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Chilled to the Bone!

I left around 8 a.m., the temp was 44° and the winds were calm. By the time I got to the park I had planned on walking, it had dropped two degrees and the winds picked up considerably! I parked the car, got out [wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt, no layers as I assumed when I left home, it'd be warming up and I'd get too hot]. The cold immediately cut through me. And, I never got warmed up, even walking!! At this park it was a bit miserable, but I kept going. The early morning sky was an intense shade of blue, and I spied many many aircraft contrails [passenger jets; empty due to covid or filled?]. The sun was brilliant, the green park lawns had been recently mowed and looked manicured.  The windmill you see is not always visible from the road.  During the summer months, the trees along the riverbank hide it from sight.  Only to see it during the winter when the trees are bare... ...but the open fields, are browned by winter kill. Very few waterfowl were seen on th

Let's Go to Africa!!

On Tuesday Bud and I finished our last jigsaw puzzle for the season. It took us a long time to get the elephant trunk figured out! Most all those pieces were the same colors and markings were nearly identical. It was like a game of chance. Since now is the time for us to be outdoors, working on our yard and getting it all trimmed out, cleaned, before the heat and humidity set in. Which reminds me, we want to get a new back entrance/exit door; I need to call around and do some research on contractors to get that worked out before the mosquitoes hatch. lol The last puzzle done is titled: "Wild Sauvage" which is all African animals. Here is the completed photo and some close up images... > That's it! Good. I'm kinda burned out with puzzles since covid showed its wrath. Now, we can tear down the puzzle table until next time. Order some more for next season, and donate these from this year to the Senior Centers.  And, we can get our library back to a book roo

Bud's Siesta Time...My Time

Once again this week, I'm staying close to home. It's becoming a bit too routine, and I'd Rather B Birdin'!!!!! I have sketched some more, then using my oil pastels to add color. A couple of times, like I mentioned in a previous post, I nixed some of my sketches. I just wasn't pleased with the outcome of the outlining. I started two 'new' ones, and finished one. I had a most difficult time getting depth in the blossom [beginning of the 'coloring' seen here, the end result will be the last image shared on this post]. Anyway, we worked on the last of our jigsaw puzzle; almost done! And while Bud was taking his after-lunch siesta, I went outdoors in the yard to inspect the plants, etc. Just to see how much needs to be done in a week or two. Yes,  with some trees and plants going dormant, there will be a chore of winter kill and trimming. The temps are warming up again, Spring arrives shortly here in the south!! I did notice that my hybrid v

King "Bernie" Kong and More...

Inauguration day, 2021, for social distancing, sat Bernie Sanders. Then, his on screen image became a popular meme world wide with poking fun of him in many ways [I read that he is good with this...nice]. My daughter, Irene, made two [and I suggested two...she made one, I made the other]. Her renditions first two: The Tea Party and then Bernie as OZ! I then suggested while we texted back and forth that she do one from Jurassic Park with the dinosaur and Jeff Goldblum with the line "Must Go Faster". [That is one of her favorite parts of the movie, which I knew already -that's why I suggested it-] Here is that one [I added the dinosaur once I got it up on my computer...the rest is done by Irene: And here are King Bernie Kong and Fay Hillary Wray; the one I made: The ones I've seen on the news and online are all funny and really clever for the most part. If you care to view them...all you have to do is do a Google Search for Bernie Meme[s] and you'll be given a

Silent "G"...

I have had nothing to blog about lately; instead of wasting your time and mine, I decided to just not write a blog just to be blogging.  We've had some rainy, drizzly, gray days this past week. A few days I've gone walking in the mist; Friday was partly cloudy with fog and drizzle in the morning hours.  So, I've been a home-body for those wetter times, trying to figure out what to do to entertain myself. I started two pastel sketches only to crumble them up and filing them in file 13 [trash bin]. I'll try again in a day or two.  Bud and I are working on our last puzzle for the February we start our annual Spring Yard Cleaning ritual before the heat and humidity builds up.  Still, I was bored so I decorated our dining room table for Valentine's Day already. The table is the only area I decorate for the season. The gnome was a gift. And he's a special gnome. I'll show you more of him in a bit, but I'll take some close-up shots and share