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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Please...come in...sit a spell.
Our hostess has made it clear that we're going to celebrate [Halloween or otherwise] today.

All Hallow's Eve is my Very Bestest time for Autumn!
The house is decorated...
The candy is everywhere...
Both Bud and I make sure we are in top shape for the festivities. [by the way, Bud usually goes as the Hunchback --he does a good 'stooped shouldered geezer'--errrr, ummmm, shuffling guy!]

So,....come into my parlor.
The hot cider is mulled...
The pumpkins are glowing...
The eerie music is playing...

Sit a short while
Upon you, I'll cast a spell...

Okay, that rendition is done, seriously tho, this is one of the best days of the year for me. Halloween, that is. Since I was a child, we have always had such fun. I remember my first Halloween party I attended as a teenager. Bobbing for apples; games galore. Dancing. Costumes. A particular game comes to mind that I can still recall. And taste, and feel still today! I was chosen to go first. I was blindfolded. And then, helped to go through a line...I'd have to taste a concoction and as I tasted it, swirled it around in my mouth, the one behind the table would describe it. [For instance, grapes...half mushed and bitter sweet...I "WAS EATING the brains of a werewolf" and then down the line of tables came one where I had to put my hand in the was actually pumpkin seeds and the fibrous strings from cleaning a pumpkin...I recall the smell and the slime!! It was described to me as "The remains of a cadaver intestines!" Oh and one was a cold bowl of cooked spaghetti with something...I can't recall whether it was tomatoes or what, but that was supposed to be worms from a crypt. But all in all, I was voted the one to win the prize, 'cause I guessed correctly on most what they REALLY were. Granted, I did gag a few times. Yet, it was fun! So, so fun. Which prompted me to enjoy it yearly. I have ever since....

This year, once again, I'm the Wicked Witch of South Texas. I have most often been in black, with a black witch's hat. This year, I've confiscated bought a new costume. It's purple velvet with black stringy and rotten nylon layers. And a matching hat! I'll model it for you. Give you a sneak preview; it's me under all that green makeup. I donned it all for Fun Monday. I'll wash it off 'til the 31st...don't wanna scare anyone around town just yet....Don't tell anyone tho, okay?-----

[can be enlarged if you dare]

~...end Fun Monday
[comment HERE if you'd like to skip the rest of my entry]


There are only a few more days 'til Halloween.
The last of the treats'll be handed out,
and tho just another day, 'tis really quite so keen...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL! And to all a good day --I shout!

Here are the friends who will receive the Halloween treats from me today:


...and here is the treat:

If you see your name above, click on the treat and it'll open in a new window, then click to save.


In political news:

THIS IS AMAZING <-link The judgment and article makes me HAPPY!
Monday Morning News: Another GOP Senator endorses Obama!!

- - -

Bee Dancer is next week's Fun Monday hostess


  1. Good evening Anni, you are a great.. scary should win a prize for your costume..You are really into Halloween...
    Have fun....hugs, Baba

  2. Oh i am surprise Anni very nice of you. Happy Halloween. TC

  3. Yo! Found ya! LOL .... Just clicked your Anchorage News link. What a HOOT that is!! :) Made me chuckle. Not much longer 'til the 4th. Can't wait, and would love to see that map turn blue. Wouldnt that be fun? ... So sorry to see the LF board gone, but I understand. At least I still know where to find ya.

  4. Thank you so much Anni. You are such fun and so sweet to hand out such creative treats.

  5. You are such a fun person, love you.

  6. You are one scary witch there! Keep up the good spooking!

  7. Anni, I LOVE your costume! How long did it take to put all that green makeup on. HA! :)


  8. I LOVE YOUR COSTUME! You look fantastic! How fun are you!?!?! Can we come trick or treating to your house!? Please!?! :)

  9. Anonymous10/27/2008

    Eating grapes will never bethe same for me after reading about your party, bwahahaha!
    Your witch costume is fantastic, love the green make up, because you're worth it!

  10. As an Australian I feel right out of the Halloween loop! We know about it, of course, but nothing much is done. When I was a teacher I was told not to mention it because the idea was scary! I love all your witches.

  11. i'm seated, go ahead and cast your spell... although i think you've done it already. i'm enamoured with your halloween decor and stories and excitement. such a pity we don't celebrate it here...

  12. Love the photos of the "new you", Anni...heehee! Seriously, they are so good and you'll out-witchy anyone in that get up.

    I went to a Halloween party when I was 16 and like you, was blindfolded and asked to meet Napoleon. I was given a chair leg to feel and that was his wooden leg, then they ran my hand over a stainless steel upside down bowl and that was his bald head. Next my finger was pushed into half a (very) ripe peeled banana...and that was his blind eye! The feeling was indescribable...needless to say I screamed! Yuk...

    Thank you so much for the award, Anni. You are spoiling me (but I like it!). I hope you have a wonderfully spooky Halloween.

  13. Wow! You make a great witch!

  14. I was tempted to be the Wicked Witch from "Wicked". How do you do the make up on your arms and hands??? Does it come off or do you have a trick?

    That is a GREAT costume! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the costume!!!! :)
    I didn't play this fun Monday, but I am planing taking pics of all the scarecrows around our town and post it tomorrow.

  16. Ha! You look just like me....without a costume.

  17. Your costume is fantastic! And your house definitely sounds like somewhere I'd want to come trick or treating. Halloween is so much fun and I love that we get to be kids all over again!

  18. Anni,

    I can't believe I missed your Halloween party. Dang! I always miss all the fun.

    Love your witches costume. It is awesome.

    I also bobbed for apples when I was young. We always had a Halloween party at the one-room school that I attended. There was lots of spooky fun. Living in a rural area, we only went to about 5 houses on Halloween night but my sister and I spent weeks on our homemade costumes. No store bought costumes for us. I have gone as a hobo, farmer, Mother Nature and a few other characters. We didn't have TV and had no knowledge of horror moves, but did know about Dracula and Frankenstein. However, we had to be forces of good. Good witches and no monsters, but ghosts were okay. LOL Our costumes were much different than today.

    Take care, my friend and have a great week.


  19. That is one fabulous costume...especially that green paint.
    Have fun trick or treating...looks like you'll be doing both.

  20. Great post, and I love your costume! I only wish you hadn't put words right across your face!

  21. Mary!
    Don't've been a very busy lady!!
    There's a reason I put the 'tag' on the photos. Can you guess?


  22. Love the costume. That makeup is fabulous!!

  23. If I have nightmares tonight it's your fault !! I don't want to meet you in the dark in that outfit lol !
    I read the article about Palin and McCain, the best Halloween couple, they alone make enough horror ! They don't even need a costume !
    We here in Europe read and hear very bad things about this woman !

  24. I came over from Janet's, because I adore Halloween costumes. I love the makeup job-quite scary!

  25. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, sorry. You scared me! ;0)

  26. What a great costume! I have to wonder how long it takes to "green up" your face...and does your skin stay tinted for a few days afterwards??

  27. Wow, woman! You make a helluva witch!!! I haven't gone that all out with a costume in ages. Very creepy (and fun!). I'm sure you're going to have a super Halloween!!

  28. Anni, I have missed your festive blog. You did not disappoint not only is your home decorated for Halloween, but your blog is too. Your witch costume with the green face and all is fabulous.

  29. Oooooh you witch you!!! hehe Oh, Anni, what a fabulous costume and look at you, complete with green makeup! WOW!!!! Reading of your Halloween memories, it brought back a lot of my own memories...I, too, remember being blindfolded and having to touch or taste all kinds of "spooky" things. The one I remember the most were the "eyeballs"...grapes! lol

    You are so much fun my friend:-) xoxo

  30. There was a Halloween story about some old guy who died and we ate his body parts.
    grapes was his eyes, cooked spaghetti was his brains. I also recall using jello for something but what I don't know.
    It was always good fun.

    Coffee is on.

  31. Happy Halloween Hoot.......... We live in the country so we never get kids out here...... Kinda nice really...... but hope you enjoy the holiday........

    thanks for always stopping by and visiting my blog....... have a blessed Tuesday.....

  32. Hey Anni, I thought you'd go as Obama! However, the witch costume is too good not to enjoy. How much cold cream to get rid of the green makeup? And, who could forget those innocent games we enjoyed so many years ago? Almost better than turning over outhouses, which I confess we did in the country. . .

    My FM post is finally up--should be Fun Tuesday. I was out of town until late today.

  33. Okay Anni, Blogger is messing with my mind tonight and wasting its time--not much left. I was just saying that am surprised that you didn't go as Obama, but shame to waste such a good witch get up. I too remember all the games you described fondly. Have to confess that in the country we also enjoyed turning over a few outhouses. . .

    My very late posted Fun Monday is up if you have time to check it out.

  34. Anonymous10/28/2008

    That is Awesome!!! I love love love it. Grace (mamarehema)

  35. I enjoyed your ghost story. Very intense. I've been intrigued by the heads & tails site several weeks. So I've followed you over there and joyed the fun this week. My ghost story is a true adventure experienced when we lived in an old house several years ago. Thanks for pointing me to another fun site. :)

  36. Sorry to be visiting a couple of days late. I’ve not spent much time on the computer for several days so I’m WAY BEHIND … but I promise I’ll catch up … eventually. I did go to City Hall yesterday and voted and find it’s a relief to be done with that … though I’ll either watch or record Obama’s half hour tonight just because. I enjoyed reminiscing about Halloween traditions from my past while reading your post. Hope you have a lovely time ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,