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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Ask me: "Just how dry is it, Anni"? I'd say: "The height of our drought is now upon us...why, even the cows are birthing beef jerky instead of live calves!" That's how dry it is.

I didn't even turn the computer ON yesterday. That's a lazy day, right? Bud and I spent a very lifeless-type day yesterday morning around home, mostly. We didn't venture out 'til about 10 a.m. and that was just to drive around. The drought is really getting the best of me these days. It's a constant struggle to keep the lawn and flowers from drying up to a crispy, crunchy, barren land. Daily, water, water, water. And then, we are continually [not continually per sé, but a lot of times during the week's span] having to soak the foundation around the house, to keep it from sinking...yes, Texas land is like that. When the soil dries up and is shrinking! And the heavy, heavy foundation then is getting pulled away from the land. If not soaked at least weekly, more-so during dry times, it can do a lot of structural damage indoors & out! [As the top photo of the brick siding & garage door wood frame shows how the settling of the foundation can create havoc! It's pulling away even with continual 30 minute soaking. every other day --there is a chance you can do too much soaking of the ground also---we have the foundation checked twice a year by an expert...yes, it's that dry] It's an unending battle this year. I know, deep in my heart, I really have not much to complain about when all the farmers are losing crops and the ranchers are having to sell their cattle way too early because of the fact there is no feed!! And not to mention thoughts of how those struggled in past history when they tried to survive the dust bowl years. My struggle to keep lawn and flowers alive is nothing compared to what a lot more are suffering.

We ended up going out to lunch. Then, we went to Bl*ckbuster video to see what movies they had that we could purchase [the ones they sell, after they're pre-viewed]. We bought three of them...Taken, starring Liam Neeson - Burn After Reading with a huge cast - and, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All of which we never saw at the theater....we watched only one yesterday...Taken. It was pretty good. Considering, the character played by Liam Neeson was so "out of character" for the man. At least I thought so. It's about a father, mysterious in his own way because of his past history. He's retired, divorced, and has a teen-aged daughter who goes off to Paris with a girlfriend to follow U2's concert tour all over Europe. When in Paris, she and her friend are abducted by a bunch of thugs....and the story begins.

On Saturday afternoon, tho, a package arrived from Amazon dot Com...two special edition DVDs I had ordered. The Commemorative Edition of the Broadway musical, CATS and the Special digitally remastered edition of a favorite of mine [which I've never purchased until now]....Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. We watched both of those Saturday evening. I think we watched so many movies because neither of us wanted to go out in the inferno!

Other than the dry, dry landscape these days, I'm fed up with our favorite professional baseball teams in the National League this year also. Astros [4 1/2 games behind --but a very laggard playing game], D'Backs [19 games behind the lead[ and Rockies...all near the bottom of the standings in each of their divisions - the Rockies are 7 games behind the lead but still...I doubt whether they'll come from behind. Astros may have a chance of a wild card team in the playoff games in a little over a month...but I really doubt it. They need to get the 'ball rolling' if they wish to please their fans. What a boring season for me. Now-a-days I find myself checking scores and standings of the two most infamous rival the AMERICAN League [-and I am a National League follower most seasons]!!! I'm watching faithfully the Yankees and the Sox standings. Of course I will always be for the Yankees [tho, as I say I'm really not one at all for the American League teams at all] when it pits 'em against the Sox. Yankees are an American Icon! LOL As of this morning when I post this it's almost neck and neck with the two rivals....only 1/2 game between the two. How fun! I gotta have something to root for on this dreary season for the National League...and if need be, it'll be for the Yankees! More to watch Derek Jeter than the team. rofl [shhhhh, don't tell anyone]

Well now, I'll end this post as I began. The drought. As I stated above, it is becoming a very monotonous chore of trying to keep plants and lawn alive and maybe not thriving, but surviving the heat at least. While outside yesterday morning I was wiping the perspiration off my face to keep it falling into my eyes, when a little bit of nature's beauty came into view. I watched and followed and grabbed the cellphone outta my pocket and clicked away------

Posted: August 3rd, 2009
6:30 A.M.


  1. Praying for the drought to end sweetie.

  2. I am thankful God gave you that glimpse of His beauty in the midst of the dryness. I am sorry you are having to do so much watering. I am glad, though, that you still have water to be able to keep things alive.

    Have a good day and try to stay cool!

  3. Birthin jerky :-). Sometimes a lazy day is just what the doctor ordered. I hope you enjoyes yours.

  4. Dry Texas--likely where the first "DRY" martini was invented, that is, after they ran out of WHISKEY...

  5. Anni,

    Sounds like you had a great day just watchin' movies.

    The extreme drought in your area with the high temperatures isn't good for a number of reasons. We have had lots of rain here, but if you dig down into the soil, it is still dry. Can't figure out what's up with that.

    We had a busy weekend. Will blog about it later. The boys just left from an overnight stay and this ol' gal is tuckered out.

    We also saw Monarchs yesterday flitting about Melissa's backyard, but there were too quick for me to get a picture.

    Enjoy your week.

  6. Anonymous8/03/2009

    ROFLMAO - "The cows are birthing beef jerkey" Now that is dry I would say. I remember those hot Texas days when I lived in Houston and Dalls...YIKES...long time ago. The photos are beautiful. Have a great week :)

  7. Oh sometimes Anni I just love to spend the whole day watching movies... Of course I am a movie freak so that is easy for me to do. Sounds like you had just that kind of day. Sorry about your drought... Hope your house doesn't get any damage. Take care and stay cool.


  8. Oh I know how dry it is getting here it is in the middle of our winter! and our dams are only 27% full that means no watering for us this summer! (crying!!) for the trees we will loose.


  9. boy that is DRY... we are also very dry...the grass is getting brown... I can't hack the heat anymore. So I stay inside.
    I need to go see if our Blockbuster is having a sale!!! I Love to watch a good movie!
    We had HBO and Showtime removed because we rarely watched it...but it was nice to have somewhere to watch a newer movie with out having to go rent one.... Now I pretty much watch WE or TMC and occasionally catch one that I haven't seen.
    I hope it rains soon for you! I am just dreading the fact that only 2 months left of the warm and the cold will start setting in. I hate winter! I HATE winter! I am dreading it!

  10. Awww, you photographed a flutterby, how pretty.

    Speaking of drought, it sounds like you could transplant to Australia in the Outback and feel right at home! I feel for you, because I know what it's about. As you say, it's the farmers whose livelihoods are in jeopardy. A lot of farmers here have just walked off their farms, farms that have been in the family for generations, and others have committed suicided. Such a tragedy...

    I really hope your drought breaks soon and you get some lovely soaking rain.

  11. oh dear anni, droughts are terrible. we also live in an area where drought is always in the back on the mind... i pray for some relief for you all. and soon!