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Our Fun Monday host asks of us:
    Your job is to doodle this week. Keep a piece of paper near the phone or grab a scrap of paper while you are watching TV. Start with the number 9, for Nine Acres, of course. Draw the number 9 in red and then use a different color for the rest of your doodling. That way we can all see where the original 9 was in your doodle. It is up to you how you incorporate the 9 into the doodle. It can look like something we know, or it can just be shapes. It can be colorful, or can be one color, besides the red 9. When you are finished your doodle, take a picture of it or scan it and post it on Monday.

I can't wait to hop over there today sometime and see just how I'm going to be analyzed!! hehehehe

Here is my doodles paper, scanned:

...and then, oh oh...do I really want to do this? Just how close will this 'analysis' be to the real me? Okay...again, here goes nuttin'!!! *clicking on the analytical site url*
    Cats: Doodles of cats need to be examined carefully. Is it playful in nature, or is it a spiteful/aggressive cat? The nature of the cat indicates it's meaning. [Mine, of course, is happy!}
    Dots: Dots forming a pattern or picture are sometimes the doodles of a fragmented personality. They can also indicate an extreme state of anxiety or a lack of stability. [I think I'm very stable!- but, I used dots for eyes, right?]
    Eyes: Doodles of eyes are often sign of a wish to be alluring. However, repeatedly doodled eyes may indicate that they feel constantly watched. [Me alluring? I don't think so!! But, I wonder just what the heck it means when I start with an eye and in red no less?]
    Jets: Aeroplanes of all kinds are said to be evidence of a strong sex drive. [Two words - 'Oh sh!t'!!]
    Newspaper Headlines: People who fill in or embellish the letters in newspaper headlines are thought to be the soldiers in life rather than the initiatore. [I certainly embellished...my huge Obama and Nov. 4th. Could possibly mean headlines I guess...but I need to get the thesaurus, what the heck is initiatore?]
    Portraits: Faces are usually doodled by adolescent girls, seeking to produce an idealized self-portrait. Faces in profile, however, can be a sign of an introverted personality. Comic faces are usually drawn by men, indicating a desire to be the centre of attention. [Oh, so now they call me an adolescent girl with a man's desire to be the center of attention? Well....hmmphf!!! I never!!!]
My own personal analysis would be I'm a sex driven, zoom-zoom, curvy, earring toting beauty queen [kidding!], with a red eye [better than a red a$$, right?] who can be partly sunny in demeanor with a rainy side at the same time; one who loves her kitties and computer, can eat a lot, loves the country for which it stands, and most of all....bubbly!! [Didn't you notice the bubbles coming out of my can of Sprite™?] Could very well be that I play the game 'cat and mouse' too, 'cause I made sure that I drew the mouse by the cats/computer!!

Note: I actually checked Google for define:initiatore --it asked if I actually meant 'initiator'. I feel better now. [and that my friends must be the doodle part of pumpkin pie, Sprite and a shopping list...the initiator in me!!]

~...end Fun Monday
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And finally, the Halloween Treats:

It's a different week, and the treat again will be different. This week, it's a bit on the 'more Autumn' kinda treat. With a little "Halloween flair" but more to do with Fall. I'm handing them out for commentors to my blog who leave ME treats this month with their kind words. Don't be dismayed, I plan on handing them out daily. Only take them if your name appears for the day---

So, check back often, you're name may show up here!
To begin my traditional fun, as I love Halloween, today the trick 'r' treaters are:


And the treat this week will be:

When your name appears above, if you'd like to save this, click on it to enlarge...you'll then be able to grab the treat and run! Happy October, Happy Halloween.


  1. Anonymous10/12/2008

    I love you, and your creativity.

  2. Anonymous10/12/2008

    Thank you so much! I'm honored! I really enjoy blogging, and I have loved all the people I have come to know through it.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Ha! Thanks for participating! i like your analysis so much better! Oh, and by the way, i found many spelling errors in the analysis page. It was from the BBC, so it is all their fault!

  4. Your doodles were fun! Mine are... boring. This is going to be an interesting fun monday!

  5. I liked your doodle. You are so imaginative. Okay, where is a pencil?

  6. I actually played this Fun Monday! Funny... I never was much of a doodler - but this just caught my attention! It was FUN! Gotta try new things sometimes! LOL! I love your "self-portrait"!!!

  7. Anonymous10/12/2008

    Hey, I like those doodles!

  8. Anonymous10/12/2008

    Anni, you're a hoot! Those doodles are great! Your analysis is awesome.

    And I love your Sunday post - Have a great Monday!

  9. See that? By doodling, you saved yourself big bucks, not having to go get analyzed by a professional! lol That's one thing I don't do...doodle...really! I can have a pad and pencil beside me while I'm on the phone or whatever and I never doodle. Hmmm...what does THAT mean I wonder???? xoxo

  10. So, after hearing Obama at a rally many months ago, he's still your guy? Good to know that someone who appears to have a lot of sense is still with him. I'm trying, but still have reservations. Will watch this week's debate and hope it's not as boring as last week's. . .

  11. Wow ! you doodled a lot ! I like these analyses they are so funny (and stupid) hehe ! For this I had to be on the phone, otherwise I can't doodle, lol !

  12. I loved your analysis that was done on your doodles. That is a crack up! I'm glad you got Obama in there somewhere! YAY! Have a fantastic week!

  13. Anonymous10/13/2008

    I love your two cats and the computer!! didn't know about the meaning of drawing planes...lol!!
    interesting doodling! Happy Monday :)

  14. what an analysis... must say though, you doodle real well. very arty, dear anni!

  15. Anni,

    Loved your Fun Monday doodles and LOL at your personal analysis. Cute!

    I love your treat this week. You make such fantastic Halloween treats. I'm sure the people who received them will be delighted.

    Blessings for a great week.

  16. What a fun doodle and analysis. I love the smiling face!

  17. According to the Doodle Analysis site I am "romantic in nature. Indicating a desire to blossom and be fruitful in life". - Huh?

  18. Maybe those doodles are trying to tell you something. ;) I always doodle with cartoon characters, or butterflies. Probably means I'm goofy, which would be right. :) Thanks for the treat!

  19. I love the treat Anni. Thanks for giving it to me. The doodle thing is interesting.
    I tried to post this under the wordpress address but it wouldn't let me do it so it's still under the old address.

  20. There is many items in your doodle and detail making it very interesting.

  21. I love the little kitties! I used the symbols on my keyboard all the time in chat to show my "inner Tigger" - just like the ones you drew!

    Cute doodles - very creative!

  22. As usual, Anni, you stepped up to the plate this week for "Fun Monday". I wish I had half your imagination and creativity.

    Have a good week, Anni.

  23. Anonymous10/13/2008

    I must admit that I love your version of it much better :-)

    I don't dare to try something like that out.... Phew!

    Congratulations x millions to the award'ers!

    I think that you might want to know that I'm mentioning you in my post:

    Get some Halloween spirit

  24. Bwahahaha love that! Lifecruiser sent me, so glad she did. My doodles are full of flowers and curly leaves (and stems) - haven't had time to scan it yet tho.

  25. Bwahahaha love that! Lifecruiser sent me, so glad she did. My doodles are full of flowers and curly leaves (and stems) - haven't had time to scan it yet tho.

  26. I am always doodling and I draw a bunny rabbit with big eyes and huge whiskers and of course big ears!! I wonder what that means!! I had fun reading your post!! Hugs Gram

  27. I LOVE your doodles! Love the tiny list near the two cats. :) Lots of stuff on your paper. ;)

  28. Funny! I like how you analyzed yourself. Still cracking me up. :)

  29. Here's MY analysis of your doodle: I see that it must be an intelligent person, with fingers in lots of different "pies" - busy, busy, busy!
    (And with a sense of humor! Loved your comment on my nine with roots--Haha!)

  30. Interesting doodles, Anni. When I doodle (which isn't very often...I'm not a doodler by nature), but when I do, it's flowers...everywhere, and if there are different coloured pens and pencils around, I colour them in!

  31. You get down with your beauty queen self, girl!

  32. Anonymous10/13/2008

    I like the kitty faces best. I usually draw those too. And yes - I'd say your airplane, more like a jet, is VERY strong on that page! heh heh heh

  33. Never heard of fun Monday but there a lot of fun on blogs.

    Coffee is on.

  34. your doodle analysis made me laugh, It was cool! If I doodle its always flowers or hearts. My husband doodle are a masterpiece. He made one while waiting on each grandchild to be born, the are beautiful. I am saving them for our 4 grandchildren. PS: Today was a hard day for me, and your comment on my post, made me cry, a good cry. I had the bad ones earlier. I was very touched by your words. Sometimes I feel life has left me behind, and everyone is going on in theirs. You have to know the lady, before to understand. I was bubbly and a people person. Now I just see family and doctors. But you helped me more than you could know, on this day. Thank you!!

  35. Your doodles are so complete ... mine are all scattered ! What, no Halloweeny things in there - I was looking ?

  36. As I suspected, your Fun Monday ‘doodles’ are creatively ‘kewl’ … your ‘analysis’ intriguingly entertaining. Typing this reminds me I should check out who’s hosting next week so I can plan ahead, but (alas) I’m going to be away from home again today and tomorrow so there may not be much time … especially since I’m doing what I can to ‘catch up’ from being gone each day this past week. I do have some newly captured ‘sunrise’ photos so I’ll be participating in the Sunrise-Sunset meme again this weekend.
    Hugs and blessings,


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