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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

As always, Today it's Green Thumb Sunday, Unconscious Mutterings, and my Sunday Snippet....

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She says ... and I think ...
  1. Loneliness :: Heartbreak Hotel

  2. Traffic :: Light

  3. Chaos :: Insanity

  4. Burp :: Belch

  5. 500 :: Indianapolis

  6. Movie ::, I love movies!

  7. Coma :: Unconsciousness

  8. Bark :: Tree

  9. Stare :: Ogle

  10. Angelina :: Can't stand the one and only!! [as in Brad's honey]

~end Mutterings
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Today my Green Thumb Sunday is photos all set at the macro setting of the camera. I like to experiment....

This is the newest of our plants in our yard. It's a Strawberries and Cream Crepe Myrtle.

And this is in our front yard. The lavender crepe myrtle in the morning sunglow!

A closeup photo of a marigold that's blooming in our fern and rose box in the backyard.

And the yellow trumpet bush along the front porch foundation, called Esperanza.

~end Green Thumb

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Picture this:

Bud on the phone. He's been outdoors in the extreme heat trimming a bush. And the sweat is just pouring off of him. He's got the cell phone in his pocket. Well, the phone call comes in at an opportune time....he stops and takes a break while talking to our son, Erik. But he remains outside, now sitting in the partial shade of the patio. And they talk for over half an hour. And all the time Bud is drenched. I, of course, was concerned he was getting way over heated. There was a warm breeze [ah, heck, it was more a strong gusty wind most of the day...but HOT wind!]. As they talked and Bud laughed often, I knew all the time that the phone really needed a charge. But said nothing to him. All the while I was hoping the conversation would be short and I could take it in the house to plug it in the wall socket.

Talking. Laughing. Joking. Just doing the 'man thing'. Angelina Jolie came up in the conversation a couple of times. Iron Man was mentioned. Oh ya, as always, politics came into play too.

The conversation finally ended. By this time, I was indoors where it was cooler. Bud was dripping wet with sweating all the time. The phone was oily and sweaty too when he handed it over to me. I wiped it off. Closed it. And tried to shut it off so I could get it charged fully. Well....

It did NOT want to shut off. Several attempts were made. Finally I got the words on the viewer screen "Powering Off". But it acted odd all along. The charge light came on...about 3 hours it took before its power was fully restored. I unplugged it...pushed the power button, and NOTHING.

At first thought I assumed the battery was no good. I took the battery out and replaced it with the 2nd cell phone's battery, closed it all up and still NOTHING. Put the main cell phone's battery in the 2nd cell phone and it worked just fine. Oh goody!! That means the mother board was no good...making the main cell phone absolutely useless.

Down to Verizon I go. They did a lot of testing. All to no avail. It went kaputz!! And since it's cheaper to upgrade the contract than it is to get the 'broken' one fixed. We got a new phone. Yes, I upgraded!! To a camera phone.

Funny thing is, just about two weeks ago, when we were walking on the beach and I carrying the digital with the cell phone in my pocket, I told Bud "We really should get a camera phone, it would be less for me to carry."

Ha! I think somebody above heard me.....fate!

adult smileysOf course, I let Bud know it was his fault getting the phone all soppy and wet for way too long. That way it was a good excuse and I milked it for all my worth. I think maybe you'd call that using your feminine wiles? Guilt trips can be used to an advantage sometimes, ya know. If you want a new phone, let your man do the talking, and point out that sweating is good for them.

::insert a thought of mine:: "Today, had they survived, my parents would be celebrating their 73rd anniversary!"


  1. Interesting answers!

    Hey, appreciate you stopping by mine. Maybe next week, we'll have more in common. :)

    Cheers from Manila!

  2. I don't know what kind of thumb I have, but green is not it on the summer!

  3. What a good group of words today. I shot them at hubby and he had pretty good answers just like yours. Movies..yeap we love them too. We went to see WANTED and I cannot recommend it. The ACTION was great but the LANGUAGE!! Oh how awful that was. I just wish that they would leave it out!! I liked the action scenes but not the talk they used. Too BAD..Ruined a perfectly good movie.

  4. I always laugh when I come here! You are the one and only Hootin' Annie! so, don't like Angelina? Actually it was Bark and tree that got me.

    I love the flowers - wow - just wow.

  5. Good Morning!

    Love the photos!

    I'll have to go check out Sunday's Word Association and Green Thumb Sunday.

    What do you have against Angelina?

  6. yeah, what do you have against angelina ? i am also wondering. lol!

    thanks for stopping by mine.

  7. Your yellow trumpets are gorgeous!

  8. I also cannot stand Angelina. I think she is very fake. I love movies too!

  9. I like your first three mutterings :) and I love your flowers also..hope I have a green thumb too :)

  10. I like the yellow trumpets!

  11. Anni,

    Yeap, blame Bud. Those guilt trips work wonders. Let me know what you get out of him. (just kidding) LOL

    Enjoyed the photos of your flowers and the entire scenario about Bud talking to your son in the Texas heat. I could just see him sitting there and laughing and talking.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always. I'm glad you came over to see the photos of Griffyn. I couldn't believe that he only fussed once the entire time we were there. I put my finger up to him and told him no, no and he stopped. LOL Melissa can't believe I can get him to do that. The magic touch of a great-aunt/grandmother. I got several kisses besides the one he sent to you.

    Have a terrific Sunday, my friend. Relax and take life easy.


  12. I love the Yellow Trumpet- it is fabulous! The others are beautiful too- the strawberries and cream has amazing color!
    Happy GTS!

  13. Your link at Unconscious Mutterings doesn’t work today. My first link didn’t work either, but I added a second after checking. I wonder if there’s a problem on the site? Fortunately I know where to find you ;--)
    I love your response to Loneliness and Stare especially. I actually thought Indianapolis for 500, but my fingers had a mind of their own. Mine’s up at Small Reflections.

    Loved your colorful flowers and I’m glad your cell phone story has a happy ending. My cell’s 7 or 8 years old but I love it even though it has no camera in it. I’m hoping it will last forever.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. We matched on a few UMs.

    I did not mention AJ in mine, I try to avoid her at all costs.

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back anytime. :D

  16. Great mutterings today!!! I love #1, my mom is a die hard Elvis fan and is turning my kids into them too!!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by mine!! :) Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

  17. Great mutterings! Glad we got a match. :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  18. Yep - yellow trumpets are my favs too - interesting read - might have to play this mutterings thing myself :) My GTS is up - pop over if you have time :)

  19. It's funny the we matched UM on 500, when I know nothing about cars or racing. I'm with you on the most famous Angelina. Thanks for visiting my UM.

  20. ...wonderful life here your pictures.... flowers...
    greetings Barbara

  21. The lavendar crepe myrtle is very pretty. I didn't realize there were different colors. Guess I should do some research!

  22. I love it, stare-ogle.

  23. I love you, you are a true heart smile.