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Well, the busiest week has passed. In terms of Spring Break revelers. Our own school districts with families and smaller children plus some of the colleges around the state have had their week vacation. There will still be some this week, but much less traffic! Last week, not only the influx of traffic jams in the city and along the beach roads, but several roll-overs and fatalities, but many reported robberies and beach shootings. And in weeks to come, I can almost guarantee there will be reports of rapes --after the sobering up and realizing what all has happened. I'm so glad when it's all over and things get back to normal!! Just this past weekend a live report tells us locals about the highway from the island causeway to the beach access roads [there are several if you head way on Padre Island and even more access roads to the beaches heading the opposite direction toward Mustang Island and Port Aransas!!] The congestion of partyers made the 'wait in line' time to GET to The BEACHES---up to two hours!! That was Thursday and Friday....Saturday afternoon, the police reported seeing a scant dozen cars because of the rains!

- - -<><><>- - -

As I stated with my 6 word Saturday meme, we've had a most unusual harsh winter and Spring has arrived with mucho gusto!!! Over the weekend, before the clouds broke and the rain poured down, I asked Bud to test all the Sprinkler System around the entire property. What with being a sub-tropical zone here this far south, I was sure that the several freezes we had in December and January, there was bound to be cracks in the plastic piping....right? Sure 'nough. We found one!! And luck would have it, it's way in the back....behind bushes and shrubbery along the fence line, making it more difficult to work on. Figures!!! Bud went to Home Depot to get some Epoxy for all surfaces and a section of PVC...he'll be working on the repair job. Soon, that job'll be crossed off the honey-do list!!

- - -<><><>- - -

As I posted yesterday about the cloud burst and the temps dropping some 30 degrees before nightfall, I mentioned we were out shopping for pipe repair stuff. Online, I've been searching for anything that has to do with the new blockbuster, Alice in Wonderland. I've seen some sweet coffee cups -especially the one with the Red Queen and Helena Bonham's face on it, blankets, posters, key chains and the up and soon to come to a store near me...the Mad Hatter Doll!! The two of us did some perusing the stores in town where we thought maybe we could get a head start in my 'movie collection'. Now, I know I can pre-order the doll which is a must for my collection in the master bedroom of trinkets and art, I'd much rather buy locally to be the 'good citizen' and pay sales tax for the city and state in which I live....what with the bad shape of the infrastructure throughout, the state, city and county really need us to buy locally to repair the much needed highways and byways!!!! We found a blanket, soft and plush, of The Red Queen ---with her face! at Hot Topic. We then drove over to Toys "R" Us to see about the dolls. All they had right now was from the older version of Alice, but the clerk said they'd be coming in mid April. While in that area, we walked the larger of the malls in town and stopped at a Hallmark store. Nothing. We then went to Texas Toyz...this is one of my favorite places to get movie paraphernalia!! They always have action figures and posters, and trinkets. As we walked the aisles, the guy asked if we could be helped...I asked if they had anything from Alice in Wonderland...he said they did but sold out within a day. They have another shipment coming in on Tuesday and will be out on the shelves Wednesday. I asked about the dolls specifically and he told me that that is what was on order. He mentioned they were "living dead" dolls. Ewwwww, didn't like that reference at all. And...they don't even come close to the other doll I really want!!! He also walked me up to the glass case where there were key chains. He had several from the newest movie, with the Red Queen, Alice, the Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter. I liked the Mad Hatter of course, it is quite 'life like'...but it was huge. Since I don't carry any purse, that would be something that would fill my pockets...too big. Then, I had a revelation...I'd get it and make a necklace out of it. I'd have Johnny right near my heart!!! Thing is, after I got it home and took the key ring off and added a chain, I like's a fun piece...but----I look like a hip hop granny now. roflmao. All I need now is a few more silver chains and a couple of tattoos and I'm set. Well, it'd help if I could muster up some rhythm to the beat of the music. Not on your life! It's still gonna be a trip wearing this out and about....just to see if anyone will notice a granny who's chic. Or a crazy ol' woman!! Either case. By the way, Bud framed the's on the wall now. :::giggles:::

[traffic photo used from live feed through local newscasting]

POSTED: Monday, March 22nd, 2010
12:35 A.M.


  1. Anonymous3/22/2010

    Well I'm glad the Spring Break is over with for you down that. I can just imagine. Love the "honey to do list" Good thing you thought of looking.

    I have tagged you on my blog and your comments wont let me put the URL in. It's the Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop. :)

    Have a great week ahead :)

  2. Glad we beat the crowd coming home on Friday...we were afraid of encountering something like your picture!!!

    I am back, the old one (the blogger formerly known as Mar), just needed a remake of some sort.
    Here we go again...!

  3. oh i'm desperate to see that movie! well, anything with johnny depp actually, heee hee heeeee. and for my bean, it's one week to go before their autumn break. he can't wait. neither can i actually. no more lunch boxes or mom's taxi for 10 days, wheeeeeew

  4. You are SO HOT!
    Nothing is going to stop you now! lol
    I have seen the movie 3D too... it was WOW.WOW.WOW!
    I really had so much fun.It is a great hit movie here in Malaysia and I have to book the tickets two days in advance, how about your place?

    Awards and a CAUSE!
    For the benefit of Children this Easter,I am inviting you to please join the good cause to bring HOPE to the Children. Me got some goodies for you too, come on over?



  5. Thom & Shakira I will definitely post about this tomorrow!!!

    You two rock!!

  6. Good Morning Sweetie...
    "Excuse me Mam, but can you tell me where you got your necklace, I must have one too? You are one chick Grandma." I guarantee you everytime you wear it people are going to be asking you. Just wait and see. I love it as a necklace, just so stinkin cute.

    Horrible deal about the traffic and the kids playing havoc with your town. Like you said they will be gone soon and things will get back to normal. Pray for a down pour and maybe the will all leave.

    Now the deal about my comments. I have my comments on no approval, otherwise I do not get any. This past week I got one of those stupid comments and rejected it. When I did it took my publish or reject buttons away with it, and now I have neither and the messages will not show up at all. So I had to switch my blog where all messages go through without approval. Otherwise I see nothing. It would be no fun to post and post, and never be able to see the comments. I am afraid if it continues, as my buttons are gone and I have no other option, I may have to shut down and call it quits, I don't know what else to do. It has been a very frustrating weekend believe me.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Great post. I love your shopping excursions. Love ya, Sherry

  7. Anni, I wouldn't have wanted to be in that traffic. Sitting there for hours waiting to get to the beach would NOT be one of my favorite things to do. I would be grumpy and miserable. I'm glad it's over for the locals.

    Sorry to hear that one of your sprinklers has to be repaired. We had a cold, but pretty much snowless winter here. The most we got was about 6 inches and that was only one time. We only shoveled once and never took the snowblower out of the shed.

    I haven't seen the Alice movie...not interest in that from the boys. Did you see Avatar. My niece said it was terrific.

    Glad you were able to transform the key chain into a pendant. Let me know if anyone notices your hip granny style. LOL

    Just emailed you.


  8. P.S. Annie Sweetie...
    I went back and clicked the trash can again, and it took all of it off forever. You can't even see where I deleted it, so that matter is taken care of for the day. I will just keep going into my blog and deleting their stinky comments. These porn sites ought to be outlawed, somebody ought to lock them up and throw away the key. The nerve of them to go into our family blogs and post their nasties. Can't blogger do something about this?

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. I know you will be enjoying your beaches again soon. Please know that you are so loved. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  9. That is a crazy amount of traffic and I'm glad the worst is done! I think your Alice in Wonderland stuff is pretty cool!


    awards for you!
    Happy Monday!

  11. Oh you know Johnny is my favorite... I love the key chain/necklace... Hope you find all the goodies you're looking for! Have fun!!!

  12. Did you see the movie, Anni? The Princess and I want to and I was wondering if you thought it was scary.

    I was sorry to hear you and Bud have been sick. Hope you're well soon.

    I never went to the beach for Spring break but then I married in high school. My children didn't go either as far as I know. For one thing, we couldn't afford it. I did enjoy the movies made about it though like "Where the boys are" and the Annette and Frankie ones.
    Mama Bear

  13. great idea for the necklace. looks great.

    MicroFiction Monday - Sh!

  14. Love Bears No, I didn't think it was scary at all. I loved it fact I gave it a perfect score. It was awesome in my opinion.

    Thanks for the well wishes!!!

  15. Anni----
    Interesting posting today!!!
    What a smart idea you got with the JD 'thingie'
    And not the worst person to have hanging around you neck -Huh? "G"♥ ♥
    Love Mutti

  16. I take it you liked the movie?

    it was good.