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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Sometimes, you come up against a brick wall...

After six days' of up and down the ladder and wearing as much paint as I put on the brick, my project is done. I'm kinda happy with the results. At least it warms up the room a lot. Compared to the 'old'. I've been wanting to do this paint job, and I might add leery of the outcome; not knowing if I could actually do it and make it look half-way 'real'. LOL When we bought the house, the brick was a 'natural' white. And it was badly stained and needed a lot of 'fix-up' work done on it. After Bud did the repair work, I then went ahead and painted it a cream color. I was never satisfied. I still to this day can't understand why if the exterior brick on the house is used brick, then why oh why didn't the builder use the same brick on the fireplace?!! Anyway, I finally convinced myself to go ahead and try it...if the finished work sucked, then I would just put the white back up. I painted the brick brick red first. Then, I 'aged it' with off whites, grays, yellow and orange...then the pièce de résistance----each concrete groove, I painted cement gray.




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In the meantime, while I was on a blogging break, I finished the book "White Queen". It started out superbly. I was elated. A great book, a page turner. Altho the era isn't something I am really really interested in [I'd much prefer her books about Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII] wasn't a disappointment to read. BUT!! I must admit throughout the last half it was quite redundant. It was like the author [Philippa Gregory] ran out of anything newsworthy....repeating this, repeating that. After I finished the book, I read on the back flap of the dust cover that this is one in a series of King Edward's time frame. It's not a bad just lacks a lot of pizazz that Ms. Gregory normally publishes.

Now, I'm reading another Ayn Rand book. This one, "We The Living". I've only read three or four chapters but this alive, can she compose a great story!! I've read Atlas Shrugged and The this one....and it's captivated me once again. She was an excellent writer. I doubt if there'll be any disappointing pages in this novel. Rumor has it, it's loosely based on Ms. Rand's life in Russia. First published in 1936, it was her first novel.

POSTED: Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
12:20 A.M.


  1. Great job sweetie.

  2. Ohh WOW!!!! Wonderful work you did!! EXTREMELY ARTISTIC!! I LOVE it!! :-)

  3. well the brick looks great. but why couldn't you just strip the paint off to the original brick color? just wondering.

  4. Mighty Mom As I stated---the OLD original brick color WAS white...not painted until I painted OVER all the badly stained stuff to begin with. It wouldn't have done any good if I stripped paint was too badly stained with oil or something...nothing would have helped by going back to the original white brick color.

  5. oh ok, I've never seen white brick. rose grey sand and of course red but not white other than painted. :-)

  6. Looks wonderful to me my friend. Glad you are back :)

  7. The fireplace looks fantastic! Kudo's to you!
    I've never read an Ayn Rand book, but I've heard good things about her writing. I'll have to keep her in mind when I go to the library.

  8. Welcome back to blogland! Nice job on the fireplace. And I'm glad to know you took a little time off from the project to read (makes me feel less guilty;>)

  9. Wow, Anni, that was, as you said, some project! What a fresh new look - I can't imagine using white bricks, and as someone else said, never knew there was such a thing. It looks wonderful. Glad you're back!!

    As for wearing your jeans - hmmm - they'd come to my knees, maybe! Thanks for the kind, sarcastic words!! :-)

    Have a great day!

  10. wow! what a job! I love your energy and determination!! Congrats!