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I could easily live in Port Aransas [aerial view of park courtesy of Google Images]. Weekly, I take a day trip there. It is one of my favorite nearby areas. If it weren't for the location where hurricanes and devastating surge from storms hit, and the lack of amenities of a larger city, I'd be there as a resident in a heart beat!! This past week, I walked along the trails of Robert's Point Park. And when there, I noticed that finally, the observation tower has been replaced from the damages that the hurricane back three years ago ripped it apart. Naturally I had to climb it! From atop the tower, you can look up the ship channel while watching the ferry boats carrying vehicles to and from Port A [historically named Ropesville] to Aransas Pass. Or another direction, watch the tanker ships traverse the channel and turn toward the Gulf of Mexico and perhaps a dolphin or two. Maybe, if you know where to look, you can see on the horizon the oldest lighthouse of this area

A Long Awaited Visit...

Erik is back in Houston. We had a good time visiting. It was much needed I think...for us all. Naturally, we ate too much and got little exercise...playing games, cards, etc. Of course both of the guys used me as a "dummy hand". In other words, they cheat. lol [just kidding]. But, all the games we DID play, I don't think I won one. Gin Rummy, Hearts, Uno [ a newer version , which is quite different than the old version], and Quadruple Scrabble [instead of triple word score there are four squares of quadruple word score] - a larger playing board and a longer game. This shown above is Erik's tiles at one point; he persevered tho and didn't exchange them.  Of course, Bud won that. I didn't make the pumpkin pie for him as I planned. He told us about a place in Houston that has blackberry cobbler 'to die for' delicious. His words exactly "freaking delicious". So, I opted to make him a cobbler with blackberries instead. Personally, I&

NAS and Going on a Break...

The following morning after the storm that flooded the city, the sun broke over the cloudless horizon. I was elated. Tho, I should've stayed home and prepared Erik's room for when he arrives Friday, I just couldn't resist getting outdoors again. I knew the islands would still be flooded [the park highway to Port A was closed Wednesday for a long time, and I assumed there'd still be some standing water], so I opted to go along the shore on Ocean Drive. Again, near the Naval Air Station. I figured the mudflats would be full of water and I was pretty sure there wouldn't be too much in the birding realm since deep water is only for waders, but I could get a good 3 mile walk one way there. At times, before I crossed the bridge about halfway to the Navy Gate, I had to walk down the center of the four lane highway [two directions]. Right smack dab on the yellow dividing line. Standing water on both sides!! This air base is a Naval Flight Training School for the mo

Fountain at Oso Bay Wetlands, Weather, & 3rd Troll...

We've been getting heavy downpours each morning around 2 a.m. for several days now; saturating the ground. Then...Wednesday ---9-11" of rain fell in a short period of time. Within an hour: flooding streets, closing highways and roadways...even the Naval AIR station shut down because of heavy flooding.  It's to last up until 1 pm Thursday.  Naturally I haven't gone birding in quite a while; sticking close to home and dubbing around the yard [before it got so wet and pools of water lying in the low spots kept me from that]. These photos are all taken from the interior looking out windows. The last droplet is hanging onto a hurricane shutter. Fountain video has been removed ↓ My 3rd Troll Share ↓ TROLL DOLL COLLECTION Space Cadet c: early to late 60s

Replacing Plants - Fun Signs - Wall Photos

Allrighty then...Monday I went to pick up 4 bird photos of mine that I had printed out to frame and add to my bird sanctuary [dining room]. It's a triplet frame from Walmart. These are my three latest "new birds" seen in South Texas. The hawk is over a year old. It's been sitting in my computer folder because the photo store hasn't been printing photos for customers because of Covid, but began this month. The other two, the cuckoo and the oriole are this Spring. ...Ferruginous Hawk, Bullock's Oriole, Black billed Cuckoo... _ _ _ After lunch I went out to drain all the standing water in flower pots from our heavy rainstorm on Sunday. If water sits in the pots that have no drainage, the plants rot. I just recently purchased three to begin replacing some dead ones we've been digging out. Three hibiscus...two red and one yellow multi-colored. The one in the middle is a Lantana that is coming back from the root system. We will eventually buy more t