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1. What do you add to your coffee? N/A

2. What are you reading now? These questions!! I assume you mean what book am I reading. Several at once. I found an old first edition copy of Peyton Place!!! I'm reading that, along with Lizzie [about Lizzie Borden and her trial]. I said several, but really only the two for now. You should see my nightstand!! I have 'to read' books piled high.

3. Do you own a gun? I don't...Bud does. Many. Wait!! I lie...I have a squirt gun.

4. Are you registered to vote? Most definitely!

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Not any more, used to have the white coat syndrome tho.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I think highly...well, what KIND of hot dogs are we talkin' 'bout?!!

7. Favorite Christmas Song? Oh Holy Night.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Orange Juice!

9. Can you do push ups? Of course...ever hear of the push up bra?

10. What was the name of your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Bob...that's Bob, spelled backward!!

11. What’s your favorite piece of jewelery? My wedding bands. [and earrings!!]

12. Favorite hobby? Pickin' on Bud!! He says "Anni's chewed on my butt so much lately, she's now standing and barking at the hole". He said it, I didn't!

13. Do you work with people who idolize you? N/A

14. Do you have ADD? 1+1 is TWO. Have you ever wondered why the number one has the 'w' sound and two doesn't? No, actually, I don't have ADD or ADHD either.

15. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself? My father's nose!

16. What’s your Middle name? My first name is Hootin' and my middle name is Anni. Online, that is.

17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. Cat's rubbing hair all over my sweater...the phone needs to be charged, and finishing my typing of this answer.

18. Name 3 things you bought yesterday. Lunch, cat food, and newspaper for Bud.

19. Name 3 beverages you regularly drink. Diet Sprite, O J and water. With milk running close to 4th place.

20. Current worry right now? No worries matey!!

21. What side do you dress to? Say what? I live on the right side of town...does that count?

22. Favorite place to be? Ummmmm, you guessed it....beach.

23. How did you bring in the New Year? N/A

24. Where would you like to go? More like, where do I NEED to GO?!!! Hope these questions end soon, I need to go!!!!! My answer is WHIZ...and that's my final answer.

25. Name three people who will see today. Bud, Neighbors, and probably myself in the mirror if I happen to pass by one. Oh, ya...I will pass by one......when I go WHIZ!!!

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Another week. It used be said around here, before retirement, "another day, another dollar". Not any more. hehehehehe. Which reminds me, do any of you remember the five and dime stores when you were a youngster? Okay, you're probably wondering, 'what does that have to do with dollars and retirement'?....Well, Bud and I were talking about the good ol' days and the dime stores. Inflation of today has made the dime stores turn into Dollar Stores now. That's all. I've said my piece and I'm stickin' to it. LOL Anyway, another week has gone by and it's time to sum up the past seven days for me. Let's see, how to begin. We went to the opening of the new Johnny Depp movie, "The Tourist". It's a remake of an older movie, but still a pleasant movie. I called it a mixture of a Tom and Jerry Cartoon, and a Philip Marlowe mystery. The best part was actually the very last line spoken by Angelina Jolie....and I'm not gonna tell you what she said...let's just say I giggled a little bit, and sighed. "Ahhhhhhhh". See it if you're a mystery lover. But, in all actuality, it's really mediocre, so, go for the matinee price or wait for it to come to video. Good, but not all that good. I've kept busy with a Christmas Project that will be this year's Christmas Day Giveaway that will be disclosed as soon as it's completed. Hopefully sometime this week. Stay tuned for further development. Oh, and speaking of retirement...with Bud home 24/7 now, it's really hard to keep any Christmas gift purchases for him a 'secret'. I ordered something for him online, and if it weren't for the tracking option given to us these days-delivered to my personal email of which Bud doesn't have access, I would suspect he'd answer the door when it's delivery time, and then he'd know one of his gifts because of the return addy on the package. I happened to be in the living room when the doorbell rang...tho, I did have to resort to a little white lie after stuffing the package in my sweat shirt and pretending that the Post Office had the wrong house when he blatantly asked what that was all about. Have you ever traipsed around the house for a bit of time with a package that was slipping down the waist before? It's not easy to keep it concealed and still have a bit of dignity!!! Tuesday I went to my primary care physician to pick up a copy of my blood work results from the previous week [week and a half actually] I suspected with what I've consumed over the last six months, the cholesterol was a shade high...back to eating less. This time of year that is most difficult!! But, I will work on it. I've rec'd several emails from family that their packages have arrived safely and most are under the respective trees in their homes. That's cool. There are a few more yet to arrive. At least I haven't heard anything regarding the receiving of them. Bud and I have opened many beautiful Christmas Cards from all of you online...they're so appreciated and it's making our holiday season so much merrier!! Thank you all. You know who you are. Other than that for the week, it's been cold at nights - near freezing a couple of nights here of late and brisk, bone-chilling winds when I've been out walking along the beach. One morning when it was about 38 degrees, I ventured out for a walk and the cold winds coming off the water nearly blew me away. I donned just a pink hoodie atop my shirt when I left home, and when I stepped out of the car once on the island, I was more than glad I have a spare fleece-lined jean jacket in the trunk. I put that on too. It kept me a lot warmer. By the time I got home I was ready for a good hot chocolate. Still, all's well by midday when the temps rise up to the mid 60s low 70s. Yesterday, tho, the high temp was back in the near 80 degree range by mid afternoon, with strong winds --my newest profile picture was taken yesterday after our walk on the beach [I only found TWO sand dollars]. The city trees are turning Autumn colors for the most part. Against the blue, blue sky it's very pretty. Oh, and I made a favorite dessert for us that we've been gorging ourselves with....Cherry Crisp with lots of Cinnamony oat meal. [Oatmeal helps burn the bad cholesterol...:::wise lady:::] Add a dollop of frozen, fat free, vanilla yogurt and I call it very tasty. Especially if I warm the crisp up a bit in the microwave and the yogurt slowly melts when I top off my serving.

PS....Yesterday I completed my will be My Christmas Giveaway. As soon as I get a page up all about it, I will announce the details of the giveaway/rules!! Stay Tuned. I have a special page, it will begin tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous12/12/2010

    ROFLMAO!!! Your number 12 is just too funny. OMG I'm picking myself up off the chair on that one LOL and then I fell down again with number 25. Your killing me here. The only thing that is making me sane is your Christmas giveaway LOL :) Great answers. Crap I've got to get going on my cards. I haven't even opened one yet or sent out any and I see one from Corpus :) Have a great Sunday :)

  2. Anonymous12/12/2010

    Ooh.. we have something in common! You should see the pile of books by my bed too! So much to read... Really enjoyed your SS this week.

    LGS xx

  3. Hope you took your whiz in time! Love your answer to # 9! Wish I'd thought of that. I add crushed pineapple to my cherry recipes...the two flavors work really well together, especially in pie and cobbler type stuff. Hmmm...I'll have to whip some up now. I always enjoy your summary stories! Have a great weekend Anni.

  4. Anni I too am eating more oats.....

  5. I love the part about picking on Bud. Bob says I do the same to him, and there is some truth to it. (All in love of course!)

  6. I've stayed away from coffee (it's giving me the shakes) and I have a plastic water pistol as well. I used it to squirt water on people every Khmer New Year (April). How about you, what do you use your gun for? hihihi. Good luck on your Christmas giveaway!

  7. Anonymous12/12/2010

    I guess there is time for a hot chocolate also for me... loved your answers and the "summary" :)

  8. hi Anni, i like your answer in # 16 makes me thanks for the info anout ABB Anni. have a blessed sunday!

  9. Anni I LOVED your Q&A especially Bud's comment!! He is a funny man!!! My hubby has a dry wit keeps me smiling.
    Happy Sunday,
    Madi and Mom

  10. Anni, I know how hard it is to buy a gift and keep it secret. Our mail man that brings the parcels comes about 8am and Dwight is up at that time and often answers the door. Last night he was napping on the couch and so I took the rented van (will post the story on my blog) and went to Sears. Got a GREAT bargain.

    I remember the five and dimes. Here they were Kresge's, Metropolitan and Woolworth's. For those days again. Kresge's and Woolworth's both had snack bars.

    My email hasn't been working for a couple of weeks. I need to get it fixed properly but just haven't had the time. I'm using my yahoo account that's associated with my blog for the time being. We are fine, except hubby is a bit grumpy.

    Take care and enjoy your day.

  11. i also like the holy night, you will really feel the christmas in that song.

  12. Good answers. Bud certainly has a way with words. I'd never wondered about the pronounciations of one and two, but I will now. Your mention of five and dimes reminds me that, until my American girlfriend explained things to me, I'd assumed 7/11 stores were the five and dime stores after inflation. Have a great Sunday!

  13. Hey Anni- What's ADD?? hehee Yes, I was behind you with many comments. Send beach, it's 20 degrees and snowing here!!!!!!!

  14. hey anni... good to see you too. happy holidays! as always, you make me chuckle out loud! how fun you get to pick on bud! give him an xtra pick for me - lol.

    hugs :)

  15. Good morning Anni, I stole the meme and I didn't read your answers until I had posted mine...we like the same song...As you know, I was in Houston yesterday..we went for a walk before driving to the airport from our was windy and very warm...I noticed the trees were just getting their Autumn dress in Alabama most have lost their leaves...I was only there for a little over 24 hours but it was like being in a different country with the flat landscape, Palm trees, and warmer temperatures...It is is the 20s here today..I'm not going out...right now we're seeing a few snow flurries but nothing significant...hope your day is a good one...
    Mama Bear

  16. You do ADD well! Too funny. Thanks for playing...

  17. I've had fun reading your answers! :D
    I miss the beach and I really wish I live somewhere near one...

  18. Well I do hope you made it in time for your whiz! LOL You had me giggling at some of your answers:-) Oh Holy Night has always been my very favourite Christmas song as well.

    I look forward to seeing "The Tourist"...I mean, even if the movie isn't that great, it's sure worth it to be able to drool over Johnny Depp! hehe I'm also a big fan of Angelina Jolie's:-)

    I can just picture you trying to hide that parcel under your shirt so Bud wouldn't see! lol Ah, what we do in the name of love!!!

    We've been having a snowstorm all day today and continuing overnight, lots of snow now. The winds are also gusting so it makes it even more miserable out there. Temperature is 10F as I type this but feels even colder because of the windchill. Gimme some of that hot chocolate and cherry crisp please!!

    Looking forward to your giveaway:-) xoxo

  19. Anni - you are right about the recipe. The smaller amount is powdered sugar. You'll like them!

  20. O holy night was the first christmas song my Dad taught me. BTW Christmas Past is a local christmas song. Thanks for the visit

  21. I love Oh Holy Night, too. Your answer to #9 is fab and I agree on #11. :)

  22. love your answers especially your first bf's name hehehe it right? lol