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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Friday, December 11th, 2008
2:14 A.M.

I'm wide awake at two in the morning. Dang. The 'bug' has moved to my chest now, and the coughing is continual. I'm sore. Okay...'nough. The more negative, the worse it'll get, right? Gotta be positive on this. It will get better, it will get better! So, since Bud and I aren't going to the ballet [perhaps next weekend?], I thought I'd share a story....

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This book I am showing and telling this week is one of my favorite children's editions. This particular edition I purchased especially for the art work. Published in London/and Philadelphia in 1996; it tells a story of a girl and a brother, Maria and Fritz and a little soldier. A story written in 1815 by a German author, E.T.A. Hoffman. Do you know the story? Follow the mouseover captions with each page I turn...

Have you loved a toy so much that it came to life? Have you dreamed of wonderful adventures with your new special 'friend'? If so, you're not the only one. As I skipped many pages, this was a condensed version of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. Written in 1815. From an adaptation written by Alexandre Dumas in 1847, Tchaikovsky created a ballet first performed in 1892.

Hope you enjoyed thumbing through my holiday book I bring out yearly. The Nutcracker. ~The End

- - -

Now, I'm going back to bed. The heated bed feels way too good. [Did y'all know it SNOWED in New Orleans? Whoa!!!!]


  1. So creative in the middle of the night and caughing ! you earn a medal ! I didn't know this book or story looks really nice for children !
    I have my Christmas decoration up now, except the tree !

  2. 've read one book, that left me with what felt like real people, touching me for days afterwards. those are special books indeed.

  3. Dear Anni, I hope you don't have the cough for too long.

    I remember that story and yes, it is reminiscent of The Nutcracker, one ballet that is soooo Christmas.

    I took my daughters to see it when they were very young and they were totally enthralled. It was like magic to them. Aaah to be a kid again.

    Get well soon.

  4. Anonymous12/12/2008

    Very lovely. Nicely pictured and told, and all of that in the middle of the night while you are not feeling well...
    Get well soon!!

  5. Gday Anni, Lovely illustrationed book and Story.. Oh Dear Anni so sorry to read you have that terrible flu bug,get back to bed and and try to rest...wishing you a very speedy recovery

  6. That's a delightful book! I love the illustrations. I wish I had had a copy to share with my sons 30 years ago.

  7. Dear Anni, thank you for sharing this story. Beautiful illustrations.
    And I hope you get better soon.

  8. That's a beautiful book.
    I hope you are feeling better and will be back to regular activity soon.

  9. I guess your creativity gets better with the flu!
    Nice way to tell a story btw.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Take care and get well soon.

  10. I love the illustrations in the book!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous12/12/2008

    For some reason I've not been able to view your blog for the past several days. Making this comment is taking forever. . I hope it will post and hope you are feeling better.

  12. Lovely book and gorgeous illustrations. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog too.

  13. Good morning dear Anni:-)

    I was awake at 3 a.m., should have gone to join you! lol I do hope you start feeling better soon, no fun being sick any time but especially at this time of year.

    Would you believe I've never read or watched The Nutcracker? I know, I'm soooo deprived! It sounds like something I would enjoy...can you recommend a video or movie that has been made of it??

    Sending get well wishes to both you and Bud! xoxo

  14. I hope you are feeling better soon!
    The illustrations in this Nutcracker
    book are so beautiful. The story is
    one of my favorites too!

  15. First of all ((((huge hugs)))) and many ~~get well & stay healthy~~ vibes coming your way.
    That is a wonderful book. The illustrations look so pretty, I can just imagine how much prettier they are in real life. The camera never seems to do such illustrations justice.
    Now, I hope you're resting...go on! Stop reading! Go rest!

  16. Anni,

    I love the story of the Nutcracker. I first read it as a child. Your book is especially beautiful. A real treat for the holidays.

    Sorry you and Bud are feeling so blah. Dwight and I are both down with the same. I had errands to do this morning and was so glad when they were done. It didn't take me long but didn't have the energy to begin with.

    Some Breathe Easy Tea will help. Check the health food store and if they don't have it buy some Respiractin. It is a great natural remedy without any preservatives. And it works.

    Take care of yourself. That bed sounds good. I may lay down to rest for a bit. I'm exhausted.


  17. Anni your blog is just beautiful!

    I'm sorry you have cold - take the advice of (ex)beekeeper - take a spoon full of honey. It's healing and delicious! Not only good for your cold but also if you suffer from insomnia (a tea spoon in hot milk), fatique, migraine and a lot more.

    The book is just stunning! If you ever wat to sell you know where you can find it - perhaps in exchange for a home made chocolate cake? *g*

    If you have the change do go and the Nutcracker ballet! It's so beautiful and the music.. <3

    Thank you for visiting me Ü


  18. The illustrations are so vibrant. I'll bet they look even better in person.

  19. Dear Anni,

    I sure hope you are feeling better and hope you were able to finally get some sleep.

    I too was up until almost 2:00 and then awake just after 5- for the day!
    I had a cough too, but mainly it was stress that kept my sleep away!

    That book is very lovely.


  20. I love the story of the Nutcracker and that is a beautiful edition.

  21. You're right...the pictures in the book are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them! Enjoy your day...looking forward to next week's Show and Tell!

  22. What great illustrations.

  23. Hey! It's snowing over at Hootin' Annie's!!! I love your page with all the snow falling. Awesome!!

    I enjoyed this post and looking at the beautiful illustrations of the Nutcracker. We are going to see the ballet next week and I can't wait. Your book is a good prelude. Thanks! and Merry Christmas!

  24. I hope you feel better soon! I enjoyed seeing the illustrations - they're beautiful! It's always been one of my favorite ballets!


  25. What a lovely book! I love the pictures. Beautiful! Jean

  26. Hi Anni,
    I did know it snowed in NOLA! My son is in school there and I keep up with their news. A rare occasion indeed!

    Love your book...thanks for sharing.


  27. The illustrations are AMAZING - they would be awesome for kids to see, keep them entralled even if they did not understand the words.

    I hope you get better soon!

    Thank you so much

  28. What lovely pictures in that book. My son collects nutcrackers, and loves that story. That's wild about snow in N.O. They don't know what to do with it down there! Bet it was fun for the kids tho.
    Get well soon, for heaven's sake! It's almost Christmas!

  29. I am so late today and sorry to hear you are sick. I just got over it myself. Still coughing a bit. Loved the book...I love those kinds of books with those old type pictures. Get better!

  30. Sorry you're still sick and hope the coughing passes quickly. Z-cam, lemon tea, Vitamin C ... LOTS of water & rest plus 'staying away from others who might be ill' works best for me.
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. What lovely illustrations - I have always loved the story of the Nutcracker. I hope you get better soon.

  32. I hope you are feeling better. What a nice book!!Thaanks for sharing.

  33. Your blog is so Christmassy. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Hope you're feeling better! I enjoyed the picture of the beautiful Nutcracker. I have a collection of old Christmas books too that is on my blog! Merry CHRISTmas!

  35. Love looking at the book with you! You stay in bed and get well soon! Chicken soup!

  36. Better squish that bug he seem to be moving about.

    Coffee is on.

  37. Wonderfully illustrated book. I can see why it is one of your favorites.

    Now eat some chicken soup and feel better soon.

  38. Just have to say that your blog makes me smile!! And the book is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, and for the grins!!

  39. what a sweet book, I love books & have a few antique childrens books, thanks for visiting me today

  40. You always have the most delightful Shpw and Tell posts. That book is beautiful.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  41. I sure hope you feel better soon!

    I did hear about the snow in New Orleans - weird!!

  42. Your book is almost as magical as seeing the ballet for the first time as a child.

  43. Hope you're feeling better. I'm "bugged" also - and experiencing some of those middle-of-the-night sleepless episodes. Your blog is so very creative; I always enjoy reading it and just looking!

  44. Love that book!! The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous!! Do you know if it has been reproduced and is available these days? I would love to have one!!

    Thanks for the bedtime story!! ;-)


  45. P.S. - I hope you are feeling much better!

    Take care,


  46. I can't find your email addy anywhere so I'll reply to you here. Thank you for doing some research on the book! Can you believe those prices?? I don't think even Santa would agree to one at that price! LOL! You got me going so I started looking elsewhere on Amazon and found one with the same artist. I wonder if this one is similar. Price is sure right!

    Thanks again!

  47. Beautiful illustrations! SNOW???WHAT???!!

  48. Gorgeous drawings and it looks like a book my girls would love, too! Hope you are staying warm this weekend!