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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My Show N Tell this week [I remember it's been canceled due to Karen wanting to be with her family for the holiday, but I am still doing it 'cause I wanted to 'show off' my Easter Bunny!] is a big Easter package that arrived by mail this week! A few weeks ago, Betty @ Country Charm had a Giveaway to celebrate her blog posts. I added a comment, knowing full well, my name wouldn't be drawn. Then, her grandson came along and made my day so thrilling! He picked my name out of the cup! I won....

Tuesday, the package arrives [it actually came on Monday, but Bud and I weren't home, so the letter carrier left us a card to pick it up, or have it redelivered. We opted to have it delivered the next day]...

The doorbell rang, and when my man went to the door, it was handed over and I was totally thrilled!!

I knew what it was in the box, but the anticipation of opening the prize and actually having the hands on experience of such an adorable gift was totally awesome. I found some Easter eggs, the dearly beloved bunny and....

a carrot shaped extra prize of Jelly Beans!!! And a wonderful Easter card with a note to me from Betty!!! [since the jelly beans were packaged in a carrot...the name hit me!! I dubbed her Karutz!! [pronounced like carrots] She is now gracing our dining room table for the Easter holiday...and beyond!!!
- - -

And now, I'd like to say a big thank you to Betty!! Karutz is such a big part of our life now; cute, cute, cute!! I'll always think of you when I walk by her!! Thank you so much......

~...end Show n Tell
[scroll below Recipe card/joke for commenting]

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I didn't have time this week to go through the scanned photos I've placed on the computer and choose one as a Phriday Phavorite. We've been doing yard work all week while the ground around here is still damp and easy to work, and the sun's not so hot like in summer. I tellya, I've never seen so much crabgrass...[which Bud always makes jokes about it calling it grab ass grass]. Okay, so I'm leaning over cleaning out some of the crabgrass that didn't come up with our raking, and he says to me your butt makes me think of 'grab ass again'...he knows I don't think it's funny [well, I DO, but I pretend to be insulted]. I ignore it altogether.

So, now that I'm tellin' ya of our yard work, it reminds me of an old joke. It goes like this:
    A husband and his wife who have been married 20 years were doing some yard work. The man was working hard cleaning the BBQ grill while his wife was bending over, weeding flowers from the flower bed. So the man says to his wife "Your rear end is almost as wide as this grill" She ignores the remark. A little later, the husband takes his measuring tape and measures the grill, then he goes over to his wife while she is bending over, measures her rear end and gasps, "Geez, it really IS as wide as the grill!" She ignores this remark as well. Later that night while in bed, her husband starts to feel frisky. The wife calmly responds, "If you think I'm gonna fire up the grill for one little wiener, you are sadly mistaken."


  1. That was very nice of Betty, such sweet gifts. The fudge recipe sounds yummy. Thanks for making me smile again.

  2. Not too long ago, I said "Chocolate is the blood. Chocolate is the life." I have now realised this is wrong... because I did forget about fudge. (Low fat! YAY!!!)

    That was a wonderful gift too! A well deserved token to a wonderful blogger!

  3. Good Evening/Morning Anni,
    "CONGRATULATION'S" on winning the Giveaway from Betty. She sent you some very beautiful things. I like how you dubbed the bunny's name to Karutz. That is so unique and I do like it. It looks very beautiful sitting on your Dining Room Table. The "THANK YOU" card you made for her is so beautiful. I have never heard of low-fat/low-cholesterol fudge before. I guess I learn something new everyday. "THANK YOU" for sharing the recipe with us. I'm not doing a Phriday Phavorite this week either. I'm going to wait till I can take some more pictures with my new camera. I am so LOL at Bud calling your rear, grab ass grass. That is just too funny. LOL. Okay the joke had me ROFLMBO. That is so not right. LOL. Where on earth do you find such funny jokes? You are the best my friend. On my Friday's post I have posted some information that you asked about on your comment yesterday. I also acknowledged the Award you gave me also. Take care my friend and have a great day/weekend. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  4. Anni,

    I am delighted that you won Betty's giveaway. You are very deserving. I love your little bunny and the name you've given him/her.

    Was talking to Mom and gave her your fudge recipe. She thought it would be delicious.

    Loved the joke. ROLF - exactly what I would do.

    Enjoy Good Friday. Everyone is off work here.


  5. HA! Good joke, and good recipe, and best of all, great reading as usual! Happy Easter to you and Karutz and the gang!

  6. Gday Dear Anni.
    Im pleased to see you won a delightful Easter givaway, well deserved. Loved Bunnies name "Karutz" very approprate..

    HAHAHA very funny joke,
    take care,, Jen

  7. What a fun thing to win! I love Karutz name, LOL! Oh and I'm wanting to try your fudge recipe now! I LOVE chocolate, but am trying to lose weight! Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  8. How wonderful that you won a price ! I usually never win anything. Only once here in Blogworld because I knew a city name and I've got a cute Teddy Bear ! We have Christmas weather because we had Easter weather at Christmas ! It rain/snows, lol !
    Happy Easter !

  9. How exciting and how nice. I love the name Karutz!!!! You are so clever!!

    Thanks for your comment on my 20 years post and glad to hear you are another that is proud of our age and not bemoaning it as so many seem to do. I also write about it, as I do, so younger woman won't believe all the mis-information about how horrible it is to age. Just not true. It all depends on our outlook.

    Have a blessed weekend as we celebrate the truth that our Lord is RISEN!!!

  10. CONGRATULATION'S!!!! Nice to hear that you won a price! Happy Easter! thanks for dropping by...

  11. Happy Easter, and Congratulations on winning the prize.

  12. Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog, even without the excuse of Show & Tell Friday! Secondly, what a wonderful Easter design for your blog - SO pretty. Thirdly, what a lovely bunny, and eggs, and all. Bet you felt like it was Christmas opening that hoooge box up! I will copy down the Fudge Recipe for later in the holiday. Right now we're all feeling the effects of the Lemon Meringue Pie, Manderin Trifle, Carrot Cake and Lemon Drizzle Cake that got made when my girls were home for the holidays from Uni. Happy Easter everyone.

  13. What a wonderful package! Love the bunny and of course the cute name! I forgot and had my Show and Tell ready so I posted it this morning. Happy Easter!

  14. Happy Easter to you and yours, Anni! What a nice gift! VERY funny joke! Not so sure about "low fat" fudge...:D

  15. What a delightful surprise! I just love surprises! Happy Easter!

  16. Hey Thanks for stopping by the farm.:) Your new bunny is so cute. I love your blog. Unfortunatly I couldn't see all the graphics, because I still have dial up in my neck of the woods.:o The computer just jams after taking so long to download. It is so neat you can do your own graphics!! The ones that did eventually download that I could see are adorable! Great job! I made a mistake in my "Green apple dip" recipe :o if you make it, it should be 1 cup of brown sugar. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Kerri

  17. HAPPY EASTER to YOU too dear Anni! Your blog is looking mighty festive!

  18. You, dear Anni, are one of a kind! I'm glad to have made your acquaintance. I am so happy that my post blessed you today. It blessed me every time I think of that sermon.

    LOVED the joke - too too funny! And what a nice gift you received in the mail. I won a CD of Josh Groban from Barb at Chelsea Morning, but am hoping to win something else one of these days.

    Have a blessed Easter! HE is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

  19. I am glad you showed this! What a sweet gift!

  20. You are a lucky lady to get such
    a sweet bunny! I hope you have a
    wonderful Easter!

  21. What a very cute bunny, and I love the name! :-) I also love your page. It's so Eastery. :-) Thanks for stopping by my page and my first ever bloggy giveaway.

  22. That was the sweetest gift!!! Isn't Betty a wonderful lady.

    Have a blessed Easter. (I couldn't just not do Show and Tell either, as you saw.)


  23. Your blog is so cute! And you Easter surprise wonderful. Thanks for coming by my blog. You and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  24. I am glad you are the one that received the giveaway. It is something you will treasure for a long long time. You deserve it.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. Lucky you, nice gifts from Betty!

    I love the way your blog is decorated for Easter, so cute!


  26. Congrats on the win.
    How exciting to get such a big package!

    Happy Easter!
    Enjoy your day!

  27. Anni,

    Have sent you an email, dear friend.

  28. Hahahahaha … loved the chuckle (that actually produced more of a guffaw this morning). Your ‘phudge’ recipe sounds ‘phantastic’ … but dangerous (even it if it low in fat and cholesterol).
    Hugs and blessings,

  29. Hi Anni. Just hoppin' thru to say Congratulations on winning! That guy is a real cutie.

  30. Happy Easter Anni. Loved the bunny you were sent. And the joke made me laugh out loud.

  31. Enjoy your bunny, your bun' and Easter week end.
    (That fudge!...And that floppy,a nd those multiplying happy thoughts! I love you for that! Anyway!)

  32. Hi Anni!
    Congrats on the win, what an adorable bunny! I love your new template! These bunnies are just too cute! I'm still chuckling at that joke. :o) Have a wonderful Easter!

  33. Hi Anni,
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very blessed and happy Easter weekend. I'll try to catch up later!


  34. It's so fun to receive a prize. Glad you won! That is a cute bunny.
    Happy Easter!

  35. I have won just one thing from Peggy at Hidden Homestead and I was thrilled beyond words...I know how you feel!! Congrats on winning.
    I have heard that joke before and I think that lady was very correct..wish that I could think of things like!!
    Happy Easter to you and Bud!!

  36. Hi Anni thanks for visiting me on my blog. What a lovely prize and the name is so creative! Will visit you again. You can buy the Messiaca pendant online from:

  37. Man, you are hopeless--now you should have waited and done your show and tell next week !!!! But you reminded me that I didn't get jelly beans!!! I totally forgot to get some and I love them---should I give in to the temptation....hmmmmmm, not sure!! Very cute gift. Happy Easter.

  38. Awe, what a cute bunny! I hope you have a beautiful Easter with your family!

    Blessings, Sharon

  39. Betty send you such wonderful gifts, what a sweetie! Have a lovely Easter, Anni!

  40. Yes, what a lovely gift you received from Betty, lucky you!

    I hope you are doing fine. My past days have been very busy (at home and at work) and I was so much looking forward to a warm Easter week-end. And what do I get? Snow! Yes, while I am writing these lines, it's still snowing outside and everything is white outside! I can't believe it - we did not have that much snow this winter at all!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  41. Oh! Isn't it fun to get a package! What a cute little Karutz!