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It's Not Even September yet....still:

I get over anxious for my favorite day!  Once again, nothing "big" in the story line here today. Sunday, when I had plans in the morning to go walking along the beach or maybe stop at a park, it rained. And rained heavily. That put the nix on anything outdoors... So, at one time last week I got a scrap piece of board from projects in the past, and sketched a word on it for Bud to cut with his jigsaw. Years ago he made me one for Christmas that was one word..." BELIEVE ". Once he was done with it, I painted it and added a few embellishments here and there for the season. Now, I asked him to make me one for the Halloween season. He complied. Happily. I think he was bored. After cutting it out, and sanding it for me, I painted it and dazzled it up with some black glitter. It's done, and I got a few of my witches out already [not the new ones for 2021], dusted off the fireplace mantle, and set his work up along with them and a pair of "witchy" s

Do They Deliver What's Expected? Nope!

It's been a bit too quiet around here since last I posted. I got the house cleaned thoroughly from ceiling to carpet and tiles! Even scrubbed bathroom fixtures and such. Oh, and this is an exclamation point according to Bud....I replaced toilet paper rolls in both bathrooms and tissue boxes. Hey...I figure he can do that himself so why should I? LOL But, it 'made his day' and he marked the day with red on the calender. [it's just a nuisance of a job] I've been reading SERVANTS by Lucy Lethbridge. About the historical facts of the use of servants both with royalty and middle class up through the ages, in the U K. Maybe a bit like Backstairs at the white house mini series from yesteryear [United States]. Except this book is NOT first person. [which I'd prefer]. We have the DVD set of the mini series, I think we'll be watching it's been ages!! I've also been on my annual witch hunt. Y'know me by now, each August, the stores

Photo Overload...

If I follow my weekly routine, I would've been home doing laundry on Saturday morning. Instead, I chose to drive to North Padre Island and stop at Whitecap Beach to walk and check out the waves shortly after high tide. Hurricane Grace that made landfall in Old Mexico was supposed to create 8 foot waves for our coast. It didn't pan out. At least while I was at the seawall. And, being Saturday, to boot, seems everyone in the 'hood was there a day of early sales for Christmas...what do they call that? Black Friday? Many many walkers, joggers, dog walkers, people with cellphones aimed at the parallel to catch the first glimpse of the sun breaking the horizon. I was there, disappointed that along the seawall there were no crashing waves.  BUT*** Of course I took photos! And a LOT of them!! Hope the number of photos doesn't make this post slow to load. I apologize up front! It never fails tho, there is always someone who is foolish enough to drive o

I See Skies of Blue...And Clouds of White -What a Wonderful World!!!

Sunday morning, early, I found myself walking along the Texas A&M jogging trail that meanders along the Oso Bay inlet that surrounds Ward Island. I try and walk this area only during the summer months and during Christmas break since most of it is campus AND student dorms along the trail. The foot traffic can be busy when students are in classes. Besides, if you get there early enough, most of the trail is well shaded!! Which is a plus in the hot summer months!! There was a slight breeze at the beginning, so the walk was pleasant. Along the trail, it is well lighted, and lined with several covered gazebos -about 8 total- where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors [while studying for an exam?!!]. The gazebos offer some relief to walkers also and most times it's a great photo op. This day was no exception... The first at top shows the view of two fishermen in the bay.  The 2nd [1st in the smaller images] is the first gazebo you 'hit' from the parking lot.  The 2nd o