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Love is a Many Splendored Thing....and then some---


Sunday Stealing: The Tell Me About Yourself Meme

1. When is your birthday?
    February 9th

2. Where were you born?
    Check Profile

3. Where do you live now?

4. What is your heritage?

5. Tell us about a weakness.
    Food! I tend to live to eat instead of the other way around, eat to live.

6. What's a goal that you'd like to achieve?
    None really at my age...I never set my scope beyond the realm of life, I take it one day at a time.

7. What is the most overused internet phrase?
    One I use...rofl ROFL!!

8. What was your first thought this morning?
    Dang, if I didn't have to pee....I'd still be asleep!

9. When do you usually go to bed?
    Around 10 p.m. ---but the last two nights, way too early!

10. Do you smoke? If not, did you ever?
    As Ace Ventura says...."Smo-o-o-o-k-ing!"

11. Do you like your current relationship status?
    Love is a many splendored thing!

12. Do you (or did you) get along with your parents?
    Oh yes....we all had a great relationship!!

13. How often do you drink alcohol?
    Maybe once a month. Heart meds don't mix well.

14. Have you ever tried drugs (that weren't prescribed)?
    No. I take that back, nicotine, it's a drug huh?

15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If yes, do tell.
    Yes...I'll just say it was a lake...and ICY!!

16. If given the choice, how would you like to die? suffering with a lingering illness.

17. What did you want to be when you grew up?
    Right where I am now...married, happily ever after.

18. Have you ever been dumped?

19. What's on your pizza?
    Hold on....let me go check the fridge, I have some leftovers----back---looks like the usual, pepperoni and extra cheese with fresh ground black pepper. Yum!!!

20. Have you ever shoplifted?
    No. Well, ya---a few grapes from the produce section at the store once in a while.

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1. MacGyver :: Gadgets
2. Garter :: Belt
3. Wedge :: [drop the 'e' and add i e --] Wedgie
4. Inches :: Feet
5. Code :: HTML
6. Water :: Water, everywhere!
7. Running :: Bear [song] by Johnny Preston [oldie!]
8. Curly :: Moe and Larry
9. Turkey :: Trot
10. Stupor :: Transfixed, dazed

- - -

I've been so busy the last couple of days I've hardly been online. What has kept me offline and not visiting many of my bloggin' buddies y'wonder? Well let me tellya! Decorating the house for Christmas. It's taken me two days so far to just unpack my Santas and get some of them set up around the house. I vowed this year to just be selective from my hundreds of Santas. In other words, for years when I ran out of 'room' on the tables and shelves, I started just lining them up on the floors around the baseboard of the walls. I've always thought it was kinda tacky, yet whimsical like a toy shop...but hard to vacuum around them all. I spent a good deal of time taking photos this morning and will get them resized and edited for blogging in a bit. I have one room to photograph yet, but, ummmmmmm, it's occupied as I type my Sunday post. This photo is one taken from last year and I plan on posting this very same on my photo blog, that's why it's watermarked with the copyright. But then, fair warning---- then....

Look out!!

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!!!

POSTED: Sunday, November 29th, 2009
4:40 A.M.


  1. My word Anni you're up early this morning - from your answer to #8 I can guess why! You know, my son still remembers that occasion so hopefully it worked and helped make him what he is today (sorry proud mum momnet there!!)

    I just love your blog layout, I wish I had the time to fix mine up a bit for Christmas!

    Thanks for stopping by again

  2. I like #17. It's great you can answer that.
    I never put black pepper on my pizza. I'll have to try it.

  3. Fun mutterings! HAPPY Sunday!

  4. woohh..we have the same weakness.....

    thanks for stopping by at mine

  5. Thanks, Anni, for the smiles. From one Aquarian smoker to another!

  6. You've never been dumped! WOW! I'm impressed with that! That's a claim few can make. You deserve to smoke 'em if you got 'em for that!

  7. AHA! You stole the grapes!
    You are way too Hootin' Anni funny!

    Have a great Sunday!

    Monday Mayhem

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog...Love your answers and our birthdays are close to each other so happy early birthday! :)

  9. I'll take your warning to heart :-) I loved your answers to Sunday Stealing. You are a great deal of fun to read. I'll bet you're even more fun in person.

  10. Great answers and I love the new look!

    Happy Sunday :)

  11. 11. Do you like your current relationship status?

    Love is a many splendored thing!


  12. Anonymous11/29/2009

    Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, Anni!!! It shows in your enthusiasm :)

  13. You shouldn't steal on Sundays ! It's a sin ! You will end up in hell ! Another used word in Blogworld is "Mine is up".
    I completely forgot my advent decoration for today ! Shame on me !

  14. I like your answers....and your blog is BEAUTIFUL!

    Where did you get the background?

  15. Hi Anni, Good answers. I stole the Stealing and posted my own meme, do drop by and give it a go if you have time

  16. You have the best Christmas spirit! Love the header. Enjoy your Sunday...

  17. Anni, I've just found your blog. Love it! You write very well. Come by and visit! I have several holiday posts'.

  18. Anonymous11/29/2009

    Love turkey trot and HTML. We got out some decorations, but haven't gotten into full swing yet. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  19. Anonymous11/29/2009

    That is a tad early. But not really.

    Have a great week!!

  20. fishingaround No, it's not early for me tho. :)

  21. As one who stops by here from time to time, I am always impressed and heartened by how in love you and your hubs seem to be. Good for you! Thanks for giving me faith.

  22. I heard Running Bear not long ago - couldn't believe it!

    Love #8 - I NEVER get to sleep in.

    Re your comments - that is actually a calculator Emma is using as a phone. So cute.

    No snow here - very sunny and beautiful, but chilly in the 40s.

    Stay warm!

  23. Just found you through Heaches, Hotflashes and Hormones and thought I'd leave some comment love!
    Love this meme idea! Great way to bounce around and discover new reads:)

    Ohh and your first thought this morning. It was mine too!

  24. ....loved little White Dove. Now, I'm singing that song.
    I enjoyed reading your answers.
    When you get through decorating there, come help me. I'm feeling a little 'under the weather' so I haven't done what I planned this weekend. Hopefully, I can get started soon. Honey Bear put the lights on the eaves so we look like we're in the Christmas spirit from the outside. I did take down the Fall decorations.
    Mama Bear

  25. Anonymous11/29/2009

    ROFLMAO Your number 8 is priceless :) I'm so with you on 16 as well :) I love the Garter Belt :) Well done. Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  26. Anni,

    Yes, it is that time of year again. My favorite time of year. The boys came over on Saturday about noon and we put up the Christmas village. Then we did nothing all weekend except play games. It was a fun time.

    Love your Santa photo and can't wait to see what you've done with your house decor this year for the holidays.

    Hope you and Bud had a great day.

  27. you are just one day away from my daughters birthday of feb 8

  28. hi anni thank you for visiting my blog. Great answers you have here. take care


  29. Cool one, indeed love is splendorous i am sure read so much about it! Cool one! came to know so much, well written, will visit soon! FOLLOWING YOU!

  30. LOVED your nr 8 (I can so relate to it, lol)
    Oh, the mutterings, I had forgotten about them...

    Santa is indeed coming to town, can't wait!!

  31. mmmm, i put up the decorations last week thursday. and when the bean asked if it wasn't a bit early, hubby remarked 'the right time to put decorations up, is when the wife decides its time...' wise man i say, heee heee heeee

  32. LOL Nothing wrong with living to eat, after all taste is one of our senses that we need to indulge :D