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Monday, February 16th, 2009
12:09 A.M.

Our sweet Gattina is hosting this week's Fun Monday. She is challenging us all to show up with our feet...or our shod feet...well, what we wear [or don't wear] during a typical day. I sure hope there aren't too many in blogland with feet fetishes showing up in our midst this week....that'd be disastrous. I can see it all now...the headlines...Fun Monday goes porn! You know? Those that have a 'thing' with bare feet?, forget that....moving on: I mentioned just now bare feet...yep, that's me at home on any typical day. I love shoes, but rarely wear them only to go outside the house. So here are mine in all their glory. [insert snicker here]...the one where I'm standing is taken by looking into my dressing mirror, the other one with the feet crossed is where I'm sitting near the computer desk.

[ps....addendum/8:00A.M.: no I don't go out for professional pedicures nor manicures...I do it myself. I have a huge sanitary issue with those nail parlors!]

- - -

Yesterday, out of boredom being home; no shopping to do on the list of things to get done, no outdoor projects looming in our faces. I didn't want to clean the house [which needs it] because it was Sunday. Everything on television was repeats. The lawn was mowed last week. The sprinkler system ran its course earlier in the morning. All was done that really needed to be done, except for the breakfast dishes. Ya, we stayed home for breakfast. And neither Bud nor I felt like even rinsing them off to fill the dishwasher. L-A-Z-Y. So, after the newspaper was read, I convinced Bud to go to a movie with me. Now, believe it or not, in all my years, and all the movies I've gone to see, I have NEVER seen a movie in 3-D!! Nope, never. In fact I can't even remember movies from my youth that were three dimensional. I do remember the glasses that were given out years ago...cardboard, one red lens, one blue lens. Boy howdy have the special glasses improved!!! [see photo at top of Monday's blog]

When the last two previews came up on the screen we were told by the preview text to begin wearing the special spectacles. A couple of 3 D movie previews of coming attractions. Then......the movie. I was thrilled. Amazed. I think I probably embarrassed Bud a bit. I kept whispering....'oooooo, cool'. A couple o' times I said under my breath....'awesome'. Once with my amazement, he let out a big sigh, so right there and then, I thought I'd better settle down, or he would reprimand me and take away my popcorn. [insert wink now]

Let's just say I was impressed with the effect of 3-D!! Now the movie we went to see was Coraline. I'm a Jim Burton fan. I truly see his movies for the art form. The lanky stick figure creatures and people impress me. I don't know why. I like the macabre-ness of the work. The movie director and the producer have done it again. Filling the screen [for me anyway] with magic and wonder---tho at times it could be a bit on the frightening edge, depending on the age of the viewer I'm sure. The tale is of a little girl....voiced over by Dakota Fanning, Coraline. It's probably on the verge of a dark and more sinister "Alice in Wonderland". If you like the strange and the eerie, I would recommend this movie. If not for the story line and the characters...then perhaps just seeing the art come to life in 3-D.

based on book "Coraline" by N. Gaiman


  1. Well, Anni, you did it again. For Fun Monday you came up with an interesting post with interesting pictures. Your feet look so neat and well kept. I wouldn't dare post a picture of my feet as they are so ugly.

    I've never been to see a 3-D movie. I'll have to go see one soon as it sounds like it would
    be really cool as Anni would say.

  2. I wish to see your toes in 3-D (crash, scream, OMG Macabre)

    ha ha ha. just kidding.

    You do keep your feet looking very nice.

  3. Wicked feet, with that red polish. Vampish even.
    I am a shoeless person, or was until my feet fell apart. Then it was custom inserts, etc. They seem to be doing better now and can walk around some without shoes. Growing up in FL mean no shoes or flip flops most of the time.
    Seems to me there were some 3-D type things in the past that my kids just "had" to see. Not sure if I would see this movie, his tend to unsettle me.

  4. Fun Monday goes porn???? You crack me up!!!!!

    I love your new blog design. Just beautiful.

  5. foot porn!?!?!?!?!?! heeee heeee heeeee. i'm the same, barefoot at home, shoes only when i go out. even in winter, the underfloor heating is delightful...

  6. You have lovely feet my friend.

  7. So you wear nothing on your feet ? Fortunately I didn't ask to show your bras ! With our clima here my feet would freeze, lol !

    I once have seen a 3D movie in Disneyland Orlando. It was showing Michael Jackson (my son was a fan) and I remember his shoe soles, you could see each detail. it was amazing !

  8. your feet look sooooo nice Anni, wow...I would not dare show mine

  9. Yeah, you have neat toes! Love them...

    Happy Fun Monday!

  10. Lovely feet - mine are so gross I didn't wear sandals for many years. I don't like to wear shoes at home, but do have to wear socks in the winter.

    I had something else to say today, but my brain has gone and locked up on me - again! I'll get back to ya.

  11. Your neat toes remind me I will be needing a pedicure pretty soon (or so I hope!!)
    Nice to see you again :)
    I am (very) slowly catching up...

  12. Wow, your feet look like art form, so well manicured. I don't think mine would compete. hehe. Love the story of the movie. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  13. I've never had a pedicure, but all these lovely looking feet are making me wonder if I shouldn't do something like that. I'm generally walking around on the things God gave me with little or no adornment. I do take care of them though - they have to carry me far!

  14. WOW Anni, Very cute tootsies... and a fun post otday as always...


  15. Back in my high school days I once painted my fingernails the same color as your toes are right now. My sister gave me grief until the color changed. She kept calling it "hussy red". I guess that's in keeping with the foot porn huh?
    I've never used that color again . . . even though my sister lives more than 1,000 miles away.

  16. Jo... My father would be the same as your sister. You should see my toenails at Halloween...they glow in the dark. That probably would be quite spooky to her maybe?

  17. Looks like you take good care of you feet/toes. I also do my own pedicures, especially in the warm months when I wear sandals. My post is up also, come visit, I didn't make the list this week.

  18. Your feet are lovely Anni! All those walks on the beach keep them well scrubbed! Alas, I don't have a beach... warm enough to walk daily on... I must use a pumice stone!

  19. Admire a gal who keeps those tootsies in good shape even in the dead of winter. More importantly, impressed that you can still reach your toenails to pedicure them--just kidding!

    I've been looking at Coroline as well although don't have much patience with fantasy. Trying to see the Academy contenders so that can't be accused of watching the Oscars next week just to gaze at Hugh Jackman!

  20. First, love your new layout! Very cool.

    Second, love those red toenails! I haven't done my nails (fingers or toes) since I had my baby..who is 4 yrs. old now! Maybe I ought to break out the nail file and polish and get to work ;)

  21. what could be better than Tim Burton 3-D? Now I really want to see this one:)

  22. Loved seeing your pretty feet! You can visit my one foot later. :D

  23. Half-zeimers - you crack me up! Too true to be funny, though!

  24. Oops - make that halfheimers!

  25. Pretty feet! Don't they get cold all bare and out in the open like that? Brrrrrr!

  26. You have lovely feet and I see you're often barefoot as I am ... though I don't paint my nails ever. I've heard folks talk about these 3D glasses but not tried them myself. I did participate in Fun Monday today for the first time in a LONG while.
    Hugs and blessings,

  27. I thought that might be a good movie..knowing you I know you would like that did Bud?
    I have not been around for a while and I apologize..too much going on I guess..Take care and keep up the good writing...

  28. I remember those old 3=D cardboard glasses, the movie was Creature From the Black Lagoon, I thought it was awesome and I did like you I made all kinds of sounds, and Happy Day wishes to you also.

  29. Anonymous2/16/2009

    Not really sure what your comment at my place was about. I've checked the site of your meme hostess and can't find a link.
    Confused in Thornesworld.
    (LOVE Neil Gaiman!!)

  30. I must say your feet are rather fetching!

  31. Fine Feet! With that gorgeous polish I bet they look great walking in the beach sand?!

    Tim Burton has been a favorite of my daughter and me since Nightmare Before Christmas...she was about 8 and I thought it might give her nightmares, but she so enjoyed it that she got a crush on Jack Skellington! His voice WAS to melt for...we have the CD of the songs and play it on Halloween.

    We'll think about Coraline...I'm not good with 3-D movies, makes me dizzy!

  32. Very pretty feet - I am so in need of a pedicure but tend to only get one in the summer months.

  33. I just knew you were going to have nice neat feet and lovely painted nails (can you tell I'm envious)! It's far too cold for bare feet here in the winter months.

  34. Anni,

    About three years ago the boys and I went to a 3D movie. It was Hitch Hiker of the Universe, I think. Anway, they gave us those cardboard glasses with red and green lenses. I didn't wear mine and I didn't much care for the movie. The boys liked it.

    Glad you enjoyed Coraline. I hadn't heard of it, but then I don't watch much TV. Two movies the boys want to see are "Dog Hotel" and Paul Brunt ? Mall Cop." They both look like fun.

    Take care and enjoy your evening.


  35. Dear me!
    I do have a thing for red painted toe nails, and yours are just perfect shape and color!
    I have apicture of my toe nails a summer day, on the beach...all colours of the rainbow...those were the days...I must find it and show it to you!
    Always a pleasure being here. Have fun!

  36. I have never had a pedicure or manicure...... Don"t like that idea at all..... I too do my own...... Yours are tooooo cute and I am also a bare foot gal....Raised in Southern Oklahoma! Bare foot was the way to go and I kept away from the pregnant thing! hahahha

  37. love your bare toes with the hot red polish!! mine are always red too, in the summer!!

  38. I've got the ugliest feet in the whole wide world. You couldn't pay me to post a picture of 'em.
    Well, on second thought, if ugly makes money, maybe so.

  39. Love you pretty red toes. I've taken to wearing shoes most of the time since I have the plantars fesciitis in the heel of my left foot. Spoiled a good thing.

    So you like the 3-D movie. I'll have to check one out.

  40. I wouldn't dare post a photo of my feet...with their sunburn marks so that I look as if I have permanent thongs on. Your feet look so nice and well cared for. I'd love to put nail polish on mine, but alas with my back I have a hard enough time trimming the nails let alone colouring them in.

    No, I've never seen a 3D movie either...there are so many of them now, hard to believe, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed your movie though...even if you did embarrass

  41. I'm not a feet fetishist but I think you've got great feet!

  42. I'm here to tell you that I have a foot fetish....NOT! lol Just thought I'd give you a bit of a scare there! hehe I'm very much like you, I prefer to be barefeet in the house, never even have socks on:-)

    I haven't seen that movie Coraline yet but I have seen previews of it and it does look like it would be an awesome movie. I've always been a big Tim Burton fan. I've seen a couple of films in 3D but it's been quite a few years ago, so would love to experience it again!! xoxo

  43. Anonymous2/17/2009

    What cute piggies you have!

    I haven't seen Caroline but your post makes me want to Netflix it!!!

  44. I normally do not paint my toes during the winter months because they are usually covered up! But, I painted them special for Fun Monday! I love your red polish. I was trying to find red so I could paint my toes, red, white and blue for President's Day! All I could find was blue.