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A long, long time ago, when movies were released to the theater, you were handed a 'program' before you were seated. [Remember being ushered to a seat? And the hushed atmosphere of being there? So very unlike today's times with gabbing occupants and cell phones and unruly kids running up and down the theater's steps, disturbing everyone else that attends!] Sorry, I once again got carried away....My show and tell for Friday this week is one of my prized possessions. If you've been here a few times to my blog you know my passion for the book and movie, Gone With the Wind. I have a few collector's items decorating my walls, dresser, chest of drawers and headboard of small mementos of this very subject [among other favorite movies too, but the GWTW theme really dominates]. And today I share the original 1939 movie premiere program of the movie. I like to 'dream' that it's possibly from the very day of the Atlanta Georgia opening....hey, it's my dream. LOL The staples holding the program together are quite rusted, and there are a few tell tale signs of its age, but it's still all intact. I've been wanting to get it framed and more protected for years. And while I have it out to get the measurements of this item, to get a frame made for it, I thought I'd snap some photos of it to share with you today. Mind you, it's probably not worth much monetarily, because of the somewhat aged & in spots, ragged shape, but to me - it's priceless!!! [all images can be enlarged]

The front cover.

The beginning... Inside the first pages, a background of the story in sketch, and a biography of Rhett...Clark Gable.

On the left, a short biography of Scarlet, Vivien Leigh and the poster 'board' of credits to the right.

Both pages....cast, crew and movie credits.

The centerfold is a collage of some 'scenes' throughout the movie in character.

These two pages describes some scenes and explains the background of Rhett Butler, the cultured man in love with Scarlet.

...and these two pages describes the O'Hara girl with all the charm of a 'snake'...Scarlet!

Leslie Howard...playing the one true love of Scarlet's....Ashley Wilkes

Olivia De Havilland, playing the cousin/wife of Ashley, Melanie.

The back cover, also showing more 'minor' characters in the movie.


[can be enlarged]


  1. I also love GWTW. Unfortunately, I had read the book SO many times before I saw the movie.

    What a treasure you have there.

  2. Jettied3/27/2008

    OOHh I keep trying to post a comment it it gives me errors!!!!!!!
    Any who I'll try again!! I want that!! I love it!!! Ilove that movie!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh, Anni! You are so lucky to have this in your possession. I would google that and see if you can find another like it. I know it is priceless to you, but it may be worth quite a bit of money. No, I don't think it is of little monetary value. Collectors die for this kind of stuff.

    I know you wouldn't sell it and do hope you will get it framed to enjoy. Do not let anyone change the original condition unless it is a professional restorer. Do not let them fasten it to a backing for the frame and do not let anyone take those staples out. This is in original condition, which means a lot to collectors. Be sure any paper used in framing is acid free. This will help to preserve it.

    Loved seeing this.

  4. PS. I forgot to tell you I tagged you for a meme.

  5. when life gives you green velvet curtains. . .

  6. What a precious treasure.
    I don't know the movie theater as being that way, but know I would have loved that.

    Your Organ Donor graphic Anni, how could I get that?

  7. You shouldn't have showed this !
    It's gorgious !!

    BTW You still get programs here in the Belgian theatres and also shown the seats if necessary. A lot of students make themselves some extra pocket money with that.

  8. I mean shown of course !!

  9. fantastic one! Have a fun and great weekend! thanks for dropping by!

  10. That really is priceless! GWTW made a HUGE impression on me as kid! I remember my mother taking me to the old AMBASSADOR Movie Theatre in downtown St Louis for a viewing of the film when I was about 10 years old. Thus was born my love of history! Can you imagine anyone else but Clark Gable as Rhett Butler? Vivien Leigh was the most beautiful woman of her day, no one else could've portrayed Scarlett better than she did! When I was in High School, I purchased the book while on a school trip to Chicago. When I returned home, I stayed up all weekend and read the book from cover to cover non-stop! I find that most people have very definite opinions on the influence of this classic! It was my MIL's favorite film of all time!
    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed the memories it brought up!

  11. Gday Anni, Ohhh I do remember those times when ushers showed you to your seats. And loved GWTW. I went out and bought the movie when it was released on Dvd. Take great care of that program, Keep it in a darkened area to preserve it,

  12. Anni, I am curious to find out how you got this?? I would be so proud to have it whether it was worth anything or not just like you are!! How would you frame it? It does need to be put into something that is airless to keep!! What a great treasure. Sandy

  13. I love Gone With The Wind. How delightful that you have the program still. I can imagine going to the movies was wonderful back then - so different than today.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely memories!


  14. I DO remember those days! And I remember when BIG screens were really BIG too! Thooooooooose were the daaaaaays... she sings, sounding like Edith Bunker

  15. DD was about 15 when she saw GWTW for the first time. And she has been collecting for 14 years now. Not anything as good as your program. But she want to one day have a room just to display her treasures. But she has two boys, maybe she will have to wait a few years.

  16. What a wonderful treasure. I'm wondering which page will show when it's framed.

  17. Good morning Anni, I love your post on GWTW... This was my favorite movie and I saw it over 12 times and own a copy and still love to watch i.t..
    Thanks for sharing such a great
    treasure...Clark Gable was my man.. Have a good day..

  18. I love GWTW things, and that program is great! I bet it is worth a lot these days, but priceless to you, huh?


  19. Repeat after me...I do not like Internet Explorer...I do not like Internet Explorer. Iframes don't work!!

    Hope now the comment error messages the IE users would get is no longer a problem.

    I do not like I E. roflmao!!!!!

  20. What a great memoir you have there! I have a great story about reading the book which I should share someday. Too long for a comment.

    I read the previous post - our pastor's Downs Syndrome daughter turned 39 this week - she is such a teddy bear and everyone loves her so much. When one of Kristen's twins was thought to have a chromosomal abnormality, we know that Downs would be the least of the problems she could have had to face. But God removed the abnormality - two perfect little girls!

  21. Lovely S&T. I'm glad you are going to get it framed to keep it safer. I don't remember the programs but I do remember the usher leading you to your seat with his flashlight. A memory I haven't thought of in years!!!

  22. Did I ever tell you that I did my college thesis on Gone With the Wind? I was a media major and a history major, so rather than write two different papers, I combined them!

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Gone with the Wind is also one of my favorites and I would love to have a treasure like that. I don't know how you are going to frame it, because I am sure you don't want to take it apart, but the insides are great!

    I would LOVE to visit here!!!
    pss... My husband has been counting down the baseball days too....I chuckled after I noticed your countdown..Iam dreading it!!

  25. This is wonderful. I remember Gone With the Wind (book and movie) as a young teenager. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    My mom thought the book as a little to old for me so I had to sneak and read it. I wasn't normally a rebellious child, but I loved the story.

    "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a ......."hoot." (smiles)

    Your book is a real treasure!

  26. Thanks for stopping by my Show & Tell and for the nice comments.
    Gone With the Wind is my all time favorite movie. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I got the DVD of the movie for Christmas a few years ago. They don't make movies like this anymore.
    Have a great weekend.

  27. What a sweet memento!!

  28. Wow, that is an awesome treasure my friend. Have a nice weekend.

  29. GWTW things are so neat. Did you
    see the GWTW brooch I have on my
    site. I guess it was a premium
    when you sent in box tops from
    LUX soap. It was one of my very early posts so you'll have to search my site. Have a great day!

  30. Ok, Don't hate me...I've never seen Gone With the Wind or read the book. I know it's a classic. I need to put that on my to do list.

    What a treasure to have!

  31. Oh my gosh girl..I've "heard" of you,and now I see why Mary loves're a HOOT!!
    and your book list has some of my
    very faves on it!!

    Love the "Gone With the Wind"
    theatre book. tis lovely!!


  32. Hi, Saturday January 5th 2008 is
    the Post date. I just checked it,
    the brooch is still up on that date. Good Luck, I hope you find
    it this time!

  33. It's one of my all-time favourite films too, and Clarke Gable WAS Rhett Butler as far as I was concerned. He was so handome, and those dimples! I am very envious of your wonderful brochure and thankyou SO much for sharing it with us. I want to go right downstairs and watch my copy of GWTW right NOW!

  34. Hi Anni! Wow. This is the coolest thing ever! A fantastic treasure. I'm in aah, I love it. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Have a great weekend!

  35. Annie, I visited last night but my computer was having a spaz attack so no piccies. Don't hate me but I didn'y like GWTW. Clark Gable is pretty good to look at though:) That program is gotgeous & I love people who keep things like that. That really is a wonderful treasure.

  36. Anonymous3/28/2008

    How very SPECIAL! Was fun to look at-- thank you for sharing. Going to the movies is just not like it use to be-- I can even remember the drive-in's and miss them also. Wish we could go back to yesteryear ,thats for sure, when it comes to this special treasure!


  37. Wow … what a cool ‘walk down memory lane’ … Thanks for sharing this bit of memorabilia.
    Hugs and blessings,

  38. Thanks for sharing your very special treasure!! I'm also a huge fan of Gone with the Wind.

    Bunny Blessings ~


  39. What a neat Show and Tell! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the program and learning a little history about theaters!

  40. I'm originally from Deshler, NE close to the Kansas/Nebraska border. Where were you from in Nebraska? Small world!

    Firth is just 20 minutes south of Lincoln, NE.

  41. I love it! That is so fabulous! I can't even imagine that they used to give those out at movies, that is so cool!

    :0) Sharon

  42. Hi there!
    I have always been fascinated with GWTW and have collected all kinds of books and memorabilia through the years! In fact, my MIL has a first edition...I told her that it has *my* name on it! LOL I'm putting in my order early!
    I think it's so neat that you also have an elephant tail bracelet...and here I thought I was the 'only one'! Ha Ha. I bet there aren't too many of us, ya think?
    I enjoyed this neat S&T...thanks for sharing!

  43. What a wonderful treasure, Anni! I was 15 when I first saw Gone With The Wind-I loved it!