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Independence Day Decor at Hootin' Anni's

A couple of table top decorations this week. This one is my "Betsy Ross" statue. She's made of resin and was 50% off at Hobby Lobby about a month ago. I have her surrounded by red sparkly shredded grass and some white carnations. Also, behind her are a couple of tea lights done in red/white/and blue. Sadly, I saw the same sized Uncle Sam there also, but the only one left was chipped, so I didn't get him. And they've yet to have any others like him, so she stands alone.

This is my bone china American Eagle; perched on a small wooden pedestal. He also is on a table top. I, of course, needed some 'red white and blue' so I have him surrounded with white lace and blue marbles, along side him are my wooden '1776 era' candle holders with red candles. Behind him is a blue water bottle. "Dusted" with the red sparkly grass.

And the last photo is one of the two wooden candle holders. I've had these a long time. They're old and more of a "Spanish or maybe Mediterranean" style but I thought the shape would suffice for an 'antique look' of the 1770's era and Independence. Of course, on the 4th we will light the candles and have a candle lit dinner for celebrating.


  1. Very nice decoration ! my favourite is your candle holder, I love wooden things.
    Tomorrow I'll post and comment from Italy ! Hope I get a good internet connection !

  2. I don't have any decorations for the 4th. :( Our exciting long weekend includes removing wallpaper and painting. Woot! I've made Jim promise to take a break and take me to watch fireworks. :)

  3. Howdy...What a great S&T. Have a joyful weekend.

  4. I just love the eagle, all of your decoration are so wonderful, that I can not ever say which one is my favoriate, thanks for stopping by my site hope you enjoyed your visit have a great weekend......

  5. Hi Dear Anni.
    Just love your decorations, but I must say I love 'Betsy Ross'al decked out in her stars and stripes.

    Btw. I cant forget the 4thjuly it was my late Hubbies Birthday he would have been 72 this birthday and our anniversary would be 49 years on 3 july...

    Have a great weekend my friend.. Jen

  6. Those are great items to display for the 4th holiday. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Wonderful 4th of July decorations. I can't believe it's almost here again.

  8. Enjoyed looking at your stuff - thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the American Eagle a true
    American Icon, thanks for sharing
    your patriotism for the red, white,
    and blue!!!!

  10. Great patriotic decorations and graphics! How fun to have a candlelit dinner on the 4th. We almost always have a picnic..

  11. I really like your decorations. Oh, hopefully one day you will see Uncle Sam! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Anonymous6/27/2008

    Anni.Great decoration.
    I hope that you are haveing a great day today.Big time Hugs and God's blessing your way!
    That's my story and I'm definately sticking to it.

  13. Hey there Anni!! We only have the front of our newly painted home decorated. Guess i should take a picture!! You love to decorate I am imagining!! Right?

  14. Love the patriotic decor!

  15. Hello Anni!

    What a hoot to visit you today :) looks like you have the perfect Independence Day decorations all ready set up, I love them all but especially the candle, what a wonderful idea of a candle lit dinner on the 4th to celebrate. I love the history of our independence and it should not be forgotten! It's not just another day off from work :) Thanks for the extra recipes at the comment box, what a nice surprise and a great idea, do you change them around from time to time?

  16. Yum. Look at all these slushies! I really need to get with the times and buy me a blender eh? I love the candle holders and the fact that you are gonna have a candle lit dinner with them on the 4th! How fun! I have yet to get decorations for the 4th. I decorate the kids though ;)

  17. Sweetie, you have some really nice things.

  18. Your 4th of July decorations are wonderful, Anni! I'm feeling inspired to finish getting mine out too. I love your Betsy Ross display!

  19. What wonderful decorations for the Independence Day holiday! You certainly do get ‘in the spirit’ don’t you? Enjoy … and hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. That's a cute Betsy Ross! It's too bad Uncle Sam was chipped! Eagles always look so majestic. The candle holder does look antiquish.

  21. You really inspire me to et to decorating for the fourth. I've got nada, zilch going on here! I need to at least find the flag to put out.

  22. Your 4th of July decorations are lovely. I especially like Betsy Ross.

    And the recipes in your comment box sound yummy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always good to hear from you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Anni,

    Wow! I love your Independence Day decorations, especially the Betsy Ross. Too bad Uncle Sam was chipped.

    I have never been in a Hobby Lobby but have heard they are similar to Michaels. I haven't been there since Christmas and it's about time I went to see what they have.

    Sent you an email earlier today. Take care and enjoy your weekend.


  24. Great decor Anni, cant wait for the 4th myself!

  25. Great choice for today's theme, mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy weekend!

  26. I like your decorations. I haven't put any out yet. I need to go and do my flag and mailbox cover. I keep red candles out all year. That's patriotic, right? And my napkins are red. I have to get my little bears out, too. Thanks for reminding me.
    Mama Bear

  27. I enjoyed seeing your patriotic decorations!

    Thanks for the recipes! They sound delicious!