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This week's prompt is "A Summer Memory"

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One summer memory, huh?

Okay. This will be a bit different I bet. It's not gonna be about a trip, or what I did during the summer when I was a kid and making my own money babysitting, summer camp, or anything like that. It's gonna be about the first summer Bud and I lived in the Arizona desert; our 'maiden' summer there, after retiring.

We relocated in Tucson in late January to get acclimated to the weather before the summer months. Our initial summer, June wasn't bad. In fact we really enjoyed it. We loved the heat as compared to the long winters in Colorado [in fact when we left to follow the moving van to Arizona --it had snowed!!! And we drove south through snow and ice until we were over Raton Pass going into New Mexico]. We loved the blue sky. We loved the Catalina Mountain Range, we loved going down to Old Mexico, Tombstone, the zoo, the wildlife desert museum, the film studios, the wildflowers....experiencing the landscaping of our yard in the infamous desert style -xeriscape. We put in a pond with a fountain...we built a deck. We built a bridge across our dry 'gulch' flower bed. We fell in love with the Palo Verde Trees. The way our roses bloomed so profusely, the two gigantic Saguaro cacti that had arms in our own back yard. You name it we loved the whole concept of no work scheduled and the dry heat!

Our home was cooled with an evaporative cooler system. All was lovely.

Until the Monsoon Season began in late July!!! There isn't such a thing as dry heat then! Believe you, me!! It's deathly hot --normally 100 and above. And humidity daily anywhere from 70% to 100%!! We lasted two weeks back then with a swamp cooler ['nother name for an evaporative cooler]. You see, when it's that hot and that humid, the swamp cooler just doesn't do diddly squat in cooling! All it does at that part of the summer is throw off MORE humidity, and doesn't cool the interior enough to make it less than miserable. It's great when the desert has the dry heat...but during the rainy season [from anywhere beginning late June through about September at the latest!].

Two weeks of that miserable cooling system and I had the cooling truck and workers out at our home installing a whole new unit...called air conditioning!!

Oh ya, and that summer first we resided there, we learned to park our car in the shade of a tree ---no matter HOW FAR we had to walk in the heat to get into the malls/stores/theaters!!! Why, if you didn't leave a window open while you were in the store for 1/2 hour or more...if you left your car all closed break out from combustion of the heat collected inside!!

After the air conditioning unit was installed and the machine cooled the house down to a comfortable 70 degrees, I tolerated the Monsoon Seasons okay for nearly 12 years. Until one day about mid-July I went out just after sunrise and the sky was white hot, and the temp was in the 90's already...I got home from my walk in the desert and said to Bud..."let's go where there is water and sea breezes"!!! At first he thought I was talking 'vacation'....well, no --- permanently my dear sweet cheeks. Permanently.


  1. that is actually very funny...

  2. Hi Anni,Tucsun sounds like Darwin Known as the top end of Australia, they have a dry and wet seasons, We used to holiday there for 3 months during our winter as u was assured it was the only place in Oz that had beatiful weather between May and August. And Oh boy you soon moved on once the high humidity started. I couldnt live there in that humidity..Btw todays temp here only got to 10c About 50f Brrrrrrrrrr.....Cheers My friend\_/\_/

  3. Hello there! Hmn...that was quite a Hot,HoT story.Good thing there is air-conditioning already.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Summer could never really been HoTter!
    We have that during March to May here in the Philippines.

  5. wow, sounds like quite an adventure. definately sounds a bit like darwin! i've never liked it when the weather is just so hot that you can't function.

  6. i cant stand it when its too hot and you cant breathe. thank goodness for air con eh!

    My HoTs is up too. Hope youll stop by ;-)

  7. ^_^ what a memory of ur summer...

    thanks drop at my post.

  8. I always wondered what it might be like to live out in the desert, and now I know! I think I'd like to visit, but give me cool sea breezes anytime! :)

    Happy HOT day Anni, and thank you for the well wishes for Canada Day! :)

  9. It is funny how one idea (living in Arizona) can lead to another idea eventually when you have had enough. I am glad you like the new home better.

    Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane.
    I will buy you a fudgicle from the ice cream truck. LOL

  10. yeap, my brother and sister in law have lived there for a LONG time now!! I just do not know how they stand it. My brother calls it, "like living in Hell!!
    i would move!! We like it here. It is hot but not at all like in Arizona..WHEW!!


  11. I hate hate hate heat and humidity.. I don't know how you stayed that long. LOL! :)

  12. Anni,

    Thank you for your Canada Day wish. I appreciate it.

    Loved your story about the summers in Arizona. Glad you got the AC. I don't mind heat but if it comes with humidity it does me in.

    Glad you are enjoying your Texas breezes. I enjoyed learning about your years in the desert.


  13. Very nice take on the theme! I do love Arizona, but I can't imagine living there year round like that. A little too hot for me. :)

  14. Way to hot for me.

  15. LOL Too hot for me but a great post Anni!

  16. funny.. I have lived in both arizona and colorado.. so totally get it :)

    Summers of my past

  17. When we moved to Phoenix from Idaho it was the middle of May. In Idaho the temperature had reached 75 one day before we left. In Phoenix the temperature was at 95 or above. My daughter and I used the pool a lot and scandalized the others in the apartment complex because it was too cold to be swimming yet according to them. We survived, and we loved it for 7 years before we left the Arizona desert to return to the Idaho desert. I was never comforted by the "It's a dry heat" bit because I had lived in the desert all my life and knew how hot it could get in Idaho. I was sure Arizona would be worse - and it was.

  18. Cool! I came by to visit your TT from last week, but I can't find it, so I'm just visiting. Thanks for visitng Raven's Roads though :)

  19. I live in Canada and thank goodness that it usually doesn't get above 38C here in the summer because I can not handle the heat. That's wild that the car windows explode. Thanks for stopping by my HOT! :o)

  20. That was a HOT story. So how are the ocean breezes?

    Love your blog!

  21. I loved your summer memory! We just got back from Arizona. Dry heat is till heat, in my opinion. 112 while we were there. Yeah, it's 95 with 80% humidity here, but I'm used to that. I couldn't live without air conditioning!

  22. I enjoyed your colorful tale of your 1st summer of retirement in Arid-zona and know first-hand of what you speak. My brother & his family lived there for about 10 years and I hated the summers. I've got a friend who lives there now, but I only visit in the Spring and Fall ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Now that was a HoT tale! :)

  24. funny. lol!

    thanks for the visit.

  25. Here around I haven't seen any airconditionners in homes, people open all windows in the morning and then shut them, they close the stores and live with electric light ! nobody likes airconditionning, lol !I couldn't comment or do anything yesterday Internet was out of work ! We have been in the mountains yesterday where the James Bond crew was ! Was so surprised to see the name everywhere and the hotel owner was SOOOO proud. Weather is wonderful too. Each morning while my old man still sleeps I am sitting here on a camping place on the terrace and do my blogging for an hour.
    Due to lack of time I have to copy sometimes my comments, sorry.