," people would leave a card at the front door or parlor, even if the person they were visiting was home. They were used as a reminder about who had visited recently and deserved a visit in turn." Calling Card Etiquette
  • It's just my opinion, and I will continue to blog and visit those I like to 'read'. And throughout the week's time I visit perhaps 50 or more blogs a day if my time allows. And I do try and leave a comment. And I do try and reciprocate a comment left for me on my blog. If I haven't by the end of the week's time, I profusely apologize to those who have taken time to leave me a kind word or two on my postings.

  • I don't want the hassle of opening my email account and reading responses from several days ago [of which, after reading so many different blogs during the week, I would most likely forget what I commented in the first place!]. AND --to all the hundreds of bloggers I visit, I don't know 'em all...who's to say, if I were to open an email with an attachment that I wouldn't have to spend hours getting rid of a virus left on my computer. It's safer to read comments left on the comment form instead of opening an email ---some of the emails I really don't know if it was a blogger either...their emails are not verbally the same as their blog, would I know who it is in some cases? No.

  • NOT paying a visit to your commentors is considered, by me, rude. I try my hardest to repay the blogger who took time from their day to stop by, visit, AND LEAVE ME A COMMENT...tho, sometimes I admit I don't get back to them until a few days have passed--repaying with a VISIT...NOT AN impersonal EMAIL responding to the comment left days prior about what they replied to from their blog post. days ago. And, as my other blogs that are an extension of my personal blog, my photo blog for instance, I feel that those visitors are usually stopping by HERE, but I do eventually take the time to respond from there also if time allows...

  • To sum it up: When the commentor leaves a comment, their name/link is like their calling card, as back then in the Victorian days----it 'calls' for a return VISIT by you.

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    1. I love your macros Anni! And you're not stepping on my toes!

    2. Hi Anni,
      I found this post very interesting. I blog because I enjoy it. I recieve a few comments here and there but I never think of replying. I never thought it could be taken as me being rude. Thank you for making me realize that. I would hate it if my readers thought I was rude for not responding. It just never occured to me. I plan on trying hard to respond to my readers more.

      Thanks again and have a great day.

    3. Beautiful rose with lovely colors!

    4. First - I love the "Raindrops on roses" on top!
      Second - I agree with you - I think you put it into words very well. That being said, for me I still like the link to the e-mail only when someone asks me a question in my comments. I will still visit their blog, but I like to just respond back with an e-mail to answer. What I really don't like is when I visit a blog and I get an e-mail back, thanking me for stopping. Seems crazy, I think!
      Thanks for your good etiquette - you do good!

    5. Couldn't agree more. Love the rose with the raindrops. I get quite excited when I catch raindrops or a bee on flowers. Thank you for stopping by. Charmaine

    6. i'm with you on this. from a blog, to a blog, pretty simple... and those i do contact by e-mail i do, and then it's not blog post related, but something i do to communicate to my friends with...

      p.s. pretty rose. with the raindrops and all... we're still misted in with rain. not letting up this year.

    7. very pretty rose!
      thanks for your visit

    8. Absolutely gorgeous! Have a grand day! Cathy

    9. Well said Anni...if someone comes to visit us we also go to visit them and thank them for their time!!

      Happy Monday....Mom is wondering if you create all your seasonal templates? They are beautiful
      Madi and Mom

    10. Whoo hoo! Couldn't have said it better Anni! I do love you Victorian calling card! Very pretty!

    11. Lovely macro photo of the rose!
      Thanks for sharing and commenting on my blog.
      Have a wonderful day.

    12. Beautiful photos! Lovely colors!

    13. Anonymous1/24/2011

      Lovely shots... I like the way you captured the water droplet :)

    14. It's a nice pic. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      Keep visiting.


    15. Lovely shots Anni, Love the little water droplets on the last one.

      I agree with your calling card summary :)

    16. I'm so glad I decided to stop by and leave a comment!! ;) Seriously, thank you for your kind compliment on my blog today...I do appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. Nice to find another Texas blogger here! Your roses are beautiful and isn't it lovely that they continue to bloom into the winter here? My Martha Gonzales was going strong got bit by some frost last week but has several buds coming!!

    17. I would love to have some rain righ tnow-- I am very tired of the cold cold winter!

    18. Anni, All the reasons you've given are ones I heartily agree with. When someone comments on your blog, it's only good etiquette to return their visit.

      You left a comment on my blog post about Kemo and I went and found that post. Beautiful dog and yes, I'm using Meeko as my avi here right now, only because I don't have a good picture of Dakota for an avi. He is too quick and doesn't like to stay still to have his picture taken. He's getting a little better. Maybe I can get one soon.

      Nice to be back in touch. I am going to try to post something again soon. Not much going on here that I can photograph. LOL

      Blessings to you and Bud for a good day.

    19. You have the cutest blog! I love how your favicon scrolls and it's just darling. I love the red/white too! Your photos of the flowers with the droplets are very stunning!

    20. OH, lucky you-- it already looks like spring!

      I only had one blogger do that to me and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever-- it was a bookblogger and my comment/question was to help get the discussion going but with an email response she effectively nipped it in the bud. (Ha, pun intended regarding your photo) I stopped following the blog.

      I also like keeping the conversation in one place-- bookbloggers tend to do that.

      I've found it odd that in other blogging communities the bloggers will answer any questions I may ask on their blog in my com-box instead of their com-box. that leaves a crazy comment in my com-box with no point of reference-- it really bugs me. Do they think I can't find my way back to their blog?

    21. You are not stepping on my toes either. I leave a comment here expecting to be visited soon (not mandatory) but not expecting an email hehehe. And I leave a link so it's easy for you to visit me and not to go to my profile and find five blogs of me lol!!
      You are you and I respected you for that. Keep blogging!!
      By the way, your roses is blooming already? Now I am envious ^_^ Happy Monday!
      Macro Monday

    22. I feel much the same way you do but hadn't necessarily thought it all through. I do leave my email out there but the first time I got an email I was a little shocked. Now I do have people email me often, and they come by and visit so I don't really mind. When people don't leave their email I feel a little cut off from them, like they don't really want to know me. But I can see what you're saying and even if I do email someone about their comment I DO go visit their's too. Anyway, I can relate to what you're saying.

      I LOVE that you are getting to enjoy roses in January!

    23. More from me: Actually, I'm not against emailing if it pertains to a different chat altogether.

      I've emailed Lisa at Lisa's Chaos before to ask advice about hosting a photo meme. I've emailed book bloggy friends to discuss co-hosting readalongs or ask about widgets or blog designers ect. Bloggers have emailed me too for similar things. Those kind of emails are appropriate.

      Emailing to respond to a comment on a blog is silly-- I always chat with folks in my com-box-- that is what it is all about-- chatting and building community. It is no fun and a bit rude when a blogger doesn't chat in their own com-box!!

    24. I gotcha your back Annie! High five!

    25. Hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes complete sense! You aren't steppin on toes! It is YOUR blog!! I get very few comments and I appreciate the ones I get :-)

      Beautiful photos, great job!

      Have a great week.
      Carrie in West TX

    26. Hey Annie, thanks for stopping by Tropical Texana today. So you like Freebirds! I was wondering if ANYONE would notice my death sauce label details. Yes, I do put a little on my burrito, but not MUCH. LOL
      Yes, I agree with the calling card info above, but sometimes my schoolwork gives me such a backlog in getting back to people. I've always wondered if I needed to set up an email as well and you have wonderfully answered that question...NO it's not needed.
      I'm still new at this blogging thing, so I'm happy to hear from people who have more experience. Take care of those roses. Very nice color. David/ Houston

    27. The pink color is so soft.

    28. I'm so understanding what you're saying and like you, I would rather have someone visit my blog and leave a comment after I've visited theirs than get an email from them. I've really been lucky though that most people I visit come and visit my blog as well:-) Quite often I don't have time to visit everyone every day but I eventually get there and make up for it! lol xoxo

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