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My Thursday 13 & a bit more---

Since Tuesday's Summer All Star Game between the National League and the American League baseball...I thought while watching it Tuesday evening [extra innings 15---to the wee hours of the morning, Wednesday] and tears welled up in my eyes with all the old players of my youth being out in the field --some of the greats like Whitey Ford, Yogi Bera, films of Joe DiMaggio, Robinson, and dozens more! I grew up with baseball. Each summer we'd go see a game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis [my father's favorite team]. Remembering my brother's caught fly foul ball and he went down and got it autographed by some of the 'greats' of our time! I now, also, have an autographed ball from a foul hit in Coors Field in Colorado. It's a treasure only in my's as the commercial goes..."Tickets to the game - $50, A hot dog with everything on it -$5 --an autographed baseball from the Colorado Rockies?---PRICELESS!!

How sad it's going to be to see the old Yankee Stadium razed. It's been there 'forever' for me, and it's part of American Culture!!! Hence my 13 this time is all about the history of us...even those who AREN'T Yankees or baseball fans, it's still a big part of the American Dream becoming a reality....

edition #67

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This is the last year of an American Baseball Icon. I found a very interesting article in our newspaper the other day, and after reading it, I naturally, wanted more. So, I went out on the 'net and did my usual research---

1. Yankee Stadium was the first ballpark to ever be referred to as a 'stadium'.
2. After construction was complete at the cost of 2.5 million dollars, it opened in 1923 [85 years ago!]
  1. Construction began on May 5, 1922 and opened for the first game on April 18, 1923
  2. The land is 10 acres, purchased for $675,000.00 from William Waldorf Astor
  3. The Yankees team owned it until they sold it to the city of New York in 1972 for $24 million.

3. After a Yankees Home Victory - the song blares over the field "New York, New York" with Frank Sinatra singing.
4. Prior to the completion of the stadium, the Yankees never won a World Series. The first season playing in the new stadium they won, beating the Giants in 6 games.
5. Among the features within the park is Memorial Park...with 37 monuments and plaques depicting the memorable, honorable, Yankees.
6. Babe Ruth helped 'design' the stadium, suggesting aspects that would help the 'left-handed' players!
7. It's been dubbed the "House That Ruth Built"....
8. When Yankee Stadium opened on April 18, 1923 there were 74,200 fans in attendance to see the Babe hit a three-run blast as the Yankees won their first game, 4-1 over the Red Sox.
9. The capacity of Yankee Stadium has changed 15 times since it opened.
  1. largest capacity among all 30 Major League ballparks

10. It was renovated after the 1973 season - 48 million dollars
11. The rebuilt stadium did retain an exact replica of the façade, which now spans the 560-foot-long scoreboard that stretches across the bleachers. Today, the white picket fence-style façade and large line scoreboard in left-center field are Yankee Stadium’s signature features.
12. Known as the "Bleacher Creatures", the Stadium’s most famous inhabitants occupy the bleachers, which have been alcohol free since 2001.
13. The Stadium’s main entrance is located behind home plate and has the most congested foot traffic.

  • The All American Team, Yankees, played ball in the polo park from 1913-1922 on the polo grounds directly across the Harlem River from where the stadium now stands. [demolished in 1964]
  • Yankee Stadium's Physical address is:
      161st Street & River Avenue

      Bronx, NY 10451
  • The new Yankee Stadium will open April 16, 2009
  • Est. cost: $80 million

  • NYY Logo

  • NYY Logo


    1. That is sad indeed, but thank you for sharing your memories with us, it's very sweet!

    2. I enjoyed reading the history and all your memories, even if I am a huge A's fan, and cannot stand the Yankees. Haha!

      Last year, I was sitting behind the dugout with a sign that said, "Win one for my birthday." One of the pitchers saw it and wished me a happy one. When I asked him to sign my baseball, he said yes, and passed it down the row to all his buddies. I will cherish that ball forever.

    3. It is good that you have such a passion for baseball. I really did not grow up liking sports and still really don't..but hubby...well he is a died in the wool CUBS fan and always will be. I told him that I think when he was born he had a CUBS ball cap on his little tiny head (he was only around 3lbs) He watches them no matter WHAT they do. Such is a good FAN!!

    4. My husband and I were talking about the stadium and that marathon of a game last night. Thanks for sharing these interesting facts. Happy TT.

    5. Great list! Mine's up too Hope you can drop by... Happy TT!

    6. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I grew up in Queens with three brothers, so that make me a Met fan by default. We sorta feel the same way about the old Met's stadium. It was weird enough when they took off the confetti made of Met colors, but now the stadium is to be completely replaced. *sigh*

      Blogless Thursday tomorrow!

      Tink *~*~*
      My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

    7. Wow, This stadium really has some great history. The originally Tiger Stadium located in Detroit has been abandoned for several years now. They recently just started tearing it down. I also have some great memories of our old stadium. I've been to the new stadium, Comerica Park and it's just not the same. I'll be sad to see this part of Detroit's history go. Great TT as always!!

    8. I do love baseball! Thanks for sharing your passion for the Yankees. We are Rockies people (Denver of course). I'm glad that baseball is returning to the real game from all the steroid use bashing!

      Happy TT!

    9. I think that I am a rarity: someone outside of New York who actually likes the Yankees (as long as they aren't playing The Tigers). It's because the Yanks won the first World Series I ever saw as a kid and the Derek Jeter factor (he grew up in my home state of MI). Thanks for sharing these tidbits about Yankee Stadium.

    10. I'm sorry to see it go, Anni. I think it stinks.

    11. I have never been into baseball but id love to see a game at Yankee Stadium. Happy TT:)

    12. I have never been to that particular stadium (being a west coast child) but I am sad to see it go! Some of the BEST played there...

      Happy TT!

    13. While not a huge baseball fan, even I feel a bit of nostalgia for Yankee stadium.Great history...thanks.

    14. Did you get a new design? It's awfully cute!

    15. Enjoyed this sweetie.

    16. Anonymous7/17/2008

      What a WONDERFUL TT. I bawled at the beginning of the game watching such wonderful HOFers - then bawled at the end (actually used quite a bit of profanity) when the NL lost.

      The Pink Flamingo

    17. Gabriella Hewitt7/17/2008

      First I've got to tell you I love your logo and the little bug crawling across the screen below your TT post. The TT post is great. As someone who grew up north of NYC, there was tons I didn't know. I caught a recast of the beginning of the All Star Game here on Japanese TV and it was really touching to see all those legends in baseball lined up like that.

      Thanks for stopping by my TT and thanks for putting together a great one of your own.

    18. Sounds yummy!
      My brother is an avid Yankee fan, even though he lives on the opposite coast. This is NOT making his day, for certain. And Angel Stadium, or whatever they're calling it now, is all about corporate nonsense. I guess the ballparks are going the way of the ice box. I just hate to think of such a great American institution fading away into obscurity.
      Great post, Annie!

    19. Good Morning, Anni,

      When I first heard the news that New York Stadium would be demolished, I was saddened. It is a historic landmark and I really think they should have left it as such. What a shame that this beautiful piece of history is going under the wrecking ball. Thanks so much for sharing.

      Blessings for a great day.

    20. Interesting stuff! And new to me. So that's cool too. Thanks for dropping by (even if flickr was being uncooperative, sorry about that!)

    21. Hi Anni. All very interesting facts... great idea!! Do you mean that the Yankee Stadium is going to be destroyed? Demolished? That really sucks big time if that's what they're doing! I am totally against the destruction of historic buildings like that.

      Happy T13!

      My post is here:
      Thursday 13

      Or visit my whole blog:
      I Was Born2Cree8

    22. Well, I'm another Tiger fan here in MI who doesn't like the Yankees at all. But it's still a beautiful stadium. I, too, got teary eyed when they introduced the Hall of Famers. I'm really glad the AL is winning now. When I was young it was pitiful the way the NL tromped them every year.

      Love your new look!

      Come by and see my trip to the lake.

    23. Sad news for sure!

      Great post.

      Happy T13

    24. Baseball is not very well known here and not at all a famous sport like soccer where everybody goes crazy. I like the building it looks like an arena !

    25. That was soooo cool. IT was interesting to read all those facts. Sorry about Yankee. I went through that a few years ago with Busch, so I felt your pain through that too.

      Great TT

    26. Great TT and most interesting facts, Anni, even though I never understood baseball....

    27. Anonymous7/17/2008

      Come visit my site,....... please. Explains why my sister hasn't been posting lately. Hugs to you. Cindy

    28. I have not seen a Yankee game in years. I saw a Rangers game,but was not impressed.

    29. I'm originally from NY so this really feels like the end of an era. I can't imagine driving by and not seeing Yankee Stadium.

    30. Dear Annie,
      I just popping by to tell you that you should NOT miss to pass by my blog tomorrow because there will be a little surprise waiting for you over there!


    31. What a coincidence! My good friend Carol was just talking to me about these things … lamenting the fact that she’d never been to Yankee Stadium and wasn’t likely to get there any time soon, so she never would get to see it first-hand. I encouraged her to go soon (since it seems to be important to her) but I don’t think she will. My T-13 is at Small Reflections (as usual), but I’ve left a little something for you at Sacred Ruminations … drop by when you have time.
      Hugs and blessings,

    32. Yeeep... it's sad to lose that old stadium... but I guess it's gotta keep up with the Jones's! II would imagine that Yankee FANS have mixed feelings about it. I just know I still like the OLD logo better!

    33. :( Sad, but the new stadium should be better.