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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I'm a movie buff! My room is filled with GWTW photos, pictures, books, posters and knick-knacks. Lately, hubby spots something that has Scarlet O'Hara or Rhett Butler on or in it, and he takes out his plastic money and ....

Here's my newest figurine I got from hubby for Christmas!

I also like Mr. Depp's ability to act in so many different roles and carry it off so believably. So, he's my second choice. But I have POTC stuff in my office and around the house. Mainly the action figures and posters.

I rec'd as a Christmas gift the new 'talking' Captain Sparrow...(if you've seen the POTC II movie, he's a cannibal chief in one part---) And here he is: as a cannibal!

[photos deleted for faster loading and storage space]

(psssst, funny thing here!---I have two posters in my office of J.D. and hanging above the computer's monitor. Well, guess what? They weren't there for over a week and I didn't even notice I've been so busy and pre-occupied with the holidays and cooking and decorating and such!! Yesterday, hubby came in with the posters trimmed way down and framed!!! And......the wall is bare! Golly, I didn't even notice them missing!!!! Goes to show you that I'm maybe not so impressed with him afterall. LOL)


  1. Well, howwdeee!! I really like your new's so adorable!

    No after Christmas shopping for THIS gal! Santa was pretty good to me and everything fits too! LOL.

    I'll add you to my blogroll today.

    Hope you had a marvelous holiday!


  2. To Carol: Sounds like a perfect holiday for you! Ya, me either!! I wouldn't even dream of venturing out to the malls or ANY shop today.

    Glad you like my blog! I'll add you to my friends and moonshine list here also!!

  3. YeHawwwwwwwwwwww
    Love the new look, it's hootin' fun!!
    Just dropping by to say hello and try to figure out how and where to comment!
    best wishes

  4. LOL! I'mmmmm TELLIN'! Gone missin' for all that time and you didn't even NOTICE??? You couldn't POSSIBLY be a fan! ;)

    It's workin' fer me now...

  5. Anonymous12/27/2006

    Hi! Thanks for visiting me. Love your space here--it's so fun! I'm a GWTW buff, myself, but I have no space for the collectibles.