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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

For Fun Monday this week, Mariposa has challenged us with TWO topics. One is our blog name. The Who, What, Where's and Why our blog is named such as it is. And the second section of the week's challenge is our 'most common dish'.

[I'm assuming by dish, you're not talking Johnny Depp our mates? No? Ohhhhhhhhh, you mean food? Okay. Will do. At the last of my Fun Monday. But, really, it's not as appealing. Trust me.]

Okay, to get started.

My blog's name.

To fill you in on little bit of history. I HAVE been blogging for about four years now. My first blog was by a pseudonym of which it's not important today. And the 'old' blog of mine, still in existence but not active, was actually based on my childhood and early adulthood memories - a blast from the past, with the likes of Pez candy dispensers, hula hoops, cards pinned on my bike's spokes, raising two goofy infants filled with humor; things like that. Boring!!! The previous blog, which I blogged on from 2004, came to an end Christmas Day in 2006 for personal reasons! I haven't added to it since I began publishing blog posts in my 'new improved' blog. The one I now use daily; good ol' Hootin' Anni's! And naming it that is a simple story, really. My name is Anni. And I'm a hoot! [Now that I read what I just typed for the last couple sentences, it sounds like an AA meeting!]

Moving on....

For years and years, I've had so many people tell me, with much laughter, that "Oh Anni, you're such a hoot!" Life is so filled with tragedies and despairing goings-on that I wanted to blog for the fun of it! Whatever hit my fancy for the day. I wanted jokes, fun, and a 'feel good' blogging experience. AND --with audience participation. One day, after dear hubby said just those words -"Anni, you're such a hoot...a real hooten-anny." I went out to Google and typed in "define Hootenanny" came up for me as- Hootenanny: An Informal Performance with Audience Participation

Hence the blog name. My very first attempt at designing a blog with "Blogspot" - the old style, I figured out on my own how to make my 'personalized' template. Back then with the older version it was quite simple. I still have my original blog background image that I used and the title 'header' for sentimental reasons. Being in Texas [tho, I'm on the coast line] people assume living in this state, it's filled with dirt, cactus, hillbilly life style, and perhaps an armadillo or two. I went with the flow....made it a bit 'atmospheric' for the name plate. Afterall, a hootenanny is a regular 'hoedown' of a party. As you can see in the old auto in my 'header'...Bud and I are coming home from such a get together and still clinging to the idea!! And the 'sign' keeps us from getting lost in the Texas desert ---directing us to our 'home' behind the oversized armadillo in the shanty on the right!!! Or maybe the "Welcome to Hootin' Anni's" sign above the entryway perhaps takes us into an Old West barroom that we own; with whiskies and gunslingers ready to greet us for the day --a real thirst quencher of a place there in the arid Texan land...who knows. Now, the once 'beta' blogger was all new and xhml coding. A bit more of the most confusing, cascade style sheet, work in the layout. I have a friend who helped me get the whole gist of how to style the new blogger and I went from there ---loving the fact that I can restyle the atmosphere around here to coincide with holidays or how I feel at a certain time in my life. Right now, if y'all have really looked at my header above, you can just about guess how I've been feeling. LOL - I feel like a horse's ass!!! ROFLMAO

What better way to blog and meet new bloggin' friends when you're having fun?!! Right?

- - -

As for my 'favorite dish'....if you're here often enough, you'll know that I love everything that is bad for my health! Pizza, cheese, eggs, burgers, name it. And I love to cook too. When we're planning on having cheeseburgers and it happens to rain or storm and the grill is outdoors, I end up cooking them indoors on top of the range/stove with a skillet. Ya, I fry 'em sometimes. And it tends to become a messy situation with grease splatterings and melted cheese. So I learned a newer way to cook the cheeseburgers indoors and that's to make them "inside out".

You make your beef [or ground turkey in my case] VERY thin. And you double the amount of burger patties made. In other words if you're wanting two cheeseburgers, form FOUR very thin patties. Place your cheese slice on top of one of the burger patties, and then the 2nd patty on top of the cheese. Pinching the two patties closed around the edges. Cook at a medium heat until well browned!! Voilá!! Delectable burgers without the mess!


...and further:

A man and his wife are sitting in the living room and he says to her: "Just so you know, I never want to live in a vegetative state dependent on some machine. If that ever happens, just pull the plug."

His wife gets up and unplugs the TV.

~...end Fun Monday
If you're not interested in American Politics, scroll down to the last 'Obama bumper sticker' to leave a comment.


My new bumper sticker!

Well, at long last, our company has left. They left about 2:30 Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun catching up on life back in the state we left behind! My niece, my brother's oldest daughter and her life partner hold 1/3 interest each [with a third party who is 'holding down the fort' for now] at a gallery in West Colorado. After this winter, or so it seems, they're all seriously wanting to get out of the state. Can't blame 'em. Afterall, hubby and I wanted out too! I guess it comes with age. [She turned 50 just 6 days before I had my birthday. I remember the day she was born. My brother told me I was an aunt. And I couldn't be, I told him....I wasn't married yet! The only aunts I KNEW were married at my tender age of 8!! I couldn't possibly be an aunt. What did I know?] The two left here heading now to California. They've got some property prospects in San Francisco. Anyway, it was a lot of fun!! I had a great time.

This past Friday [the above news clip -I'm in the front row to the far left --in red! Next to the gal in black who is signing for the deaf], when they went up to San Antonio to view some prospective buildings becoming vacant soon, we stayed here. We had a day of destiny planned for us. I so desperately wanted to see Senator Barack Obama in person. Our son gave me for my birthday Obama's book, and with the campaign rally here in Corpus, I thought I had a window of opportunity open before my very eyes; to maybe, perhaps, get his autograph?

We weren't pleased with Hillary's campaign speech just the week prior. I really wanted to hear Mr. Obama's take on his run. Now, to get things started, when we attended Ms. Clinton's speech, her talk was scheduled to begin at 2pm. She was late. There was a crowd of estimated 3000-4000. A lot of people were kept outside the hall because she had her staff cordon off hundreds of seats for school children!!! 'Nother bad feeling from me! These were children of ages 9-12 years old....not old enough to vote! And yet the voters were left outside to hear the campaign that was taking place from indoors? Oh well.....that's over and done. Let me get to the Obama campaign rally.

His speech was slated for 4PM, Friday. I wanted to get there early enough to be one of the first inside. Well, we got there at 11AM prepared to spend the next 4 hours or so in line. HA!!! Hundreds had the same idea. We weren't even CLOSE to being the first 500 in line [eventually the paper told us that his 'gathering' was close to 6000!!! Eat your heart out Hillary!]. We were finally allowed to enter the arena through the metal detectors [just like at an airport]...empty pockets, etc, etc, get 'frisked' with the wand, and then enter to find a place to be during his speech.

Fate was on my side!! I was the first one through, then hubby followed behind. While he was getting the once-over with the wand, I was waiting for him. A girl came up to me with a badge "Campaign Captain" on her blouse. She said to me:
    "Ma'am, would you be okay with standing another hour during his speech while being up on the podium with Mr. Obama?"

I replied in these words:
    "Oh my god! You're damn straight, I would!!"

Well, she asked if my husband would be there with me, and I said "Yes" without even asking him. LOL We were then escorted back stage where they had us sit until it was just about time for the speech to begin. Once we were told where we were to be, we were lead to the podium and we were there!!! Right there!!! I got to meet personally, Representative Juan Garcia and shake his hand. [He gave me a peck on the cheek and told dear hubby he was happy to see he brought his daughter with him"]...ya, politicians!!! Geez. ::giggles::

He arrived on stage [in fact about 5 minutes early!] to an outburst of applause and whistles and cheers of "Yes We Can"...had an opening prayer, and a moment of silence for the fallen policeman of Ms. Clinton's motorcade...he lost his life while driving a motorcycle, escorting Hillary. In Dallas, I believe it was.

Then, the speech!!! A lot of serious talk, amongst more pauses of cheering. And a bit of humor that we ALL appreciated. In fact, I would almost guarantee that ALL Americans would have found this 'cute'....he said at least there isn't a Bush on the ballot, & that Washington was gonna send him back to Texas.....:::lots of laughs and whistles and cheers for the fact that Bush will finally be an 'ex-president':::

After the speech, he made his rounds shaking hands. Yes, I got to shake his hand. So did Bud!! We were thrilled. "Perhaps I got to shake the next president's hand" ---

We then were instructed to file out from backstage. I asked the girl escort if there was a possibility I could get my book [which I held during the entire time] autographed. She took me further 'backstage' to a Secret Service dude and I told him what I wanted. He told me to give him the book and wait out in the lobby. Okay...ya, I can do that. I was then directed to stand by another secret service dude [a real cutie patootie too!] and wait. Finally yet another secret service dude came back to me with my book!! Yessiree, I got it autographed!!!

We then went out to dinner. Got home around 8PM and made sure we watched the 10 o'clock local news. And there we were; on the news!!!----------

What a day. What a night! I couldn't fall asleep. I was running through his speech over and over, making up my decision that I had pretty well already conceded that he'd get my vote if he's nominated for the Democratic Party. And perhaps for the first time in nearly 12-16 years, hubby and I are in agreement on the nomination. Hey, I've never said life in politics at Hootin' Anni's has been easy. LOL

If you want to drop by my special Obama Page for February 22nd, Here's the link. It's not much of anything but photos.... It should take you there via a new window.


  1. Anni,

    I enjoyed the history of your blog. Somehow I've always known why your blog was named Hootin' Anni's.

    Your favorite dish sounds good. Hubby and I eat a lot of grilled things in summer. Not many burgers in winter. We stick to old fashioned comfort food because of the chilly temperatures. Soups, stews, dumplings, meat loaf etc. You get the idea.

    I love the video and the photos of you and Bud visiting the Obama rally. I'm so glad you were able to get your book signed. That is a real treasure.

    I do hope your doctor's appointment goes well in the morning. Be sure to let me know how everything is.

    If you have time, I posted another bit of black history on Saturday. I didn't post today. Was busy visiting Michelle and she is doing great. Enjoyed a bit of time with her while SIL went to pick up my niece and the baby. They are going to stay with Michelle for a few days. I'm hoping to get some photos of Griffyn while he's here.


  2. I love your blog. It is so much fun. ANd I agree with you, the food that isn't good for us is sooo tasty!

  3. Great history of a name! If I went by my childhood, my blog would be called SuzyQ's corner (since my grandmother could only remember that name and not my given name).
    Looks like a great sandwich, too.

    Have a super week.

  4. I loved reading about the history of your blog sweetie. I am glad you had a nice weekend, praying for your doctor appointment. You definitely are a hoot, take care dear.

  5. Wow, love the story behind and how fun!

    I also love to eat anything bad to my health...LOL

    Happy Fun Monday!

  6. I loved the history story behind your name!! I always thought the name was self explanatory!!

    Your burger idea sounds wonderful...I will definitely try it!!

  7. I had been wondering how you got the name for your blog, and now I know. Thank you for sharing that with us. It is such a cute blogging name.

  8. I really enjoyed reading the history of your blog. That cheeseburger is making my mouth water!

    I thought you sounded like a giddy school girl telling the story of getting to see Obama. I was reading it with a smile across my face, I'm still smiling.

    Are you going to vote for him at the Texas caucus? Oh wait, is that like asking your age? I'm sorry if that was out of line.

  9. Interesting how you choose your blog name. For me it was easy too, I just love writer's cramps !!

  10. I;ve always wondered where your name came from. Now I know!

  11. Well for sure your name fits the personality on this blog. Great fun.
    Enjoyed reading your report from Obama-land. My friend wanted to go to his rally in Cincinnati, but she'll have to get another partner. I'm still pulling for Hill--wagon getting empty though! grin.

  12. Definitely Fun For Monday!!! You come across an expert blogger which makes sense dut to the fact that you have done it for so long! Jennifer

  13. Hah I have always loved your title. Very cute.
    The idea for cheeseburgers is great! My kids would love it.

  14. Anni, I'm an Obama fan too. And I love your recipe for cheese burgers. I'll be trying it out.

  15. You are indeed a hoot Anni!! :o) The cheeseburger sounds delish!

  16. Now I understand what Hootin' means! Befits your out-going personality! Hey we share the same type of food! All unhealthy but tasty! Hahaha! So glad to have known you Anni and see you for a long long time!

  17. Somehow, your blog name fits you very well. I always feel like I've been to a party when I visit you.

    Mmmmm... cheeseburgers! I absolutely adore them, but am not supposed to eat them. When I do, I make sure it is the best one I can get. If I don't make it myself, I go to the university golf course - which is going to be lunch tomorrow!!!!!

  18. Annie, you are a hoot! Love your blog and your dish sounds fabulous. Grilled stuff rocks!

  19. Your blog name is so very appropriate. It was very cool that you got to get Obama's autograph and shake his hand.

  20. Those burgers sound delectable...and what a good idea!!

  21. Just found your blog through Fun Monday which I am joining for the first time today.

    Your burgers sound delicious.

    Here in N Ireland quite a lot on news about US elections (cos' we always need MORE politics here in N Ireland) and Obaama has impressed me most so far.

  22. I've thought for a while now that you have one of the most fitting names for any blog I visit on a regular basis!

    Cheeseburgers....yum. Now I want one for lunch and all I have is a frozen chicken pot pie. I'm going to be very disappointed now.

  23. How stinkin cool that you got to be on stage with Obama! I also loved your story about your blog. It's a treat to know how folks come up with the names that they do. Hamburgers.... Yummmm!

    Have a Fun Monday!

  24. heres one for you Anni:
    Q - Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A - To prove to the armadillo it could be done.

  25. The name of your blog definitely suits your style!

    That burger would be just something my hubby would like so I'd better not let him see your post!!!

  26. Great post, Anni. I loved the history of you and how you came to be here.

    Also love the inside out burgers. What a great idea.

  27. I love how you got your name, and I love the way you wrote about it. And your burgers sound yummy, even to vegetarian.

  28. I love the title of your blog & the template - very cute! That's a great way to make burgers & I'm definitely going to try it {I'm a turkey burger girl, too!}

  29. Good story! And I love the joke!

  30. my folks used to talk about 'hootin anni's" when I was small. I think they were talking about significant events rather than people.

  31. Cute story of your history. Mmmmmm that burger looks good. Happy fun Monday. ~~Kathi

  32. Okay, I totally need to make my burgers like that. I'm drooling as I type this.

  33. Anni, I would be ever so grateful if you would reply to me and leave your email address so i can add you to my address book and reply back to your earlier email! thanks Lil Mouse meeces dot pieces at gmail dot com

  34. Hi Anni, thanks for your visit to my place today..I have always loved to come over and see what great things you post about each day..You could write a book... she have so much to discuss and share with us.Hugs, Baba

  35. Hi Anni, I have the Wii back (the grand kids had it for a while) and the key board is hooked up and here I am!! It feels like it has been so long but really it was Wednesday when I was out and about leaving comments!! I did a new post tonight. It was fun reading about your post and Hootin Anni! I alway love comming over here!! Love and hugs Carolyn At least the laptop is in the shop now!!!!

  36. I loved reading the background to the makings of your blog as it is today and why you named what you did! :) I agree, you are a hoot! That burger looks so delicious, I could just eat it now! That's so awesome about being on stage with Obama!!! COOL!

  37. What an experience! I am a bit jealous... He will be in my neck of the woods tomorrow debating Hill-billy. I cannot wait to see that!

  38. Oh Hootin Anni I do always thing you are such a Hoot! I loved reading your history and I never knew you had been blogging that long.

    Your burger idea sounds like a great one to try next time we make burgers. ♥

  39. Oh my gosh!!! So much info I hardly know where to begin my comment. LOL. I loved learning about your blogging background and how you arrived at your name. You do make blogging a blast! I look forward to your posts daily.
    I am equally excited to watch your video and see all the pictures from your once in a lifetime experience! WoW...cnn and everything. I bet you are a local celeb now. Good for you, you deserve it and I for one am just thrilled for you!

  40. Your blog title cracks me up! Very clever.

  41. i havent gotten anything yet. try jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com

  42. I have made hamburgers sort of that way. They are really good! Biting into the meat and getting a cheesy surprise!! Yum!!

  43. Anni, I just love you! I love the history of your blog name!

    Sounds like you had an amazing experience at the Obama rally. It was a lot of fun to read about it.

  44. Great story about your name - great way to make a burger. I will definitely be back to visit, to get a daily laugh !!

  45. Figured you for a Texan all this time - and southern as well, since TX is its own country. Notes on "Pay It Forward" movie - it was filmed at my daughter's new school in north Las Vegas - she said they tore up the SR side of the school, and made it up like it was older - and several of her classmates got "extra" parts, but she was too tall. Excellent story - NLM

  46. Hi Anni!

    Thanks for stopping by my blawg. I enjoyed your post very much; going to try and add you to my list of regulars.

    Your food isn't bad if you drop carbs; I started a low carb diet in July to control my Fibro (which it has, I have a feeling it would do the same for arthritis and lupus and they're similar in nature) and the added benefit is that I dropped 15 lbs; melted off. I didn't think I could do it (give up the carbs) but if you're interested I'm gung ho to share how I've been doing it. Luved your burgers we do that, but w/blue cheese. YUM!

    I especially enjoyed you Obama story. Your enthusiasm (sp?) jumps off the page. I've become an Obama girl myself; I think Hilary would be fine, but from watching him I believe he could be great. And his greatness will lie in his ability to inspire people.

  47. I loved reading your blogging story and the story behind the name of the blog!!
    I eat very healthy {or at least I think so because I avoid fats and red meat, ha!}, had my blood work done this morning, we'll talk later, lol!

  48. i'll surely check your blog often. it truly made me laugh. imagine me in front of the computer laughing by myself! :D pizza... pizza.. pizza some more!

  49. I love the name of your blog. I smile everytime I see it! It's so catching! Love it, love it!

  50. I skipped the politics, but loved all the rest! Interesting new way to make a cheeseburger, I should try that one day!

  51. Fantastic history telling of your blog. I really like how much thought has been put into everything! :)

    Your recipes is appealing to me. I used to make my meatloafs like that, but never once did I think about my hamburgers! I will definitely try that!

    Thanks for sharing!