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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Alison wants to take a trip around the world for Fun Monday!!
    Vacations...this is the time of year when most of us go on vacations. Show us and/or tell us about your favorite vacation - where you went, what you did, etc. Pictures would be great. Let's all take a trip around a the world via our FM friends!!

- - -

Neither Bud nor I are 'much on travel' anymore. We once had a motor home, and after we retired, we did a lot of driving, and it was expensive upkeep for that vehicle with very poor gas mileage, tax to even own it, maintenance, and the lack of good areas where we could actually drive it 'cause it was burned us on driving while vacationing! I'm really glad we decided to sell it way back when 'cause now-a-days there'd be no chance in h e double l that we could sell one wants the gas guzzlers anymore!! Then, today, with all the security freaks and the extra cost of baggage and delays and dropping flights...we just don't like to do trips anymore! It's not worth the effort. And of course now the cost of fuel...outrageous!! But, from the past, I have so many 'favorites' this is going to be hard to choose. I'll have to get my scanner primed and dig in the closet for certain photo albums. As Southwest Airlines states: "You're now free to move about the country".......

Here goes--

First, this is just part of the closet where I have all our travel albums stashed! See? I couldn't possibly chose a certain one. So, I'll just pick out what is easiest to get to and go from there....

- - -

3-day Weekend Trips:

Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Gunnison River

A camping trip
Colorado Mountains

Legendary "Face in the Barroom Floor"
Central City Colorado
Now a Gambling town
Was in its heyday a mining town

Mesa Verde Ruins
Four Corners

Monarch Pass

There's a little story behind this photo. Tho we traveled this highway many times, on one particular road trip, we stopped for a potty break and coke at the summit. On the way down the pass...we're talking dropping 1000s of feet here....the brakes went out on the car!!! It was my turn to drive, Bud had driven the first 300 miles that day....with the brakes gone, I was down shifting [manual transmission] to slow the car down to make the hairpin curves. We made it safe and sound, thank the lord. But what I like to remember about it all...both our kids, in the back seat...were fighting or bickering; at all once they actually realized that their life was hanging by a thread, with their mom's ability to keep from driving over the steep ravines!! Now, we can sit and laugh at the memory. But at the time, once we were back on 'flat land' we opened a beer from the cooler. And yes, I DID drink a couple of gulps while driving back then at that particular time when we were out of the mountain driving---It calmed me somewhat --but, only a couple of swallows. The highway patrol could have ticketed me if they wanted to, I didn't care at all after that!! The brakes finally did work after they cooled off and we got home safely late that night!

- - -


From the Port of Los Angeles to...Mexico! One vacation we took a cruise to the area that one of my favorite movies was filmed! The Night of the Iguana starring Richard Burton! I fell in love with the story. And the scenery. I think the movie was back in the early '60s. Anyway, I wanted to see where it was filmed, and walk the cliffs, see the waterfalls, etc. etc. etc. So we went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We spent a week there in a hotel and took another day cruise through the bay to the area where the movie was filmed. It truly was a 'hidden treasure'!!

The Cruise Ship

Our Hotel in P V, Mexico

A day trip tour through the old town...
This cathedral was stark and awe inspiring
near the cliffs seen just outside the city

A view from our hotel room!
Just after a rainstorm!!

This is the hidden, hideaway, Yelapa, where most of the filming took place. At the time, tho Elizabeth Taylor was not in the movie, tabloids and newspapers reported of the hot steamy romance taking place with Richard Burton and Ms. Taylor!! Bud and I hired a tour guide and climbed the cliffs to the infamous waterfall!!

Here we are, the two of us. On the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

- - -

The Great Wide Mississippi

We also have had the opportunity to go down the Mississippi on a Riverboat Excursion!

One stop along the way was Hannibal Missouri! Where the American Author, Mark Twain, was born and raised. Here is where most of his stories of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher was written about...from his childhood. I loved this part of the trip most that year!!! ['cause I'm not much on huge, wide, deep dark water! LOL]

Irene, Erik and Bud aboard the Riverboat.
Where's Mom? Me? Oh right about now, I was
wishing and hoping to hit dry land real soon!

The Mark Twain Riverboat

One of the many bridges we went under!
Water, bridges, not for me!!
But it was an experience none-the-less.

Along the wide Mississippi there are
many islands.
And the term "Mark Twain" originated.
But --the islands ARE LAND!!!

* *

Ah, dry land! Finally!!!

Once off the boat, I was thrilled.
We're stopping along the way to
tour Hannibal Missouri!
Mark Twain's home town. This is

This is J.M. Clemens's Law Office
Mark Twain's father.

This is Becky Thatcher's Home

This house is where
Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain]
grew up. In
Hannibal, Missouri.

This was the best part of the trip for me, the book lover! Hope you enjoyed a little bit of just a few of our family trips. I can't wait to take the whistle stops here and there while visiting other Fun Monday travelers!! Have a glorious day everybody.


  1. This is how I have been taking my vacations for a long time,way back when gas was $2.50 a gal.

  2. Wow! You sure have been around haven't you? I think you can be forgiven for staying home these days! I on the other hand am ready to travel a bit! I love the picture of the ruins. Just beautiful!

  3. Wow Anni! What wonderful trips and memories. I would have gulped a whole beer after that experience with the failed brakes!! Yikes. Anything to keep those kids quiet.
    :0) Have a great Memorial Day...

  4. You have certainly had some wonderful vacation experiences. Your pics are great. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog.

  5. I loved seeing your travel pictures, Anni! What a great post...Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

  6. Wow have taken some incredible trips!!! Your failed brakes story had me cringing, I hate roads like that when the brakes are working!!!

    Thanks for playing this week!!

  7. Mr. Gattino doesn't like to travel anymore either he says he has travelled enough, but I still want to see the rest of the whole world and so my "To do" travel list is long !
    Please don't miss my post of today I put together with Mr. Gattino's help the whole trip through the States we did in 1971 ! unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures I didn't have a good camera at this time.

  8. I forgot, usually it's not allowed to take pictures in a museum, but some of them allow it without flash. For statues there is no danger because only paintings get damaged.
    A blogfriend just was in the Boston museum and there she was allowed to take pictures without flash. I think it depends on the good will of the manager, lol !

  9. yes I DID enjoy it all. (We did some snooping around in Missouri in 1996 and went into the merimac cavern, where Jesse James and his gang supposedly hung out. -- your pictures made me think of that)

  10. I am not a fun monday participant but I enjoyed seeing your pictures!! what fun! it's such hard work to get those albums out and scan the pictures, I am glad the meme made you go back to that closet full of memories, I mean, travel albums!

  11. Such great vacations that you have had my friend.

  12. nice to go on a trip this morning!! I just got my blog done for today and so wanted to see how a few of my favorite bloggers are doing!! Hope your day goes well. I never thought about my oven having character...thanks for letting me have an excuse. Sandy

  13. Anonymous5/26/2008

    Whew! Finally, got to the end to say this "You have been everywhere"!

    You couldn't have picked nicer photos to talk about. Why not take a vacation to your backyard? I enjoy mine alot.

  14. Wow...that's quite a few trips you've taken!!

    The brakes failing is one of my nightmares. Thank heaven you reached the bottom in one piece!

  15. Oh my, thank goodness you made it safely when your brakes went out! Great pictures.

    My post is up!

  16. You sure did a lot of traveling, some places I've see, thanks for the memories, and some my first visit was with you. Funny what Live and Death bring out.

    No Post for me this week just visiting others.

  17. i am like Ellen b........ I would have had more than a couple of gulps!!! I love your stories of your travels.......... If the price of gas continues to rise we will all be taking pictures of our back yard vacations!!!!! and NO the tee shirt was not maed for Chris (but she sure does look good in it!) ahhahahha I think I sent about about 20 or so......... WANT ONE?

  18. What beautiful trips!
    No brakes! Cliffs! OMGees! I would of had passed out. Maybe not if I just had to, but just to think about it. WOW!
    I would love to Travel the big Mississippi. There is a museum in TN called Mud Island. The kids and I love it.
    Love what you have done to your blog! I sure have missed you and everybody else over the last 2 weeks!

  19. Oh, the places you have gone! What adventures you shared leaves me wondering about all the places you didn't tell us about! You choose some doozies :).

    The story about your brake failure freaks me out, though...geezaree!!! Glad you can laugh about it now, I'm sure at the time it was hardly a laughing matter! This is the kind of horror story I think about on terrain like you described.

    Aside from that, it looks like many memories fun to recall--I'm impressed so many of your photos are in albums (as opposed to boxes--like me :/).

    Happy Fun Monday!


  20. Ohmygosh. My life is so similar to yours in this respect. I did LOTS of traveling when I was younger, but am quite content to ‘vacation’ at home these days. My photo albums occupy space on shelves … and I have thousands of 35mm slides as well. In my Photoshop class we were encouraged to scan & digitize ALL photos, but that seems a daunting (and perhaps unnecessary) task at this point. I recognize Mesa Verde and Monarch Pass … and your story of losing your ‘brakes’ on the way down the pass reminds me of a similar experience when we were towing our trailer down from Big Bear and lost our trailer brakes … making for a scary drive. I enjoyed all your photos and trips … and feel a bit better about the fact that I couldn’t choose just one this morning when I created my Fun Monday post either ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Wow, your trips are very impressive. If this FM were a contest, I'd say you won. Great descriptive post. Road trips may be going the way of the dinasours, soon, with the price of gas rising.

  22. Annie, I like your trips. We do the same. Since Mrs. Jim and I were in the schools we had a lot of the summer off.
    I didn't see Houston (or Montgomery) on your list. We are going to Fredericksburg the last Friday and Saturday in June. I hope it isn't too hot there then.
    We just came back from Alexandria, La, Saturday from a Fri-Sat family reunion (Mrs. Jim's family).

  23. You're making me want to go to all those places now! lol Such wonderful trips you've made but I can understand how hard it was having to drive for so long...that's what tires me out the most when I go away, the driving!! Omigosh, that time when you had no brakes going down the Monarch Pass...I think I would have had a couple of beers, never mind a couple of gulps...and I don't like beer!!!! lol

    Mark Twain's home town would be the exact kind of place I love to visit...anything with history behind it!!

    I just love this armchair traveling...thank you so much for sharing these trips with us dear Anni!! xoxo

  24. Ouch! The travel bug just bit - all the more painful because I have no time and no money to take care of that!

  25. Wow! you have been to so many glorious looking places. I loved looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing

  26. As always I just love your Fun Mondays! My heart stopped a little bit reading about the brakes going out and I would have taken more then just a couple of gulps after that ride!! Lordy what memories those are. Thanks for sharing all your great photos.

  27. I really want to see those ruins. I grew up on the Ohio river, and remember those riverboats going by -- I'd really like to sail on one of those too. But I don't drive in the mountains, and after reading about your brakes failing I remember why!

  28. Just listening on the nightly news about how families are curtaiiling their travel this year because of all the hassles and cost of gas. New concept, "staycations." They're pretty good as well.

    Don't you just love having those old photo albums of vacations? Digital is fine but I love to thumb through the albums.

  29. Wow, that's a long wonderful list! first of all I am so envious that you find energy and time to make a well organized list...and then, I so want to go to those places! This is so much fun...

    Have a nice week!

  30. Sorry to hear you are no longer enamored with traveling Anni, its still one of the joys of my life.
    At least you have lots of great memories.

  31. You have visited a lot of lovely places. That brake failure must have been so scary. Looking at holiday photos brings back so many memories and thank you for sharing some of yours.

  32. I was scrolling down to see the bookworm and the pictures of Hannibal caught my eye! We loved our time there a few weeks ago. :)

  33. Love your trips. I've been the Mark Twain's home and the area around there and loved it. Couldn't live in the humidity though. In the summer we live in the Colorado mountains at 9000 ft., so we know about traveling on hairpin turns. We lived in Denver 30 years ago when our children were young and they would lay down on the floor of the van (this was before seatbelts) when we would start up "the round-de-round mountain (Berthoud Pass) on the way to our cabin. We moved in the 80's but kept our cabin and live there in the summer for 4 months.
    Thanks for visiting my post. I'll be back to visit yours soon.

  34. You have definitley had some amazing travels! I enjoyed the pictures.

    Our Happy Happenings

  35. Oh my goodness. I probably would have wet my pants if my brakes went out while going around hairpin turns.

    You've been to so many fascinating places! I still want to get out West someday.