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1. Who was the last person of the opposite sex you lay in a bed with? Ummmmmm, guess. Would you take a wild guess and say that I slept with my hubby? Well, yep....that's right. Unless you'd say furbaby. [And he's still in the bed...that'd be Winston! By the way....he snores too.]

2. Where was the last place you went out to eat? Jason's Deli

3. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed? I'm really not a 'drinker' any more because of heart meds, but I will take a sip now and then....Beer! Coors, always...the kind that has the mountains on the label that turn blue when icy cold. I like my beer ICY cold. But you didn't ask should have.

4. Which do you prefer - eyes or lips? Hands down, it's eyes. Bet your bottom dollar...eyes say so much more than lips to my estimation.

5. Medicine, fine arts, or law? Fine arts, definitely. Medicine and law are too fickle. One time the stroke of genius will 'cure all' while another time the same is deadly...then law...too biased if you ask me. Don't get me started on civil rights laws. Who's rights?--------seat belts? bike helmets? civil?

6. Best kind of pizza? Pepperoni

7. What is in store for your future? How the heck do I know that? I'm not clairvoyant. But, very NEAR future, it's gonna be CATS. [stay tuned for Tuesday, CATS will be me]

8. Who was the last band you saw live? Well, the 'group' would be a band, right? The last singing performer I saw live was Rod Stewart...the last BAND concert I attended would be Creedence Clearwater Revisited...commonly known as CCR. In Tucson.

9. Do you take care of your friends while they are sick? If I am needed, then, yes...but normally, no.

10. How many songs are on your iPod? ...don't have one, don't need one...don't care.

11. Where is the last place you drove to? Grocery store.

12. Where did your last kiss take place? In the bedroom [now...don't go jumpin' to any conclusions....]

13. What were you doing at 11:59 PM on Monday night? Sleeping...and that's my final answer.....errrrrr, ummmmmmm....alibi.

14. Are you a quitter? I've never made a quilt in my life! Oh wait [insert wink]...the icy beer from above made my focusing not so's QUITter, not QUILTer....I don't quilt, and I don't quit either; even if I were to attempt to quilt.

15. Who was the last person you had in your house? Me and Bud =Bud and I....whatever.

15. Again?!!!! What do you think about people who party a lot? They need a life. No wait...more power to them. The way to be diplomatic about this all is to answer "Live and let live"...right? As long as the party isn't next door and loud.

16. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? No....I was never afraid to ask as the much publicized book suggests.

17. What was the last CD you purchased? Comedian, Lewis Black.

18. What are two bands or singers that you will always love? Aeorsmith & Guns n Roses for bands... Singers it would be Rod Stewart and Barbra Steisand.

19. Which of the seven deadly sins are you guilty of? Of them all?----prol'ly Envy. But I can be a glutton at times.

20. How is your last ex doing? For the last time, I don't have an EX!!


Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Banter :: Mock
2. Amazing :: Grace
3. Towel :: Paper
4. Cinema :: X [cinemax]
5. Newspaper :: Headlines
6. Not good :: Ewwwww!
7. My type :: Tall, dark, and handsome.
8. Twinkle :: Twinkle little star
9. Actress :: Actor
10. Daft :: Jack Sparrow [quote from Pirates of the Caribbean "Anamaria: You're daft, lady! You both are! Mr. Gibbs: Daft like Jack. ..."]

Posted: July 19th, 2009
5:45 A.M.


  1. Hi Annie.
    Nice makeover.
    You know....I never got into G and R until my son started playing their stuff. lol.
    Lewis was on TV yesterday. He's a "hoot" :)

  2. Good answers, Anni. Have a great weekend.

  3. That was a long questionary, now you made me very curious about n°7 your cat secret !!! I loved Champagne and wine, since 4 years I don't drink alcohol anymore at all. I am dry, lol !
    I would also wonder what my last ex (boyfriend) is doing I think I saw him 45 years ago. Do you think he has changed ??

  4. I like Aerosmith and Guns and Roses too. Really cool bands.

  5. I love the new look, Anni. And you did well on SS this week. Nice one.;)

  6. Great look.the Sunday Stealing list is great.I migh or might not do that one.The mutterings sre good ones.

  7. Oh Anni you always keep me entertained... Love the same bands and singers as you... Great answers as always... What a beautiful hibiscus. I love the double ones... they are so frilly. Have a great day


  8. I like Rod STewart and Barbara too. you have funny answers:D thanks for visiting.

  9. Hi!
    I'm a Rod Stewart fan myself. Have a great day!


  10. You are very quick witted, Ms. Anni. Enjoyed my visit as usual.

  11. Heh, interesting mutterings. I have to admit I didn't read your answer as "cinemax" at first ;)

  12. Anonymous7/19/2009

    Barbra's cool.

    Have a great week!!

  13. Thanks for visiting me. And I enjoyed your answers

  14. Anonymous7/19/2009

    Great answers! I didn't even notice that there were two #15s. How sad is that?!

  15. Rod Stewart and Aerosmith are great!!!
    Great answers!

  16. Me luvs ya, Hootie! Come visit! And you of all people need to play the Queen's Meme!

  17. Anni,

    Your hibiscus is absolutely gorgeous. We bought one this year but it is only a singe. Not near as pretty, but has given us lots of bright, red blooms.

    Enjoyed your Sunday Stealing. You always make me chuckle with your answers.

    Hope you're enjoying your day.

  18. Loved the answers for your mutterings. I really have enjoyed going through your blog.

    I played along too. It's my first time to play. So far I'm having fun with it and visiting every one that played along.

    Also if I may be so bold to ask...I've entered a photo contest and while you are over visiting would you please vote for me? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  19. I think a persons eyes can tell a story as well that is what attracted me to my hubby his eyes are so blue that tell a sort of story

  20. Your blog is always fun--always a HOOT! Thanks!

  21. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, love you.

  22. Love all your answers and CCR also!

  23. I love your new look. You're so talented. I liked your mutterings, too. Almost did a double take on Cinema :: X until I saw your clarification. Very cute. Thanks for coming by my place.

  24. Anonymous7/19/2009

    LOL...I love 10, 12 and 20...Dont' people pay attention LOL. And coming to conclusions...excellent my friend. And don't care...that's something I would say. Excellent. Hope you had an excellent Sunday. :)

  25. We have lots of common mutterings! And I always forget about Sunday Stealing, I've been wanting to do one!

  26. Love the photo. Sunday Stealing is always informative and I really need to play the muttering game again.

  27. :) Loved your answers especially the quitter / quilter one :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have fun!

  28. It's so sweet that you married your first love =] hope you're having a good day ^^

  29. #20 Awwwww! Great answers xoxo

  30. OK so what does CATS mean, cos I'm betting it's not the miaowing variety :D

    Beautiful hibiscus btw :)

  31. BEAUTIFUL double hibiscus!!!

  32. There are cats in your future? Sounds like the perfect future to me! :)