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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Friday, November 28th 6:39 A M

Today's the day after Thanksgiving, and I thought I'd share a bit of what is the practical side. Or should I say the frugal side. I never want to throw this away, tho Bud thinks it's ratty and I should, but I won't. Nothing at all fancy or glorified or even delicate and pretty. It's antique tho....

Yep, it's old! I figure at 73 years, maybe older. My parents were married in 1935, and I remember mom telling me that this came with her to her 'new home' after getting married. So, I'm assuming that it was hers before marriage or maybe even my grandmother's. When my dad passed away, I had to have this! I learned how to iron on it. Now, of course today, iron is a nasty word in my mind. Like, a FOUR LETTER WORD! Hey, I'm wrinkled, so why shouldn't my clothes be the same? [kidding!] Only about twice a year do I actually bring this out of storage. The reason I wanted it so badly is because the one I had bought myself when I married was metal and downright clunky! A piece of cheapness beyond description! I never liked it, but it sufficed when I was sewing something or Irene and Erik needed something pressed for a party or what have you. It wasn't worth the money I paid for it. Still, like I said it served its purpose. This one of my mom's is so sturdy! They just don't build them like this any more. thing is, it's porportioned to my height. The old metal 'clunky' one I bought was way too high for me, and there was just no getting around it, it wasn't adjustable to my height.

In the above photo you can see the ironing pad. And you guessed it, it was my mother's original ironing board pad and cover. Enlarging the photo above will show you that there is a huge worn spot where the iron is sitting. I won't get rid of that either. On the board it remains. There are water stains on the cover from the iron's steam too. It's just a 'sentimental' thing for me. This photo to the left shows the back side and how it's constructed. From the top of the photo [in the light turquoise walled area is an extension piece that you grab and pull it down, which will extend the legs and then you take the 'handle' that you grab and place it in a wooden notch to hold it all in place. Again, it's the most sturdy and well built piece of household equipment; comparing it to today's manufacturing. Once it's set up, then, on Wednesday I'm found singing along with the tune "This is the way we iron our clothes, iron our clothes, iron our clothes. This is the way we iron our clothes so early Wednesday morn-n-n-ing!!" [Not!]

Now, you ask: "Why does Anni have the ironing board out anyway?" Glad you asked. I had made some drapes for the living room windows when we refinished the room and painted it. The way the house sits in the layout of the globe/'s facing northwest/southeast. The foundation is NOT straight with sunrise/sunset, so the home is a shade dark all the time. Which is good to not have the direct sunlight in the summer - keeps it cooler. But, it's too dark. I finally purchased some sheer curtains, took the drapes down, and hung only curtains. It did lighten up the room a bit. Now I had the curtains hung, and I was satisfied. The patio door was one I recovered with the curtains...high window! Curtains were a bit shorter than I'd like, so I tore the hem out and lengthened them. All the while they were still hanging. Being the lazy sort that day, I decided to not take them down off the curtain rods and iron them...I got the ironing board out. Set it up in the living room, and steamed the curtain hem out right there at the window. LOL

And back the ironing board went into storage. The iron is hidden from sight too! Someday I'll bring it out again. But H E double L will be getting a bit more icy in the meantime!!


  1. sheesh, it's yours. you don't have to throw it away if you don't want to! have a super weekend dear anni!

  2. I love you bunches.

  3. My mother had an old wooden ironing board. It is still being used by my daughter-in-law. She likes it.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment.

    Have a splendid week-end.

  4. I like your old ironing board! You are right, they don't make them like that anymore. Do they even make ironing boards these days! I have a metal one somewhere in the utility closet but rarely use it.

    Well, Hootin'Anni, I must say that, that is a pretty picture of you on your profile. You're quite a lovely lady! Somehow, I pictured you different.

    Have a great holiday weekend. Thank you for visiting, and God bless!


  5. wuah, it is already Christmas season on your blog :)

  6. It is so great to finally see a face to your blog. You are a beautiful lady!
    It would get rid of the ironing board or cover either. I don't blame you one bit. That is something money can't buy. I'm with you on the ironing! YUCK! I take my clothes out of the dryer and shake them really good and hang 'em. No ironing!
    Hope you have a blessed weeked!

  7. Anonymous11/28/2008

    So here is my "ho,ho,ho"!! If there is one chore I don't truly mind, that's ironing. But that doesn't mean I enjoy it, let me get that straight!! That's a wonderful ironing board, keep it if you have room for it!!
    Did you say Blog Giveaway?? ohhhhh, what fun!! I know I am way too early for the Photo Hunt, but I hardly have time to blog on Saturdays and there are those people posting their pictures already and I can't resist...
    Happy Friday!!

  8. Anni,

    I love your ironing board. Mom still uses hers, which is very much the same - made of wood and the legs open the same way. Someday I'd like to have it. I learned to iron on a board exactly like this. I was taught to iron on Grandma's. Hers and Mom's was identical except for the cover. So yes, the sentimental value is there and I understand how you feel about this one.

    Love your new look. The Santa is unique and beautiful.

    Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving and a wonderful day.


  9. I love your ironing are right they don't make them like this any more.......I am sure you think of your Mom when you see it. I am one of those strange women that enjoy ironing.....:)

    I have enjoyed your blog.....I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!!

  10. Hello Anni,
    I haven't stopped by in awhile and I've missed you so much! I had to google you today, as I haven't updated my links in ages! But I am going to right away!
    I enjoyed reading your post, it is so real and touching and I still have a smile hunging from my lips. So, thank you, and enjoy the holidays!

  11. oh gosh girl ! What I would give to have my grandmothers ,, I remember it so well..... I love the story about yours and the pictures.. It is more than just an old wooden ironing board it is a memory book full of pages....... Hope you enjoy the memories it will bring,, even with a hot iron in your hands,,,,,,,,,, Hope you had your fill of turkey.. I did but having a bit of dressing as we speak....... Happy Day After Thanksgiving..

  12. Hey ... it's letting me comment today! Yippee ;--)

    I love the new holiday theme. I can't get over how creative you are, but you do inspire me to learn more all the time. There's nothing wrong with being frugal ... and this is an utterly WONDERFUL treasure. Thanks for sharing it and the story too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. I iron about once every 3 months - and then I have about 10 things to iron. I would love to have a nice substantial wooden one like that. Love that it has the original pad and cover on it!

    I need to decorate, but don't have the gumption yet!

  14. Love your new blog look! I have an ironing board hanging on the wall in laundry room and an old metal iron.

  15. Those old ironing!! I just got mine out and ironed Mike's shirt for tomorrow night!! I do not iron hardly at all either AND I have ironed curtains like that already hung up..Why not..Easier right? Glad you like my new layout!! I was so happy that I figured it ALL out this time.
    I love your design too...It reminds me of those Jim Shore designs...I think they are beautiful..Sandy

  16. Gday Dear Anni, Love your Ironing board and story If you have room please keep it,, You cant buy one like that anymore.
    hehehe The wineries were closed on our way home so could call and have a taste. they all offer free tasting of all there wines no obligation to buy. Campbells have some nice whites I dont drink red wine but its here for visitors..
    \_/\_/ bottoms up cheers...

  17. That's a great keepsake. I love wooden ironing boards. Your so lucky to have it. I hope my children treasure keepsakes as much as I do. Love the way you keep changing your masthead. Is there a school I can go to to learn 1/2 as much as you know about blogging. Have a great week.

  18. Hi Anni, I learned to iron on an ironing board similar to this that my dad made for my mom when they started out housekeeping. I don't iron much anymore either, but you brought back memories of watching my mom iron for hours on that board. I'm going to see if she still has it. Thanks for the memory. :)

  19. Oh, Anni, I'd be like you, I would never be able to get rid of that ironing board. As you say, not only due to sentimental reasons but also because it's so much sturdier than what you can buy today. A few years ago I bought myself a new one and every time I use it, I expect it to just fall apart, it shakes and moves when I'm ironing. Ugh. My mom had a really unique ironing board when I was growing up...her's was built into the wall! In the kitchen there was this long narrow door in the wall next to the table. When you opened the door, there was the ironing board...the one end was attached to the wall so you just brought it down and unfolded the front legs. When done, you just folded the legs and pushed it back up against the wall and closed the door:-) xoxo