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Photo Hunt: SURPRISE

Just outside of Phoenix Arizona's city limits, to the north and west by approximately 10-15 minutes, is a place called Sun City...where retirees live. We, at one time, had thoughts of retiring there. Instead we chose Tucson since it wasn't as large as Phoenix. Within this area is a city [suburb of Phoenix] called Surprise! Yes, Surprise, Arizona. Surprise is also home to a few pro baseball Spring Training facilities [another plus for me since I love baseball]. Now, I think the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers train here. This 'sign' is at the city's boundaries if I remember correctly. The category again is very vague....a blogger could come up with so much for the word "Surprise". Don't you think?

And to my surprise this rained!! Yesterday about 4 started thundering!!! Yippee. Tho it rained about 30 minutes, very lightly, it rained!!! And last night while sleeping rained a bit more. Keep it comin'!!!!!


Camera Critters: TAHOE, again!

Now the other day, in a weekly meme, there was a question directed to us players about dog licks on the face. I don't mind that. Not one bit...but the cat's tongue is a whole 'nother perspective. As much as I prefer cats at my age, I'm not too keen on cats licking my face. Not only scratchy as rough sandpaper, but their tongues are not as clean as a dogs. Oh ---trust me. Read this. Dog tongues are proven to be even cleaner than ours!!
    A cats ability to groom itself is the result of numerous knobs called papillae on the surface of a cats tongue. Located at the tongues center, the papillae form backward-facing hooks containing large amounts of keratin, the same material found in human fingernails. These hooks provide the abrasiveness a cat needs for self-grooming. The strength of these hooks also helps a cat hold food or struggle with prey.
From "About Cats' Tongues"

- - -

POSTED: Saturday, August 29th, 2009
12:04 A.M.

[4 years ago today, the costliest hurricane, Katrina, pounded into New Orleans - parts of Louisiana and Texas. 1,836 confirmed deaths, 705 missing. 2009 cost [rate hikes over 4 years] estimated: $90.9 billion. Other states, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama were also affected ---still some that were misplaced and homeless are still in trailer homes!]


  1. Your blog is so amazing, I always learn something new.

  2. I didn't know all that about dogs and cats tongues. Incredible. Still I love cat, as long as they do not get to lick me!

  3. a town called Surprise? surprise! :)

  4. Excellent capture for this week's theme. I think the reason the themes are so vague is to get different interpretations. That's what makes it so fun.

    Here's my surprise

  5. What a reminder to me! I didn't know about Surprise, Arizona, but I believe I remember passing a Surprise, Colorado, near Denver. Perhaps not. The brain surprises me with what all I can't remember some times!

  6. That's a real surprise!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Ha! Great take on the PH theme!

  8. I'm familiar with Surprise although I haven't been there myself. Interesting post as usual. Thanks!

  9. Good Morning Anni, Great post today... What a SURPRISE about at city called Surprise... and I never knew there was a difference between cat & dog tongues... Interesting! Have a FUNtastic Saturday.


  10. We are finally getting some rain, too. Sure can use it all.
    Hope you have a Happy Weekend!
    ~ Noah and The Bunch

  11. Surprise Arizona, I had no idea there was such a place. What an appropriate pick for the theme!
    And isn't rain such a happy surprise when you live in a desert!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  12. Hi - cute piccie! And we always knew our tongues were cleaner - we don't like being licked by our humans as their tongues are not as clean as ours, he he he! :) Schauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  13. Glad to hear you got rain over there, must be a great surprise! Here in NY, we're getting soaked-- days on end, 2-3 inches per hour at times. *sigh* Unfortunately, that much rainfall is not such a surprise anymore, not for the past decade or so...

    My Photo Hunters is up! I hope you can come visit my Surprise! New York

  14. Surprise is a great name for a town.
    I'd rather not be licked by a cat, either! A little tickling by the whiskers, maybe, but not licking...

  15. Yay for the rain!

    I did not know about dogs and cats tongues...good information. My Lily (dog), loves to gives me kisses...I feel a bit better knowing here little pink tongue is fairly clean...hugs, Linda

  16. I'd much rather have a head butt from a cat than a lick!

    Yes, we are Si-Am-Ese is from Lady and the Tramp. They were such naughty cats!

    Thanks for stopping. Have a great weekend!~

  17. Is that a rug under Tahoe great color teal

  18. I didn't know that about dog and cat tongues, but am not surprised. Very educational post. :)

  19. We JUST had some neighbors sell their house and move to Surprise!!! They flew down there...loved it...met with their builders...came back here and put their house up for sale and now they live in Surprise.....must be a great place! We miss these neighbors though...they were quite lively and knew how to throw a great party!


  20. Very interesting about the tongue! They feel like sandpaper when they like you don't they. Have a great weekend! :o)

  21. They do have scratchy little tongues for sure and ours loves to lick our hands.
    I didn't participate in Photo Hunt but I've seen some entries. I have to say I like yours -very clever!

    Thanks for visiting my backyard deer.

  22. Tahoe is lovely ;--)
    I know what they say about dog's tongues, but I'm not too keen on ANY animal licking MY face. I've SEEN where that tongue goes.
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Anni,

    I have never heard of Surprise, Arizona, but have heard of Last Chance, California and North Pole, Alaska. There is also a Treasure Island, Florida.

    Thank for the lesson about cats. Amazing creatures but think I'll stick to being a dog person. :-) Dakota is bad for licking. I think it has something to do with being taken from Mama too early.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  24. I must say rain is the last thing that would surprise me this summer but then I don't live anywhere near you! :) Nor do we have any towns called Surprise, so my entry is pretty mundane this week, I'm afraid. You did well to think of that - I found it hard this week.

  25. I am 'Surprised" that you are moving!

  26. Mitzi likes to lick my legs dry after I get out of the shower. Bella likes to lick the back of my hands for some unknown reason. I don't mind that...but that's all the licking I'll permit. I won't allow it at all if they've been licking their nether regions....eeewww.

  27. hey! we've also got a sun city, except its a huge casino resort... sol kezner built it, the one who's got the one in the bahamas too???, and i used to work for them...

    and i'm so so glad you got some rain anni!!!!!

  28. Surprise? Surprise:-). Who knew?

  29. LOL, I wish my daughter would remember this when she kisses our cat on the head. At least our cat doesn't try to lick us. (Gross.)

  30. A town called Surprise...I love it:-) I'm so glad you got some rain, I was getting tired of getting it all! lol Yesterday it absolutely poured all day and it was only 45F...brrrrr!! Today it's sunny and 55F but supposed to get warmer as the week goes on so at least it's nice to know there's still a bit of summer left over here. Sheesh!

    I'll never let a cat lick me again! lol Gag! I know that dogs have very clean tongues which is a good thing since I used to let my dog Scamp (when I was a teen) share an ice cream cone with me plus he was forever giving me kisses:-)

    I can't believe it's been 4 years since Katrina caused so much destruction. Sad that to this date there are still some without homes. Hopefully there won't be any storms as destructive at that one this year!! xoxo

  31. Lovely words and very adorable kitten =^.^=

  32. Another great post!