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Monday, May 11th, 2009
3:41 A.M.

After 5 PM MST, 41 years ago, we said our vows. We've been together ever since. I adore my Bud, and he me. We'll go out for dinner, and drink a drink or two in celebration. The day is ours!!

Happy 41st Anniversary, Sweet Cheeks!!!

...The key to love's inside us all,
Patience unlocks the door.
Learning is a lot of work,
With love it's not a chore.

~Richard S.

All photos were posted last year
May 11th, 2008
[with mouseover captions]

- - -

I received this wonderful gift from Mary @ Mary's Writing Nook! Bud and I thank you very much! It was great having you make this for us.

- - -

It's also bittersweet for the two of us. My father passed away on our anniversary, 1994.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Wow -- 41 years, and I was impressed when the Amazing Egyptian Dude and I reached 28 a month ago, LOL. May you and Bud enjoy many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary - have a great day together!

  3. Hoot, thank you for sharing your happiness, and sadness (father). That is what makes these blogs important to me....

  4. Happy anniversary to an obviously well suited couple.

    Love Granny

  5. 41 years, impressive! How many wonderful memories you have created. Thank you so much for sharing. Good work on the house, takes forever it seems. Hopefully we can start on our soon.

  6. Happy Anniversary wishes Anni and Bud, and many more years of happiness to come.Cheers Jen

  7. Happy Anniversary to you two, and many, many more!

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope your have another 40. Hugs, Marty

  9. Wow! 41 years together?

    That's so beautiful! Happy Anniversary.

    I want to be like you when I grow up!

    First time here. Nice blog.

  10. Anni, big hugs and congratulations. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Love the fact that you and Bud have been together since 1968. Made me realize that if Garry had lived we also would have celebrated our 41 this past January.
    Congratulation and wishes for many more years together. My mom and dad just celebrated 63 years together -- a goal for you and Bud.

  12. Happy Anniversary you two love-birds! Enjoy your day!

  13. Happy Anniversary.
    That's a lot of wonderful years.

  14. How wonderful ! Congratulations ! We will follow in December with our 40th anniversary !
    Can you imagine such a long time with the same man ?? (hehehehe)

  15. happy anniversary!!!!!! 41 years? how wonderful. what's even more wonderful is hearing you speak of him with such love and kindness...

  16. Happy 41st Anniversary Anni & Bud. May you have many more wonderful years together.


    PS. Come over to my blog. I have a little something for you on my sidebar.

  17. Wow! Happy Anniversary, I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  18. well happy anniversary, you are absolutely amazing and i am so glad you shared this today. what a wonderful post.

  19. Happy, Happy Day, Anni and Bud!

  20. And I thought I was doing good with 32 years! Good show Hootin' Anni & Sweet Cheeks.

  21. Happy Anniversary sweetie, enjoy your day. I love you.

  22. Congratulations and a happy anniversary to you and Bud. How lovely to find two people still so in love with one another.

  23. Congratulations Anni and Bud on your 41st anniversary..Fred and I share the same number of years together...

  24. Thank you for sharing these lovely moments. Happy Anniversary!

  25. Anonymous5/12/2009

    Aloha Anni,
    Happy Anniversary!! Hey I celebrated my first wedding anniversary in May also. Right on!!!
    You've lasted this long--so I'm confident you'll both will last even longer. What a great reason to celebrate. Congratulations & Happy Anniversary.

    Cindy O

  26. Happy Anniversary, ours was on 10th, 40 years.

  27. Anonymous5/12/2009

    Happy Anniversary a day late and a dollar short. 41 wonderful years...Congrats to you both :) Aloha

  28. Happy Anniversary (one day late) to you and Bud, dear Anni:-) To be celebrating 41 years together is awesome and I wish you many, many more years of wedded bliss!! How sad that your dad passed away on your anniversary best friend Jane passed away on mine so you're right, it does make the date bittersweet. xoxo