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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Hair today....gone tomorrow!

My six words:

:::THINKING:::growing my hair long, again!!

- - -<><><>- - -


About 5 years ago, I did have long, long hair. Actually, the length of it was where I could literally sit on it. But, it got so heavy once we moved here in the high humidity that I decided to have it cut. The day I went in, I asked the gal to save my hair so I could donate it. Well, she braided it and whacked it off. My 'do' was now just above the shoulder in a page boy style. I liked it a lot. The weight was gone and my scalp and neckline felt fresh air. As days and months progressed, and I got acclimated to the wet sea air...the length wasn't short enough so I traipsed back and told her I wanted a page boy cut again without the page!! Just give me a short ....boy's style. I've kept is short now for about 4 years. But, I'm thinking back a while ago...of the days of french braids and butterfly combs and being able to style it in so many different ways....I just may let it grow again. In any case, I still have all my hair ribbons, barrettes and combs. Thought I'd show you one of my favorites. I bought this in Tucson, many many moons ago. In fact, I bought two. This one....

...and a purple one just like it. I love the sparkles...the blue glass insets and the brass form of a butterfly.

- - -<><><>


A cowboy walked into a barber shop, sat on the barber's chair and said, "I'll have a shave and a shoe shine." The barber began to lather his face while a woman with the biggest, firmest, most beautiful breasts that he had ever seen knelt down and began to shine his shoes. The cowboy said, "Young lady, you and I should go and spend some time in a hotel room." She replied, "I'm married and my husband wouldn't like that. The cowboy said, "Tell him your working overtime and I'll pay you the difference." She said, "You tell him. He is the one shaving you."

- - -

A woman was cutting her husband's thinning hair, when their teenage son arrived home looking for a snack. She offered a kiwifruit and tried to tempt him with its nutritious qualities. "It has more vitamin C than an orange," she remarked. "And more hair than Dad," added their son.


  1. You are beautiful regardless the length of your hair my friend, love you.

  2. Anonymous9/25/2010

    I'm more the the worry free less to have to do with hair, well most things actually, than having to have something else to do to get ready or one added thing to do. LOL The less work I have to do the better I like it. LOL I love your jokes. Too funny. have a wonderful Saturday :)

  3. Difficult decision! Long hair is sometimes easier because it can quickly be piled up with a pretty clip/comb/barette and looks good whereas short hair often has to be blown dry after washing and 'styled'. On the other hand, short hair takes less time to wash. I am in a similar quandry myself about the length of my hair.

  4. WOOT! I love your usual, YOU WORKED IT SO WELL!

    I think it is GREAT that you want to try long hair again. I used to have very very long hair then just like you, once I cut it , I felt I look much better with short hair but now, I am having it long again...Most important, we are HAPPY, correct?

    hugs with love,

  5. Thom Actually, the case of long hair vs. was easier to just comb out the long hair and tie it up or clip it up with a hair comb than it is to style the short hair. And my hair isn't curly so the short hair has to be styled continually. Much less time spent on long hair. LOLOLOL

  6. I love your Fall leaves on your blog!
    I guess there is something to be said about being able to pile your hair up on your head to stay cool. We don't see really long hair much anymore. I guess our life styles are just too fast and furious. Good luck on growing it out again.
    Love the butterfly!
    Ladybug Creek

  7. Great jokes today!
    I've had my hair quite short for a long time, but have recently grown it out a little - not much but enough to change the style. Good luck with it. It can be really hard!

  8. Wow! That sure is a fancy-dancy butterfly! :)

  9. Long hair: more trouble, but versitile.


  10. Anonymous9/25/2010

    LOL - that joke is hilarious!

    Love the sparkly butterfly crown.

  11. and more hair than Dad, lol ! Fortunately that's something which is still growing in abundance on Mr. G. head !

  12. You're always good for a laugh, Anni.
    As you know, I cut my hair about a year wasn't as long as yours but all the hair was the same length and it was so heavy and hot..but, short hair has to be cut often and at $35 a cut, I just can't afford the short do...I think I am going to keep it nape length but let the layers grow out...I like being able to wash it and let it go, though so I'm not sure...
    Mama Bear

  13. That butterfly clip is beautiful. I've kept my hair long most of my life ( since I was a teen ), just because I like the versatility of it. I have a nice collection of fancy clips, many I bought on a trip to Hong Kong.

    Cute jokes.

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  14. I love your short, perky cut - I'd love to see a picture of that very long hair that you could sit on!

  15. So love how pretty your blog is!! Jealous!! : )

  16. LOVE the hair comb, I would so wear that.

  17. Annie, I love the butterfly. I always wore my hair long for many years. I could sit on my at one time as well, but just found it too much work when I was a working single mother. Now it is far too thin to allow to grow. I do miss it.

    Cute jokes. Hope all is well with you & Bud. I miss our emails.


  18. Hehhee..I thought u were talking about a real butterfly..but ths ones beutiful too..Check mine out..Its Real..:D

  19. Gorgeous comb! I would want to grow my hair out just so I could wear it.

    Love the funny. ;)