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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For Fun Monday this week, Nikki our host, has given us the challenge to express some examples of words we've made up from our family's conversations of the past and/or present. Well, I have to go back in time.....way back.

It's about 1971. Our daughter had an affair with her thumb and her 'bankie' [blanket]. For some reason, I was out of the house and hubby had the day off. He was home, keeping an eye on our little one. She was napping.

When she got up, be took her downstairs into the family room. And he set her down on the carpet under the light fixture. She had a fascination with the light. It was swag...ya, the kind that was ever so popular back in the late '60s early '70s? Where you had a chain sweeping up to the ceiling and then had two hooks --you'd hook one part of the chain link on one hook, then swag the chain to the other hook, and the light fixture would then hang down from the ceiling in that fashion? You got this all pictured in your mind now, right? Okay...we can then move on from there.....

As soon as he set her down safe on the floor, he reached up and pulled the little red crystal dangling from another ball chain, that turned on the light.

Immediately she laid down and watched the light...with an unknown fascination that was beyond our comprehension as the parents. And she stuck her thumb in her mouth...all the while working her other hand in kneeding her blanket.

By this time, I had returned home and we both sat and talked in muted tones and watched her watch the light reflection on the ceiling.

Now, this is where the word that is NOT FOUND in any dictionary comes in. When she took out the thumb of hers to take a breather, she pointed up to the ceiling and simply said "GOMFROM". We were puzzled. And years and years passed as my hubby would bring this up to know how fathers are with their daughters, with that special bonding. Anyway, years passed by quickly. We remained as puzzled as we were back then...our daughter as she grew older had no inkling of our wonderment of the 'new word'.

All of a sudden, when visions & memories would drift by my window of thought, the revelation of her word came to me! Like a lightbulb turning on!----The word meant "Come From?" Where did the sparkles on the ceiling come from!!! She was asking this of us, and we didn't know how to answer her.

I immediately jumped up and told hubby..."You know how Irene always said 'gomfrom' when you'd turn the light on in the family room? He said "Yes." And I then told him it meant come from. He said "It could be."

I emailed Irene and told her of my revelation! She said yes!! That had to be it!! And she then went and added this new word to her memoir that she has begun writing on her life's trials and tribulations; being who she is.

Now you know.
[verbal phrase cicra:1970s-2000's
definition: H A dictionary: come from
use: often]

~...end of Fun Monday
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Irish Jokes:

A couple of hunters in Kerry are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his mobile phone and calls 999. He gasps to the operator, "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator, in a calm soothing voice says, "Just take it easy. I can help. First, lets make sure he's dead." ....There is a silence, then a shot is heard.

The guy's voice comes back on the line and says, "OK, now what?"

- - -

An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman were without tickets for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics but hoped to be able to talk their way in at the gate. Security was very tight, however, and each of their attempts was met with a stern refusal.

While wandering around outside the stadium, the Englishman came upon construction site, which gave him an idea. Grabbing a length of scaffolding, he presented himself at the gate and said, "Johnson, the pole vault," and was admitted. The Scotsman, overhearing this, went at once to search the site. When he came up with a sledge hammer, he presented himself at the gate and said, "McTavish, the hammer." He was also admitted. The Irishman combed the site for an hour and was nearly ready to give up when he spotted his ticket in. Seizing a roll of barbed wire, he presented himself at the gate and announced, "O'Sullivan, fencing."

- - -

Lost at Sea, two Irishmen, Patrick & Michael, were adrift in a lifeboat following a dramatic escape from a burning freighter. While rummaging through the boat's provisions, Patrick stumbled across an old lamp. Secretly hoping that a genie would appear, he rubbed the lamp vigorously.

To his amazement, a genie came forth. This particular genie, however, stated that he could only deliver one wish,not the standard three. Without giving much thought to the matter, Patrick blurted out, "Make the entire ocean into Guinness Beer! The genie clapped his hands with a deafening crash, and immediately the entire sea turned into the finest brew ever sampled by mortals.

Simultaneously, the genie vanished. Only the gentle lapping of Guinness on the hull broke the stillness as the two men considered their circumstances. Michael looked disgustedly at Patrick and after a long, tension filled moment, he spoke. "Nice going Patrick! Now we're going to have to pee in the boat."


  1. Anni...part of your post is cut off and we can't read the whole thing!!!

  2. Hi! I am late in bloghopping for last Saturday's photohunt but at least I am early for Monday?

    Anyways, kids' words are really cute. My son also has his" gridge", from watching too much of Thomas The Train. That meant of course= bridge! I do not know, we are Filipinos but my son is getting that British accent. One time he said, I am watching the animos, Mommy. Then, I asked what? The pidgens! Ah, he was watching the animals, the pigeons! Funny, isn't it?

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Just hopping!

  4. I think its just the one letter thats missing! I managed to read through! Love the GOMFROM story....but ahem I don't think I will be running around in my panties thank you.

  5. Happy St. Patricks Day sweet one.

  6. Great story to go with the gomfrom.
    and you almost had a green beer story.. ha ha.

  7. Anni,

    Loved your post about your daughter and I bet that is what she was asking.

    Loved your St. Patrick's Day jokes and your graphic is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful week.


  8. I don't know if I am a genius or if it comes by the fact that I speak several languages and therefore developped quite a phantasy to define words, but as soon as I read gomfrom I immediately thought : that must be come from, lol !

  9. GOMFROM! I'm thinking I might come out with a new dictionary version fun monday this week! ;)

  10. Great story. Jokes are hilarious especially the punch line in the last one LOL :)

  11. That is a lovely story on Gomfrom, and your lamp is beautiful. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  12. Happy St. Patrick's to you, too. Great jokes. I still have a smile on my face!

  13. Ain't it cool when that light in your head comes on? Especially after all these years? GOMFROM...yup, I bet it was come of your life's little mysteries all cleared up!

    Funny jokes, too!! Happy St. Pat's Day!

  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day and thanks for the giggles. I love the GOMFROM story and your many years later revelation.


  15. OHH that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!1

  16. I love what little kids come up with. "Gomfrom" is perfect.

    Thanks for playing!

  17. Hi Anni! I'm adding your link to my post...I have a list of bloggers who are "blogging Irish" today! Loved the story about your daughter...

  18. Love the Irish blessing...

    You have to enjoy the phrases the little ones come up with...too precious!

  19. Great story about your daughter and her word.

  20. LOL on the GOMFROM story. That is just too cute! That's hilarious though that you actually figured out what she was saying. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you as well. Loved your jokes, LOL!

  21. Have a happy st pats day Annie!

  22. What a lovely gomfrom story, and the jokes had me laughing. Happy St. Patrick's Day Anni.

  23. That's so funny that you worked it out all these years later!!!!

    BTW - I still have one of those swag lights in my kitchen...

  24. That's very good. Gomfrom. Is that the original swag light there? 'cause it's very pretty.

  25. Hi Anni, Wishing you and family a "happy St. Patrick's Day'...Our parade and parties were this week-end.I am enjoying a quiet day.

  26. such a sweet story. thanks for sharing it.

  27. Happy St. Pat's Day Anni :)

  28. Cute. Cute. Cute.
    Someone needs to gather up all these words and compile a dictionary to let us know where they are GOMFROM.
    Happy Green Day.
    Love you saguaro cactus. I'm looking at the real thing as we speak.

  29. And your husband probably thought his little angel was just in the moment--not that she was busy creating new words to puzzle her parents. Great memory.

  30. That is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  31. What a lovely story! Love those words kids make up when first trying to communicate with us!

    Love all of your easter graphics!

  32. much better Anni!! I love that word....cute Easter motiff!!

  33. GomFom is way too cute!

    Have a Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Thanks for the visit Friday. I'm having a giveaway this week, hope you can join.

  34. Thougt filled story, wonder how often it is that the wee ones just are not understood. Full of Thought and Wonder.

    Your jokes were great, may pass the one along.

    Thanks for a Fun FM post