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Monday, Monday...

I started off early, before sunrise by about 45 minutes. I was quite surprised at the amount of traffic on the freeway at this hour at the beginning of the week! It was around 6/6:15 a.m. on a Monday morning. Don't fret...I had both of my hands grasping the steering wheel, and the camera mounted on the dash, with the timer set to count down by seconds. Seriously, most any other given day at that hour, the traffic is pretty non-existent. I don't know what brought on the large amount for so early in the morning. Anyway, I was naturally headed to the beach for a sunrise photo op....since the clouds were broken. By the time I got to the island it was still a mix of clouds and clearing. I was headed to Whitecap Beach. Over the JFK causeway bridge, dropping down onto Padre Island, then driving about 4-5 miles further south to the intersection taking me to the Gulf of Mexico. Here, there is a slew of hotels and apartments lining the coast, a large parking lot for the loc

Palm Sunday Morning....

A few years back, I saw just ahead of me on a trail while out birding a 5 rattle rattlesnake. It crossed my path!  Needless to say, I was always more weary of returning there. But got over it! And then, a couple of times, in the tall grass [one in the pond] at another refuge, as I walked - water moccasins! ALL, thank goodness were several feet ahead of me. I did, however, stop "dead in my tracks" each time. Still, I eventually kept going forward and watched every move I made until I felt out of harm's way.  If they're venomous, I don't react with my camera...I remain aware of each and every movement.  Yet, I have taken photos of snakes that are NOT poisonous.  For instance a Diamondback WATERsnake... shown here . [supposedly the largest non-venomous snake in North America.]  It was huge, that, I'll give you.  And it was watching me. Then, on the local news, a short two minute segment showed that at a popular local hangout, at the beach, a huge, 6 foot di

Texas State Flower in Bloom 2021...

I took a short drive in mid-day last week once the fog lifted and the sun came out bright with a clearing sky. I drove up the Interstate 37 corridor to the Kingsville, Texas hopes of seeing some early Texas Bluebonnet in bloom!! I found some. The blossoms are quite small this year, I imagine due to the freeze in February and the severe drought outlook of the season [we're 5+ inches of rainfall below normal]. But, like clock-work, they send us promise of a beautiful landscaping for a short time. I will return a week or two from now, to see if there is some orange and pink Indian Paint Brush mixed in with the blue. This is the Texas State Flower. What is your state flower? Do you know?  [All I know are the states I've lived in...Arizona:  Saguaro blossom, Colorado:  Blue Columbine, and Nebraska:  Goldenrod] ...And a favorite flower of mine in our yard, Hawaii's state flower:  The Hibiscus. STATE FLOWER listing.

Cardiologist Report and Cole Park...

I just KNEW I was in trouble the minute I switched on my car's directional signals to get off the freeway to the street that takes me into the back way to the cardiologist complex. "My" street was closed to thru traffic because of construction...had to take a detour and that made me feel rushed, and running late. Wednesday morning, after my cardiologist exam/appt. I didn't walk in the area I had planned on walking. Mainly, 'cause it was quite foggy by the time I got out of the Dr.s office. Tho fog is pretty, being at the marina just doesn't do much in the ambiance of the masts and sailboats. Kinda blazè. So, I'll wait until there is a day filled with sunshine to walk there and take photos. Instead, I drove part way home along Ocean Drive and stopped at Cole Park to walk the trail there that follows the hilly coastline. The bay was quiet, both in foot traffic and the surf. Nice, calming and enjoyable. A good choice to unwind from the stress of nur

Springtime is Showing Signs of Reappearing...

To continue, it was a beautiful, quiet, spring morning. I took advantage, and drove over to the islands to scout out for birds. While walking along one new trail, I happened upon an elusive [uncommon] bird in our vicinity. Excitement and a lot of snapping of the shutter button occurred, up until it disappeared into the overgrowth beyond where I could walk [we are supposed to stay on the trails in order to keep the landscape in pristine condition for the wildlife]. At another stop, I saw that at last, the repair work for the damaged jetty that broke to pieces during the hurricane a couple summers ago... allowing salt water to flow into the fresh water lake at Charlie's Pasture [another wildlife refuge]. Soon? Perhaps in another year's time, they will once again have access for us to walk the boardwalks of the Salt Flats? I also noticed the green finally showing up everywhere I looked. Even the resident alligator [ video of it in previous post ] was the most active I'v

Tempting Fate?

I was late getting out on Monday!  Late for me.  Sun-up had already occurred. And driving to the islands with the bright morning sun in my eyes was a challenge for a while.  The sun was at a position in the sky that even the visor on the car's windshield didn't help,  I got on the right lane of the freeway and slowed down during the rush hour traffic and made it over the JFK Causeway where finally, the sun was on my right, and I could see well enough.  The island highway was not deserted as I had hoped, but all drivers were pretty well "sane".  I had a chance to pull off onto the shoulder about half way from Corpus to Port A and check the nesting platform of the rare falcon.  One was there, and through my viewfinder, it looked like it may have had nesting material in its mouth!  I will make sure I check up on it periodically.  Hopefully, another successful breeding year for the couple, I made it to Port A [Port Arnasas] and stopped at my first wildlife refuge.  I walk

My Vision is 2020...

I tellya, this has been one odd season for me. What with the deep freeze in February and the whole landscape turning brown and crunchy has just been something I haven't seen in decades; since Colorado winters. We've had no snow, but with no green palm trees, grass, and blooming flowers year 'round, this  has put a damper on my psyche that I just cannot explain.  I guess in my golden years, I really don't like the change of seasons all that much.  Sure, I like the rain, the chilly mornings, but I like GREEN year 'round anymore. Thursday, while Bud was taking a nap after lunch, I ventured out into the front yard and started working on some more removing the dead foundation ferns along the porch. I did all that was in the one section [with breaks now and then watching a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker in the Pecan tree]. Cutting, pulling and yanking some ferns after taking photos of the bird. Then, early Friday morning, when I got up from bed, I could NOT move without p