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Froggie Went-a-Courtin'....

85° - heat index 94° [7:30 a.m.] Friday morning, I took it upon myself to pull weeds out of the foundation rock beds. I worked in the shade of the house and a slight breeze kept it more comfortable. The ground was still damp from the rains this week, and I figured it would be a bit easier on me. Besides, I couldn't do much to help Bud, who was busy sawing the pomegranate tree down to the new growth. About 12-15 feet above the new leaves were dead, dead, dead, branches. And the 'granate tree wood is HARD wood! I felt I had to do something besides sit and watch his labor. Eventually, I had to run back in the house to get my cellphone...a little baby frog was entertaining me! Justa scootin' around the rock, hiding, appearing, and hiding some more. Before I finished the entire rock-bed, I saw six different babies! All about the size of my index finger fingernail!!! Cute as can be. One tried its hardest to jump from the bottom landscaping timber to the 2nd, but never

I Didn't Save 15% in 15 Minutes!!!

When several days ago, I walked the back side of the Packery Channel mudflats in hopes of finding some nesting plovers, I followed the shore line of the bay going back to the car when I tallied up my step count to be about 3 miles. While scouting the horizon and the grassy areas here and there, I spotted a small piece of drift wood in the sandbar. My first impression was "this looks like a reptile...maybe an alligator hatchling?" I picked it up, and carried it with me back to the car and placed it in the trunk before I sat at a picnic table to cool down and dry off a bit before getting into the air-conditioned car. At home I asked Bud for his carving knife again [he keeps it very sharp; even when not used often]. I started carving a couple days afterward on the wood, once it dried up, and I was able to get the knife in the wood without ruining the blade. I whittled, and scraped, slowly it took some shape! Then, I broke it! Dang!! The wood, being that it probably

In Recovery!

The yard work is near complete! At least the winter kill from last February. A long time coming, but we have only two more to cut out...the pomegranate tree and another red bougainvillea. Then, of course, the never ending job of weeding. We just did that last week, and more have sprouted. But, there is a bright side of this too!! When last week our job for the week was to cut out the frozen, dead, brown, gardenia bush. I cut them out, Bud clipped them so they fit into the trash bin so we don't have to haul it to the landfill ourselves. Then, what I couldn't get the large hedge clippers to fit around the limb, Bud sawed them to the ground level. Two days later, when I was out in the morning, watering the patio potted plants, I saw NEW growth....right where we cut out the dead! The gardenia is coming back from the roots!! That instigated a more detailed inspection of all the OTHER winter kill - both front and back yards....I was elated. Most is coming back up from the

Just For Fun....

Sunday morning, it was overcast, and I wanted to get busy. I didn't feel like going anywhere actually. Maybe clean a little bit of the house. Yes, that's what I'll do. I've been wanting to rearrange the furniture in the living room for months now. This time, it was time!! The couch and loveseat haven't been arranged differently from where they were for years!! Seriously. So, in order to get the vacuum under the couch and clean up webs and cat toys, etc., the furniture had to be moved out. Right? But! Once I moved everything out, and rearranged everything, I realized something was amiss [Heck, I KNEW for years, but never did anything about it] something just didn't match the whole scheme. Guess what? I ended up going shopping against my best intentions. I came up with a simple, inexpensive solution...something that 'works' with the Southwestern theme. Now, here comes the "just for fun" part of the blog...Can you spot the difference

I Beg Your Pardon...I Promised You a Rose Garden!

Okay, so, for the last few posts I mentioned that my last trek around the Botanical Gardens ended at the Rose Cotillion.  I've been at the gardens each season, and at times, especially with the drought and extreme heat, they're not too pretty.   This time of year, and with all the nourishing rainfall the few weeks prior to me walking around the grounds were a god-send for the roses. They were all flourishing!!! With such a beautiful array of color and scents. And of course, I couldn't resist going over-board with the shutter button... ...and the fountain... ...and to continue showcasing my Trolls... ↓ My 14th Troll Share ↓ TROLL DOLL COLLECTION !!RARE!! Mermaid circa: early 90s

Botanical Gardens Seating and Sculptures....

Along the trails throughout the garden grounds, there are observation towers, stone paths meandering through the lush greenery, sculptures, wire topiary, sensory gardens for meditation, boardwalks taking you here, there...signage of South Texas history and culture, etc. Also seen in alcoves, shaded for some relief from the heat, or decorative to create more atmosphere in a particular area of the landscape are benches and tables... Wire Topiary: [wire forms, moss and perennials] eventually. These two are a roadrunner and a butterfly - when completed for the season] they'll be covered in bloom! The last stop was the Rose Cotiliion. I'll share that in following post! ...and to continue showcasing my Trolls... ↓ My 13th Troll Share ↓ TROLL DOLL COLLECTION KING OF THE Wild Frontier! circa: early 80s