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Ummmm, Corpus, we have...HAD a problem!!!

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over half a century old
.....explained below

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Several posts ago, I had published photos of the newest addition to the downtown area of the public fountain by the bay. I had also mentioned that just blocks away a very ugly sight that ruined the ambiance was an eye sore to all who drove by or walked along the seawall. When we moved here, nearly 6 years ago, the building was in shambles and actually, to my point of view, a monstrosity that was just hanging on, dangerously, by its last threads! At one time, there was a overlap on the roofing, that shaded the sidewalk....but, walking under that overhang, you could actually look up and see asbestos that had was oozing out of the structural roofing. It was ugly, it was a civil danger to those who came near. The top of the roof was rusting out...the roof covering long since blown off or rotted away. Altho at its heyday, I'm sure it was a marvel. Afterall, the building itself withstood the category 5 hurricane that hit the city in 1970, and numerous other damaging storms that came ashore.

It was scheduled for demolition finally this past winter. The city council had hired a crew to tear the death trap down!! I was elated. I did not like it one iota, from the very first days living here. I encouraged many to go tell their representatives to get it down...tear it out, and improve the city's landscaping. Bring back some of the beauty for the streets downtown. was going to come down!!! It was scheduled to have the destruction on a day in January of 2010. But delayed. Then, a group called Friends of the Coliseum took their fight to the capital...Austin Texas. There a judge put a temporary hold on any demolition slated. All the time, the city of Corpus Christi had to pay daily for the delay; costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars for each day it was postponed. Fighting, protesting against and for...went on and on. The group tried to have the state of Texas proclaim it a state historical sight. All the while, the tab from the demolition company grew to exorbitant amounts of cost.

Let me reiterate, it was dangerous, it was falling apart, it was eroding from time, it was ugly, it was in great disarray. It was giving the city's name in so many ways...that we were idiots to not just go in there ourselves and blow it up! Believe me, if I had known anything about how to do it on my own safely, and without getting caught and DID CROSS MY MIND. I hated it that much.

Finally, the citizens of the Sparkling City By the Bay won over the Friends of the Coliseum....the demolition began. In turn, the Friends group has to pay for the delay that they caused!! They are fined the amount that cost the city!!!!!! And the first view of the one minute You Tube video I found on the 'net [link provided]....the roof; this is NOT part of the demolition work...this is how it was BEFORE it began. Along with weeded vacant lots and a parking lot that was in shambles.

Click here for the video

For a little history of the was built over 50 years ago, dedicated to the men and women who served during World War II. Hence, the title stuck...The Memorial Coliseum. It was used for sports mainly...for the Corpus Christi Ice Rays [hockey]. The Rays moved out to the American Bank Center, leaving the coliseum empty and unattended for years. The original design included a comprehensive plan for a bayfront 'Civic Center' which would include a City Hall, an auditorium/coliseum, a medium-size exposition hall and two parks. Nothing, other than the coliseum itself came to pass. In 1954, during the final construction phase of the Coliseum, Progressive Architecture featured the building again. Its lamella roof was pictured on the magazine’s cover and the related article discussed the design of the auditorium and included several photos of the building under construction. In 1955, Memorial Coliseum was included in the “Building and Construction” section of the Encyclopedia Britannica Book-of-the-Year. In 1958, the Coliseum was photographed for the Carnegie Study of the Arts of the United States by photographer John Waggaman. It was chosen because of its “significance in the history of American Architecture” and for its “successful merger of beauty and functionality.” A photograph of Memorial Coliseum was also displayed in the United States pavilion at Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. Both the unusual design and the innovative construction methods of Memorial Coliseum were featured in Engineering News-Record, Architectural Forum, United States Steel trade magazine, Time magazine, Architectural Record, Welding Arcs, L’architecture d’aujourd’hui (France), Techniques et Architecture (France) and Informes de la Construccion (Spain), just to name a few.

Bud and I have kept a vigil on the progress of tearing it down. LOL We're both quite pleased to see it go. Of course, it is a means a lot to so many...but in our way of thinking, they did nothing to restore its beauty for the people...those so called 'friends of the coliseum'. They waited too long. They waited 'til their nest was full of crap and then tried to fight when all along over the years they could have made it an open pavillion or something and beautified the property. Sometimes I don't understand the logic of many. I guess I'm not supposed to in any case. Hopefully, the city will plant greenery around where the monstrosity once stood. Or even hire someone to erect a statue dedicating it to those from this area who DID serve during World War II. They could actually even use the brick to surround the sculpture. There are just so many ways of beautifying the area now. Yes, that's me, picking up the discarded brick. Afterall, it IS a piece of history.

POSTED: Monday, June 7th, 2010
12:20 A.M.


  1. Glad they are getting rid of it dear.

  2. Anonymous6/07/2010

    I just wanted to say, after visiting Galen's blog today that I hope things are looking up for you. I think we all go through a slump sometimes and just get the blahs. it was funny that I read that there because this morning when I read your comment on my blog I thought Hmmm this isn't her. None of my business I know but just know that you are the bomb and if you are feeling a little low here's some extra aloha and sunshine your way. Love the photos my friend and I'm glad that old building is going down...crap I wish I could remember that song It's going down down down...something like that Oh well...I'll stop now xoxoxoxo

  3. Anonymous6/07/2010

    Demolition is always better than a legal, law suit, if something happens to a "citizen." I am surprised the city government didn't realize this and tear it down earlier.

  4. every picture tells a story and your truly does, thanks for sharing

    Christina, sweden

  5. Anonymous6/07/2010

    Nice photo of the old bricks! :)

  6. So interesting! Great and special macro photos!

  7. HI -- I hollered at Bill to put down the paper and come look at this; we remembered when we were in CC talking and reading about that building. there was a parking lot near it that we used (when we had our big truck and needed to look for spacey places!). Good to know it's finally gone; we agree with your assessment of the whole thing. Tx for sharing.

  8. I think I would have been happy to see that building gone as well, considering the disrepair it was in! As you say, those who fought to stop the demolition should have done something with the building years and years ago when it stood empty. Can you imagine the cost it would have taken to restore it, the way it was now?!! I love your idea of a statue or any type of memento to represent what the Colosseum was originally supposed to represent. No doubt it was sad for some to see it go down but a joy to others:-) xoxo

  9. Oh Anni, you have me laughing so much at your answers, I have tears coming down my cheeks! I kinda like my chicken dead as well! lol That mandarin orange ambrosia fruit salad sure sounds delicious, I need to make one now!! C'mon, I'll go pick you up and we'll go out for a birthday's gotta be someone's birthday today, don't it? hehe xoxo

  10. Oh my goodness, I just gagged at reading that you stepped in a hairball! That would certainly ruin my morning! lol

    The cat's diary is just hilarious but so much like what a cat would think like I'm sure:-) xoxo

  11. Bricks are interesting macros!

  12. Glad it's gone. We have a horrid old sugar factory building here that needs to go - don't know why they're hanging on to it. UGLY!!

    Wondering why they didn't do it with implosion, though~

  13. Wow nice shapshots. And lots of bricks.
    Great post and story Anni.
    Have a wonderful week.

  14. Very cool take on the theme and great macro shots. I'm glad it's been taken down.

  15. Your brick photos look lovely and fascinating, though.

  16. I hope they do some really nice with the site when its redeveloped.

  17. wow what a story and now you have a piece of history!

  18. Even bricks can be beautiful!

  19. Hi,

    My heart always hurts a bit when they demolish buildings. I know its sometimes necessary because of safety or budget issues but I always feel that something from the past is forever buried. I like your macro shot. Its original and it tells a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.


  20. Glad the eye sore is down!! and looking forward to read about what it will be done to beautify that area.

  21. safety vs history. sadly, safety. rose